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Aalborg University, which is also commonly known as AAU, is situated in Denmark. It comprises three campuses, which are located in Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen. Aalborg University provides degrees at bachelor, master’s and Ph.D. levels. The research initiatives and degree programs provided by Aalborg University are project-based or problem-based or sometimes both. There is very cooperation between the students and staff of the university, which makes learning as well as the teaching process simpler. 

Aalborg University has also collaborated with various public and private sector companies. Aalborg University provides world-class research facilities along with a real-world approach in degree programs. The university believes in adapting based on evolution. This approach results in new solutions to societal problems along with the knowledge that can change the world shortly. Aalborg University has been ranked in the top two percent out of the total 17,000 universities across the world. 


  • Aalborg University has been ranked 241 in the overall world university rankings and ranked 4 in the best universities of Europe within the engineering field as per the US News World Rankings.
  • Aalborg University has been ranked 207 in the overall world university ranking and ranked 18 in the Top 100 universities established with in the past 50 years as per the Times Higher Education. 
  • Aalborg University has been ranked number 201-300 in the world university rankings and ranked 7 in the world within the field of Electronic and Electrical engineering. 
  • Aalborg University has been ranked 324 in the world university rankings and ranked 37 out of 50 for the universities established with in the past 50 years as per the QS.
  • In an MIT report of 2018, Aalborg University is believed to have the best engineering program in Europe.


Aalborg University was established in 1974. At that time, it was named as Aalborg University Center. Later in 1994, it was renamed from Aalborg University Center (AUC) to Aalborg University (AAU). In 1995, Aalborg University merged with the School of Engineering in Esbjerg, which also turned out to be their second campus. In 2003, Aalborg University opened its third campus by opening a department in Copenhagen. From 2002 to 2007, Aalborg University merged with the Danish Building Research Institute (SBI). In 2010, Aalborg University established the School of medicine. 

International recognition

Aalborg University is a recognized university around the world. It believes in internationalism in every level of education, research, and knowledge. Aalborg University believes knowledge and talent shouldn’t be limited to any boundaries. It has participated with several educational, international programs that help students to give students better exposure. It has participated in education programs such as –

  • ERASMUS MUNDUS Program – It includes James CiSu, Global Innovation Management, ADVANCES, IT4BI DC ( Information Technologies for Business Intelligence)
  • Joint degree programs – It includes China and International Relations, and Innovation Management ( Sino-Danish Centre)


  • Aalborg University has a total of 19,926 students currently studying at the university. 
  • There are 2,266 full-time academic staff and 664 part-time academic staff. 
  • Six thousand three hundred fifty-six research publications have been published to date. 

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