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One thought that must have crossed your mind at some point in time would be, What if I could get someone to guide and mentor me through the admissions abroad process? Hasn’t it? If yes, then your wish has been granted. AdmitKard has come up with an innovative arrangement to help all the aspiring students for Australia with their admissions, under a Student-Mentor Program for Australian Universities.

What is a Student-Mentor Program?

A mentor is an experienced and a trusted adviser. Even in cases of study abroad and admissions for the same, each and every student needs a mentor for guidance and supervision. Likewise, a student-mentor program is an exchange program between current students and former students who have now turned mentors.

Student-Mentor Program for Australia

You must be wondering, what is this Student-Mentor Program for Australia all about? So, the answer to your query is that this is a study overseas program, especially for Australia, wherein AdmitKard connects students who aspire to study in Australia, with the students whose dreams have already turned into reality, and they are living and studying in Australia. Just as these students had received guidance when they were at the stage of being an aspirant, now it’s time for these students to mentor some budding students from back home, India. So, the set up is such that if you are willing to pursue higher education in Australia, then we will connect you with experienced students who have been in your shoes. Now, these students will guide you in the application process for admission in Australian universities, right from sorting out what universities to apply for until the end when you go out to study in Australia.

Why should you choose the Student-Mentor Program for Australia?

If you are aspiring to study in Australia, then the Student mentor program is definitely for you.  The fact that the international students turn out, especially from India to Australia is huge. And we at AdmitKard want all those who think Australia is their dream destination, to fulfill their dream and make it to Australia and study there. In addition, the key to admission in a leading university lies in the accuracy of admission process and documents.

Mentors: The ultimate guides in your study abroad journey

Now, how can a Mentor help you? Firstly, all these students who will act as ‘Mentors’ have all seen the phase of being ‘aspirants’. In this mentorship program, based on their personal knowledge and experience, they will clear all your thoughts, give you a clear picture of things and guide you through the following factors:

  1. The process of selecting the right course for you.
  2. How to shortlist colleges and universities?
  3. How to get your LORs and SOPs in place?
  4. How to find scholarships?
  5. How to file documents and receive an admission offer letter?
  6. How to file your visa and clear the visa interview?

If you wish to be a part of this program, then you need to follow three simple steps as given below:

  1. Sign Up: Visit and Sign up on the AdmitKard website.
  2. Make a Profile: Create your complete Profile, mention all the information required.
  3. Connect to Mentors: Then, on the basis of your inclinations and study of interest, you will be connected to the top mentors from AdmitKard. Therein, you can choose and connect with mentors and make the most of this opportunity.

Alternatively, you can also fill this form here.

If you take this opportunity, then you’d realize this one golden opportunity that can change your life on the whole. Our mentors have made a huge impact by answering 5,000 queries and helping out over 300 students each. We’re sure you don’t want to miss out such a chance.

Why should you enroll in the Student-Mentor Program?

These are some of the benefits that you can get by joining this program:

  1. A Golden Opportunity: Firstly, it is a great opportunity to connect with the students who are already studying in Australia and they are qualified to guide you as they have been through the same phase as you are going through. You have a chance to learn from their experience. 
  2. Revolution in Study Abroad World: Next, it is a revolutionary idea to take study abroad admissions to the next level, because you get first-hand information.
  3. The chance to get Personalised Assistance: In addition, it is an opportunity to get personalized assistance, wherein you get to know and learn about your individual case and how to go about it.
  4. Surety of Success: Lastly, since these are based out of experienced students, your chances of getting through are much higher than usual, meaning it is a sure shot to success.

Sign Up here and get connected with Student Mentors in Australia

The Student-Mentor Program is definitely one of those programs you may not have heard before or will in the recent times since it is the first of its kind. This is an original idea of the AdmitKard team, as making dreams come true for students is our utmost priority. The motive to make study abroad a lived reality, we are working hard to make the admissions easier and smoother. In the same direction, this mentorship program is to help students get guidance and advice and enhance the success of acceptance rate of applications from India.

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