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Basic C Programs

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Fri, February 14, 2020 8:11 AM   Updated on Mon, February 17, 2020 6:05 AM   3 mins read

C is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It is the fastest, going places, easy to carry, and is widely spread on all platforms.

Aspirants who are new to programming. C language is an easy and good choice to take off your interest in such a programming journey.

The main purpose programming language is used for a wide range of applications from Operating systems like windows and iOS.

C programming is highly efficient. That’s the main reason why it’s popular despite being more than 40 years old.

Standard C programs are portable. In this language, the source code written two systems works together without bringing any change.

 Some of the high-level programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, etc. work with the help of this program. C language is a good programming language to express ideas in programming. It is not important that the person with whom you are talking, must be knowing C, but you can still convey your ideas in a way they understand.

Understanding C language allows the user to write programs that are beyond the imagination of the user.

Another language that’s commonly used for large open-source projects is C++. If you know C and C++, you can contribute to large open-source projects that impact hundreds of millions of people.

It’s a good language to start learning to program.

 If an individual knows C programming, an individual will not only understand how your program works but will also be able to create pictures on how a computer works.

Features Of C Programming Langauge:

  • Procedural language

In a procedural language like C, a list of predefined instructions are carried out step by step. A-CC program contains one or more procedures (functions) to perform a task.

There are other programming paradigms as well. One of the most commonly used paradigms is Object-oriented programming (OOP) which allows developers to create an object to solve the given task

  • C programs are fast:

Newer languages like Python and Java provide more features of a programming language than C programming.

C language trusts programmers and allows direct manipulation of the computer’s hardware, it’s one of the main reasons why C language is considered the best choice to start learning to program


Despite being old, C is used in a variety of applications, from system programming to photo editing software. Applications that use C programming are as follows:

  • Operating System – Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS
  • Databases – PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server
  • Other Uses – Network drivers, Compilers, Print spoolers

C Output

In c programming, print() is one of the main output function. The function sends formatted output to the screen.

Things to Remember

Learn to use a Debugging tool

  One of the best features of C language is it has a debugging tool or debugger is a software which allows programmers to stop a program at any point and helps to detect and correct errors.

When you have bugs in your program, you can use the debugger to stop the program at any point and find the value of variables to detect the bug. 

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