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The Canada is the one country out of all countries which started point-based immigration system. The point-based immigration system was started in 1967 in Canada. The Canada PR point calculator system is also known as Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). For permanent residency eligibility in Canada, the candidate need to score good in Canada PR Point calculator. The score of your profile and rank will be assess by the Express Entry Points. There are some of the parameters on which they will score the candidate which is as follows – 

  • Education qualifications
  • Skills 
  • Language proficiency
  • Work experience and etc.

ASSIGNING OF POINTS TO CRS CALCULATIONS: – The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) includes 4 important areas on which Canada PR points is calculated. The higher your score in CRS, the chances of obtaining permanent residency in Canada increases. There are 4 factors for assigning CRS calculation – 

  • Core Human factor: age, education qualification, experience, etc., will be considered.
  • Skill Transferability factors: skills in language, work experience, etc., will be considered.
  • Spouse factor: education of spouse and work experience will be considered.
  • Additional factor: job offer from Canada, provincial nomination, etc., will be considered.

EFFECT OF CRS SCORE ON PERMANENT CANADA RESIDENCY APPLICATION: – In 2015, CRS introduce the Express Entry system. The applicants need to score the good points under CRS. The CRS score of the applicants of more than 450 will tend to get the Canada permanent residency within 8-10 months. The applicants need to score at least 67 points for permanent Canadian residency. 

FEES OF APPLICATION OF CRS: – The Canada is the best country in terms of providing visa application. The fee structure and design is very well-defined by the Canada. The 1040 Canadian dollar is the total cost of CRS application. 

  • Primary Applicant – For primary applicant, the right to PR fees is 490 Canadian dollars (INR 25,745).
  • Secondary Applicant – For secondary applicant, the right to PR fees is 490 Canadian dollars (INR 25,745).
  • Accompanying Dependent Child – For accompanying dependent child, the right to PR fees is 150 Canadian dollars (INR 7,880).

CANADA PR POINTS: – The Canada PR Point is different according to various fields. The Canada PR points for permanent residency in Canada is as follows – 

Age12 points
Education25 points
Work experience15 points
Language proficiency28 points
Adaptability10 points
Arranged employment10 points

67 POINTS CANADA CALCULATOR 2020: – The 67 points or higher is the best score of Canada PR point calculator. The candidate who score 67 points or above is qualified for applying the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSPWP). The candidate who is not able to meet this score, then the candidate can do some of the things for increasing the score. 

  • The candidate need to improve their language skills.
  • The candidate need to complete another degree, diploma or certificate course.
  • The candidate need to receive a job offer from Canada.

DIVISION OF PR POINTS: – The division of PR points for permanent Canada residency is as follows – 

  • Language Proficiency (28 points): For first official language the candidate need to score maximum 24 points and for second official language the candidate need to score maximum 4 points.
  • Education (25 points): The candidate must have the certificate, diploma or degree from Canadian high school if the candidate done his/her schooling from Canada. If the education is taken from out of Canadian school, then he/she should have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
  • Work experience (15 points): The work experience means the candidate who have worked in Canada as a full-time employ under National Occupation Classification (NOC) will be awarded extra and good PR points. 
  • Age (12 points): The different age carries different PR points which is as follows – 
  1. Age 18-35: – 12 points
  2. Age 36: – 11 points
  3. Age 38: – 9 points
  4. Age 44: – 2 points
  5. Age 47 or older: – 0 points
  6. Age under 18: – 0 points
  • Adaptability (10 points): The candidate moving to Canada with a spouse then the candidate will get points for their qualifications and credentials. 

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