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The university was established in the year 1895, it has five faculties across the three campuses in Auckland. Students enrolled every year are about 29000 which includes approximately 5000 international students across 94 countries.

It is amongst the top universities around the world ranked between 301-350. The campuses are divided into three which are city campus, north and south campus. The university has five faculties

  • Culture and society
  • Design and creative fields
  • Health and environmental sciences
  • Indigenous development
  • Business and law

Auckland University of Technology Ranking

The university is ranked at the positions between 301-350 by QS Ranking system and is widely known for its science and business faculty.

Time Higher Education World University Ranking ranked the university amongst the top 20 for international outlook worldwide.

The university has a large number of international staff members, students and research field programs which leads to its top ranking internationally. 

Auckland University of Technology QS Ranking

QS Ranking ranks the worldwide universities according to their performance and students based performance every year.

This university has been ranked amongst the top 350 universities in the world with its best faculty and international students.

There are different ranking systems that rank universities, internationally, nationally, regional wise, etc.

QS World University Rankings is a yearly publication of university rankings by Quacquarelli Symonds.

CourseQS Ranking
Accounting and FinanceTop 150
Art and DesignTop 100
Business and Management StudiesTop 200
SportsTop 30
Computer science and Information SystemsTop 400
Electric and Electronic EngineeringTop 400

Auckland University of Technology Ranking 2020

The rankings of 2020 have QS, THE and other international rankings. This university has been ranked amongst the top 350 universities in the world with its best faculty and international students.

There are different ranking systems that rank universities, internationally, nationally, regional wise, etc. There are a few courses that are ranked more ranked 400 in global university rankings.

Arts and Humanities301-400
Computer Science501-600
Engineering and Technology501-600
Social sciences401-500

Auckland University of Technology World Ranking

This university has been ranked amongst the top 350 universities in the world with its best faculty and international students.

There are different ranking systems that rank universities, internationally, nationally, regional wise, etc. There are a few courses that are ranked above 400 or 500 globally. 

Business Administration201-300
Hospitality Management51-100

Auckland University of Technology Business School

The business school of the university has 3000 students with majors like economics, business, accounts, and statistics, etc.

Business is a popular course among the students in New Zealand where there is a lot of scopes for management jobs and to get hired in large and popular companies.  

  • The building of the university is located at the center which includes a computer lab and business library.
  • There are various options for students to opt for different fields of study.
  • Around 3000 students get admitted per year with hostel facility and other campus benefits.
  • Students are required to submit their entrance examination proof of senior high school certification.

Auckland University of Technology Fees

Fees vary from different departments to different courses. As the university is in high demand the fee structure is set accordingly, students are planning to study abroad and in particular in Auckland then there are various scholarships available for them.

There are various courses for native students with less amount of fees like Engineering, social sciences, psychology, language, and liberal arts, etc.

Electrical Engineering30000 NZD
Mechanical Engineering27000 NZD
Business32000 NZD
Law31000 NZD

Auckland University of Technology International Fees

Auckland has a different fee structure for international students as there is more chance of higher fees for different courses like electrical, electronical, mechanical, computer science engineering, IT and other technical courses are included as well.

The fee structure is different for different courses as mentioned below.

Electronical Engineering32000 NZD
Computer science Engineering34000 NZD
Business Management32000 NZD
Electrical Engineering31000 NZD

Auckland University of Technology New Zealand

Departments are divided between faculties of experiences for providing students with the best possible assistance in their futuristic goals.

The most famous department of the university in science and business which provides placement and job opportunities for their students. 

  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • IT 
  • Law
  • Research
  • Health sciences
  • Life sciences

Auckland University of Technology Courses

There are different courses allotted for various departments according to their preferences amongst the students.

Courses in the university are being set by the educational department for years which provides students with extra knowledge and skills in certain fields.

  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronical Engineering
  • Law

Auckland University of Technology Courses for International Students

Courses are the same for every student in the university as there are 200 undergraduate courses with approximately 150 courses for postgraduate students.

Research students have different fields of study. International students can choose their course while filling the form with three options and later can choose one amongst them.

Electronical Engineering32000 NZD
Computer science Engineering34000 NZD
Business Management32000 NZD
Electrical Engineering31000 NZD

Auckland University of Technology Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni are a part of achievements in the university which helps it increase their rankings and popularity.

