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Digital India is a program that’s launched by the Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi has planned to use the knowledge technology, computers, telecommunication facilities, internet, network property, digitization techniques to modernize the services offered to voters. Digital India conjointly aims at providing net property to all or any voters. This program is launched on July first, 2015. A digital week was celebrated with heaps of discussions to end the necessities and options of Digital India

Digital India essay in 250 words

Inauguration of Digital India

Digital India has inaugurated in presence of prime industrialists like RIL chairman and Mukesh Ambani, Wipro chairman Azim Premji, Tata cluster chairman Cyrus Mistry, then forth at the Indira Nehru Gandhi Indoor arena metropolis. a gathering conducted to share concepts regarding conversion and conflict of the web. The government of India has taken several steps to the digital growth of the country. during this campaign, several info technology firms come to cover 600 districts. the govt. has launched several schemes. These are some national scholarship portal, which is provided by the government of India is e-health, digital locker, e-education, and e-sign. The India Broadband Network restricted (BBNL), a unit of the govt. runs this project.

Objectives of digital India

Digital India campaign has three major objectives to get the following objectives:

  • Providing a protected, firm digital infrastructure linking to each region of the country.
  • They have easy access to digitally delivering government services which is e-Governance.
  • And provide Digital literacy of the crowds

The community also be accountable to deliver the government’s digital services. this will be achieved by using authentic government applications called e-Pramaan. beneath this program, the agricultural public ought to use and access totally different on-line services.

Digital infrastructure

The digital infrastructure allows people to access government services using a digital identity. Most of the services provided by the government are available online under this program. They can use it by signing up different government portals, keeping documents digitally, and so forth.

This project is helping to provide internet connectivity to the students. By providing various schemes.

Some of the schemes are given below that is provided by the government:

  • Digital attendance
  • E-hospital
  • E-sign
  • Digi locker
  • Digital literacy

Digital India essay in 500 words

As I already told some points earlier to write a digital India essay, in 500 words add some extra details to this essay.

Digital  India can give digital vaults (safes) for folks to store their certificates on-line. everyone can have one distinctive personal key, that may permit people to access their own documents. Applications are created and processed on-line. the likelihood of pretend certificates can scale back and credibleness is improved. Digital coaching on the technologies is provided for achieving skills in voters. Mobile phones are used because of their identity for varied transactions. People in rural or urban areas can have access to any or all digital services and therefore the Internet of things (IoT) on their mobiles or alternative gadgets. Digital India scheme can have a lot of transparency within the processes and governance. it’ll eliminate heaps of cheating. The documents also are safe. This program can increase employment associated with these technologies. heaps of activities can become machine-driven, with quality of service up. This program conjointly can build Indians to move to the next level of skill and technical skills.

Impact of Digital India program

As we know Digital India has a deep impact on people from every part of the country. It impacts positively on the progress of society and people’s life. Out of many programs, one of the programs has the motive of creating 28,000 BPO jobs across the country. The government has also arranged a common service center in gram panchayat. The following are the impacts of digital India:

  1. Economic impact: Digital India plans helps to uplift GDP up to $1 trillion by 2025 according to the  Analysts. It can play an important role in macro-economic for the development of the country. These can increase labor productivity, increase employment, and GDP growth for the Government. The economic opportunity in India still has to increase due to the digital India campaign.
  2. Social impact: As we know Digital India helps in the improvement of the social-economic status of the country. It gives easy access to all resources and services within less time. The unattainability of corporal infrastructure in rural areas leads to the deprived of literacy rate. That is why e-Education is important to reach out to those people and areas. As per the experts and research digital literacy in India is 6.5%.


✅ What is the importance of digital India?

Ans. The importance of the Digital India program iI provides inclusive growth in many areas. Such as electronic services, products, manufacturing, and job opportunities. It focuses on three key areas – provides digital infrastructure utility to every citizen, provides governance and services on demand, and digital empowerment.

✅ When was digital India started?

Ans. Digital India campaign started on 1 July 2015 and it was launched by the prime minister of India Narendra Modi.

✅ Who designed the logo of Digital India?

Ans. Bhowmik went through the concept of the Digital India mission before designing the logo. He was clear that his logo must represent the new generation, reflect the speed of the digital era and the flavor of India. The logo successfully combines D and I with the colors of the National Flag.

What is digital India week?

Ans. The government of India has planned this week-long program to deliver the message of digital India to the citizens and to showcase the Government’s initiatives in three key vision areas. Infrastructure as Utility of Every Citizen. Government and Services on Demand. Digital Empowerment of citizens.

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