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Bachelor in Law Canada : Top Universities, Duration, Courses (2022)

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In Canada, The Bachelor in Law is also called Juris Doctor or Doctor of Jurisprudence. However, the Canadian Universities are providing a wide range of courses like Cyberlaw, Forest Law, Justice and Society, etc in Bachelor in Law Canada. As Canada becomes the best study center, it is providing a wide range of research and practices in Canada. Moreover, the Universities in Canada prefer a dual degree system with a Bachelor in Law Canada. It will help students to learn subjects along with practice at a time. 

Law professional is one of the Non-traditional degrees for the students who want to pursue a career other than normal courses. The Bachelor of Law is the first professional degree offered by the Canada Universities in the name of LLB. The Law degree has become a more in-demand course nowadays throughout the world.

To know more about Bachelor in Law Canada like UN Universities offering Law courses, Job prospects after Bachelor in Law Canada, How to apply to study bachelor in Law Canada read the below details.

Top Universities for Law in Canada

In Canada, there are many Universities that are providing Bachelor in law studies with a wide range of specializations. Among those Universities, many of them are recognized as the world’s top Universities. And these Universities are offering outstanding law courses in bachelor’s in Law Canada, Master’s, and Ph.D. And also few of these Universities provide dual degrees along with Bachelor in Law Canada.

The following are the top Universities offering Bachelors in Law Canada for International and residential students :

University Name QS rankings 2022Course offered
University of Toronto26LLM and Juris Doctor( JD)
MCGill University27Bachelor of Civil Law, Juris Doctor, LLM, Ph.d
University of British Columbia46Juris Doctor ( dual degree), JD + MBA, LLM
Montreal University111Bachelor of Law, LLM, Juris Doctor in North American Common Law, Ph.d
University of Alberta126LLM, Juris Doctor, Ph.d
Waterloo University149Bachelor in Law, MA in Social and Legal studies
Western University, Canada170Juris Doctor, JD+HBA, JD+BESc, LLM
University of Ottawa230LLM, JurisDoctor(JD)
Queen’s University239JD+MBA and Graduate diploma in Business( GDB), LLM
Dalhousie University272Justice and Society, B.A. in law, LLM, Ph.d

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Bachelor in Law duration

The duration of a Bachelor Canada is about 3 years in any Canadian University. But, to study bachelor in Law in Canada, students need to complete an undergraduate degree with 3-4 years of duration from any recognized University. Although the Bachelor in Law Canada is an Undergraduate level degree that can be studied after the 12th standard, it needs any of the Undergraduate degree programs as the entry requirement for the students to start the first level of law studies in Canada.

Law colleges in Canada

Along with the world’s top universities in Canada, many Colleges also offer outstanding Law courses in Canada. And these colleges offer law studies in bachelor in law Canada, Diploma in Law, Graduate Diploma in Law, master’s in Law, and Ph.D. in Law studies for students. 

The following are a few Law colleges that are offering Bachelor in Law Canada :

  • Georgian College
  • Canadore College
  • Durham College
  • St. Lawrence College
  • Selkirk College
  • Northern Lights College

Bachelor in Law Canada: Course Curriculum

As there are almost 70+ law colleges offering Law studies to students in Canada, the course curriculum in these Universities is versatile. The Law colleges in Canada offer Law studies in different areas like Criminology, Paralegal, Business and Law, etc areas. There are about 100+ programs in Bachelor in Law Canada that are offered by Canadian Universities.

The following are different Bachelors in Law and Diploma certificates students can join.

  • Diploma in paralegal
  • Bachelor of Arts in Legal studies
  • Diploma in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Arts in Justice, Political, Philosophy, and Law.
  • Bachelor of Law and Arts – Law and Business
  • B.A. in Criminology

The following are the subjects that students will study while pursuing a bachelor’s in Law Canada.

  • Cyberspace Law
  • Property Law
  • Canadian Constitution Law
  • Environmental Law practice
  • Intellectual property
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Criminal Law and Procedure

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Application process for Bachelor in law Canada

In order to apply for the Law Universities in Canada to study Bachelor in Law Canada, students need to complete their Undergraduate after the 12th standard. And also they need to attend a separate law exam to get admitted into the university. However, the process for applying to the Law University for a Bachelor in Law Canada is a little lengthy, but it is not tough or complex. 

The following is the application process to apply for Bachelor in Law Canada.

  • First, students need to complete their Higher secondary school and also an Undergraduate degree in any specializations like BBA, BA, etc with 4 years duration.
  • Students who have a GPA of 3.5- 3.9 in Undergraduate degrees are most preferred by the Law Universities in Canada.
  • Next, students need to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and need to secure a minimum score of 160 to get admitted to law Universities for studying Bachelor in Law Canada.
  • However, students also need to attend English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, etc exams to get a seat in Canada Universities.
  • After getting the results, students should choose the Law colleges or Universities where their LSAT and IELTS, TOEFL scores are accepted.
  • In fact, students are advised to apply to over one University to get a seat at Law University. And pay the application fees for the University to reserve your seat.

Note: While applying for the University, check the eligibility criteria and documents required for studying Bachelor in Law Canada as these differ from one university to another.

Bachelor in Law Canada Eligibility Criteria

To study Bachelor in Law Canada, students need to know the eligibility criteria and the English proficiency test scores required by the University. And also, students need to attend the separate Law exam with the minimum marks to get a seat in the Universities. However, students need to prepare all the required documents along with the scorecards to apply for the University to pursue Bachelor in Law Canada.