Auckland University of Technology IELTS Requirement

Students are required to submit their IELTS scores during the time of submission of the application form.

It is the most important test for non- English speaking countries where students have to give their test in the English language in order to get the score which qualifies the universities’ demand.

  • Read the grammar texts according to the questions given in the test.
  • Try simply based question papers online first then appear for the final exam.
  • Marks are allotted after getting the answers done so read and learn things before.
  • Previous papers should help in gaining more marks.
  • Vocabulary is the main part of the English proficiency examination.

Auckland University of Technology Internships

Various internships are provided to students from prestigious companies with different positions to work.

There are internship profiles of various companies where students can register themselves according to the requirements of the respective institute or organization.

Progressive EnterprisesNZD 34500
Spark New ZealandNZD 19000
Air New ZealandNZD 31500
Fletcher BuildingNZD 23000

Auckland University of Technology MBA

The course has a different entrance exam altogether for different aspirants. There are various options for applying in different fields of study, with an MBA as a degree a student can get a job in banking, management, and HR.

The MBA offered to the student is taught with practical education and experience needed.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Business
  • Banking
  • Marketing
  • Accounts management
  • Social media management

Auckland University of Technology PhD

Research fields have a wide range of subjects of studies as it a macro degree of various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Ph.D. courses generally have fewer students enrolled every year which leads to informative and in the reading of texts and practicals. 

  • Optics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Botany
  • Sound
  • Dynamics
  • Gravitational forces
  • Sound and waves
  • Restoration era

Auckland University of Technology City Campus

Its campus has a lot of facilities of libraries, grounds, halls, meditation rooms, computer hubs, and other on-campus required buildings. The university has many buildings for each department so that students are provided with the best environment to study in and experience through their knowledge of books and interactive sessions.

  • Dining halls are there in the center of the building where every student is allowed to interact with each other and get to know one another. 
  • Buildings are situated adjacent to the next with departments and faculties allotted.
  • Every building has its own name as the three campuses in the university has its own.
  • Division of various courses and their classrooms is decided and allotted by the head of the institute.

Auckland University of Technology Accommodation

The students have off-campus housing near the campus where students can live for a semester or a year while paying a certain amount of rent for the accommodation.

Off-campus accommodation

  • There are full facilities for students with food facilities.
  • Students have to pay an average amount of 3000 NZD per month or per semester as this will be provided on the respective website.
  • There are services from the administrative department which is provided to off-campus students.
  • Apartments have a bedroom, kitchen facility, and lodges that are present outside the campus for students.

Auckland University of Technology Official Website

The official website of the university provides every minute services to the applicants. All information regarding the application, accommodation, attendance, exam dates, etc is on the website. Students can also contact their faculty for more information. 

Link of website –

Auckland University of Technology Reviews 

Students and faculty have different points of view of the university as they are living and experiencing different lives there. Some find the university interesting and some non-interactive, these are some reviews from the teaching staff as well the students who have graduated from the university and their experience were melodious.

  • “I have been working at Auckland University of Technology full-time for more than 3 years. Lots of fun work with students.”
  • “I wouldn’t recommend either for a master of business if I were you I would choose either Auckland University.”
  • “AUT is better than the University of Auckland for some things”
  • “AUT is a fine institute in terms of environment and approach.”

Auckland University of Technology Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of the university is approximately 60% where out of 100 students only 60 students will get admitted. Applicant’s enrolment is fully based on their performance in the given entrance exams and their respective profiles.

  • Marksheet must have good grades.
  • While appearing for the entrance exam prepare well and score more than the least accepted score.
  • Resumes must be built up strongly with work experience, certificates and conference certificates in the chosen course.
  • Internship certificates and various letters of recommendation must be written beforehand.


1. Where to apply?

Ans. There is an official site where the link of the university is provided.

2. What is the deadline for the application submission?

Ans. Refer to the website.

3. When to submit the LOR and SOP?

Ans. After submitting the application, within a weeks time students have to submit their LOR and SOP’s through the emails provided to them by the administrative staff.

4. Whom to contact for application fee submission error?

If applicants are having a problem while submitting the fee then immediately contact the institution and help desk through email or phone number.

5. Students, who have no work experience, are accepted in the university?

It is an option for the students to fill in their work experience but they don’t need to have experience in the field of study.


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