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If America is your dream country and you’re wondering to move there, you’re not alone in your thoughts– many individuals struggle to find their happiness there. Even though the value of living in America is remarkably high, as compared to other countries, the incomes of its citizens in major cities are satisfying and this seems attractive to those who earn less in their countries. The cost of living in the USA is higher compared to a country like India. Monthly rent for an 85 m2(900 Sq ft) in a well-furnished and trendy area can cost about $2,058 whereas renting for the same accommodation can cost around $1,548 in a not so expensive area.

Well, living within the USA could be a long-cherished dream for several, be it as a student, an employee, or a permanent resident.
One of the most factors to contemplate before moving to the USA is that the cost of living there.

What Makes The USA a kind After Destination?

Students and experts from around the world are drawn to the USA.

A variety of the main factors attracting ex-pats and foreign students are the convenient and high standard of living, outstanding working conditions and pay packages, highest quality schooling, training, and degrees. Unless you prefer metropolitan areas like the Big Apple Port of Entry, Washington D.C, or Chicago, relative to others the cost of living in the United States is not higher. In each of the world’s foremost multi-cultural countries, the country happens to be one. The country has numerous work opportunities. In this country, the work experience, knowledge, and life that you will obtain and luxuriate in is invaluable. If you’re going to move to the United States, you’d like to pay attention to the price of living in this country.

There are a variety of significant variables that decide the cost of living within the USA.


Life within the USA is pretty pricey, especially if you’re a frequent visitor to its restaurants and bars. There are still some places where you’ll be able to find meals for $14, but the bulk of them are more luxurious and highly expensive. Alcohol is. This, expensive here.


Food is pricey, but you’ll always purchase it at lower prices after you have got sought by the places that supply discounts.


Transportation here takes just about money because the place of living isn’t near your work and commuting is obligatory.
Americans tend to drive a car which is a component of their way of life, but you ought to know that owning and using it daily can make a large hole in your budget.

Utilities (Monthly)

The amount you get rent could be a big driver of your overall cost of living. You may add a minimum of $200 to the rent to produce for basic bills. These costs depend on various factors in general, but it is also said that net access is very costly.

Sports & Leisure

After busy days at work, entertainment is very important particularly for the younger generations. As a health club rent is about $35 and cinema tickets are $12, the estimated study shows that sports and leisure activities don’t seem to be too pricey.

Clothing & Shoes

People with minimum wages will struggle to afford clothes that are expensive, which is why only 2 percent of monthly income is compensated for that.

Rent Per Month

When you come to the USA, you’ll rent an apartment and your housing costs would represent 30 percent of your monthly expenses.
As the lower the rent, the higher is the commuting costs.

This table will provide you with an approximate monthly average expense idea.

(home-cooked meals)
International Calling cards $15
Home Internet $15
Cell phone$50
Restaurant meals$75
Car Insurance$100
Petrol for car$75
Weekend activities$100

Note: These amounts will differ within the states of the US

United States: Average Salary, wage & Mortgages

Due to the very fact that the U.S. economy is that the largest within the world, people believe that they’re not going to struggle for survival and can afford comfortable living conditions for themselves and their families.
However, you’ll have to earn a minimum of the common amount of cash monthly, so be ready to live a good life there.
The salary for a newcomer who has to rent an apartment wouldn’t be enough for the rent.

Average Salary$3044.37
Minimum Wage$1256.7
Mortgage Interest Rate $4.34%

In the USA your cost of living mostly depends on the place you’ve chosen to measure in and also the amount spent on consuming food.The cost of living within the USA could seem pretty high if you’re occupancy there for the primary time as an employee or a global student.

Once you’re sure about the place you’re moving to within the USA compare the living costs of nearby places this can facilitate to have a pocket-friendly take into account your living expenses within the USA.

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