The following are the eligibility criteria along with the IELTS and TOEFL scores for students to do Bachelor in Law Canada Universities.

  • 3 years Bachelor degree in any specialization from any recognized University with a minimum of 60-69% marks.
  • In addition, an LSAT score with 160 or more marks
  • And also, English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc scorecards.
  • And a personal statement with 700-1000 words along with the CV of the students who want to pursue a Bachelor in Law Canada.
  • Along with these, students need to submit the Letter of recommendation, and 2 transcripts for the University to do Bachelor’s in Law Canada.
University nameIELTS scoreTOEFL score
University of Toronto6.5100
University of Alberta6.590
University of Fraser Valley6.588
British Columbia University6.580
Waterloo University6.590
University of Windsor6.583
Queen’s University6.588
Western University, Canada6.583
Algoma University6.070
Ontario Tech University6.583

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Bachelor in Law Canada Cost

The cost of studying in Canada is somewhat low when compared to other countries but a little high when compared with India. Even though education in Canada will provide lots of job opportunities with outstanding knowledge and make students out of the box. The international students who want to study Bachelor in Law Canada need to know the different types of costs that occur for them before and after arriving to0 Canada along with tuition fees for Bachelor in law Canada. So, they need to prepare their budgets according to it.

The following are the Pre-arrival and Post- arrival costs for students who want to study Bachelor’s in Law Canada along with its average tuition fees.

Pre-Arrival Charges listAmount
Study permit Visa fee11,123 INR
Work permit visa fee11,493 INR
Flight Expenses1-2 lakhs INR
Health Insurance17,000-44,000 INR
Application fee for University2400-11,000 INR
Administration Charges listAmount
IELTS test costs14,700 INR
TOEFL test costs14,000 INR
LLB cost10,68,000 – 21,35,912 INR
LLM cost 7,62,826 – 15,25,652 INR
Post-Arrival costs listamount
Accommodation1,100 – 2,500 CAD
Public Transport80-150 CAD
Food 200 –  400 CAD
Entertainment150 CAD
Phone and Internet50 – 70 CAD
Shopping100- 300 CAD
books800-1000 CAD
Other expenses150 CAD

Scholarships for Bachelors in Law Canada

Even though the tuition fees in Canada Universities are low when compared to the USA, UK, etc, it is difficult for international students. However, students can complete their studies by applying for Scholarships provided by the Universities and the Non-government Organizations in Canada. Students who want to do Bachelor’s in law in Canada can apply for the scholarships that are available in the Universities which will cover their tuition fees and cost-of-living expenses. But, before applying students need to check the details related to scholarships that are offered for Bachelor in Law in Canada or for international students. 

The following are a few scholarships for international students who want to study Bachelor in Law Canada or any other Bachelor’s Degree.

University nameScholarship nameAmount in CAD
University of AlbertaInternational Entrance Leadership ScholarshipCAD 5,000
McGill University1 year entrance scholarshipCAD 3,000
University of Fraser ValleyInternational Undergraduate Student Entrance ScholarshipCAD 1000
York UniversityAcademic Excellence Scholarships for International students – York UniversityCAD 5,000 – 10,000
Trent UniversityEntrance Scholarship for International studentsCAD 1,000 – 3,000
Ontario Tech UniversityGlobal Leadership AwardsUpto CAD 18,000 
Lakehead UniversityInternational Undergraduate ScholarshipUpto CAD 40,000
University of WaterlooDavid Johnston International student ScholarshipUpto CAD 5,000
University of GuelphInternational Undergraduate ScholarshipCAD 3,000
Carleton UniversityEntrance ScholarshipsCAD 4,000-16,000

Bachelor in Law Canada Job prospects

Studying for a Bachelor in Law Canada will surely help students to settle into a good job as  Law Jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in Canada. And also, Canadian Law studies are famous worldwide because of their applications and deep knowledge. The average salary for the student from law studies either bachelor in Law Canada or the Master’s students, is between 1,51,000 to 1,62,000 per year based on the firm they are working, area they are working, and experience. 

The following are some of the job opportunities with the best packages for students after a bachelor in Law in Canada. 

Job opportunitiesAmount in CAD ( per year)
Law Clerk52,153
Legal Assistant61,142
Associate Attorney1,48,187
Lawyer cum Paralegal Instructor90,645
Research Assistant86,583
Judge Advocate2,45,000
Contracts Manager1,29,000
Legal Executive2,06,000


✅ Is there Bachelor of Law in Canada?

Ans: The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or, as it has become more prevalent in recent years, the Juris Doctor or Doctor of Jurisprudence is the first professional degree awarded by law schools (JD). Before enrolling in a law LLB or JD programme, students must first complete an undergraduate degree.

✅ How many years is a law degree in Canada?

Ans: 3 Years

✅ Is law a good degree in Canada?

Ans: Although law is not a popular topic for students to study in Canada, such as teaching, finance, and economics, it is one of the highest-paying careers. The average annual compensation for a lawyer is around 112,000 CAD. Furthermore, Canada is well-known around the world for its prestigious legal schools.

✅ What is LLB called in Canada?

Ans: Law graduates in the United States and many other countries receive a JD, however in Canada, it is referred to as an LLB.

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