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Best Career Objective For Resume For Fresher – Samples, and Examples

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Tue, December 17, 2019 10:27 AM   Updated on Thu, July 22, 2021 8:02 AM   12 mins read

Career Objective for Fresher is a declaration of its professional goals in a resume when applying for a job. The career objective or resume objective should be between 2 to 3 line long which include future goals and personal growth. One shouldn’t make it too long, it is usually of 50-100 words.

Career Objective for resumeshould be placed on the top of the resume and serves as a first impression on a freshers resume. It is sometimes difficult to write as freshers are not sure about what they want.

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Career Objective for Fresh Graduate

Career Objective is important for every field whether it is for fresh graduate or postgraduate. It basically what kind of Career you are seeking and what skills and experiences you have.

Tips on how to write the best Career Objective For Resume For a Fresher:

  1. Everyone should start with the trait.
  2. You should add 2-3 skills.
  3. Describe your career skills.
  4. Say what you hope to do for the company.
  5. State the position to which you’re applying.
  6. Use the name of the Company.
  7. Keep it short.
  8. Do not exceed 50 to 100 words.
  9. Avoid using first-person pronouns.

Best Career Objective for Fresher’s

The best career objective for freshers should choose one which doesn’t rule you out of any jobs that you are interested in, but at the same time makes you desirable to that company. 

These objectives basically show the basic goal, the sort of product that you want to work on. The biggest advantage of being a fresher brings to an organization is flexibility and moldability.

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Career Objectives for Resume for Freshers

Career Objective for resume for fresher is actually prepared to present their backgrounds and skills. There are lots and lots of Career Objectives that are available for Freshers. It is one of the trickiest things.

You don’t want to miss out of important things as well as not over-express. It has to be short and precise but not very short that it misses out on the focus of writing one.

Career Objective for Fresher

Career Objective for Job

A Career Objective in Resume is a heading statement which a candidate describe their professional goals for the job they are applying for. It mainly consists of 2 to 3 lines and it should be placed at the top of the resume.

Career Objective for MBA Finance Fresher’s

Career Objectives in a resume for MBA Finance Freshers can help you get a secure and reputed job in the Finance Sector in the organization which could help to learn new skills, etc.

Career Summary:

  1. It is mainly the ability to resolve queries and issues that is related to pensions, tax filing, insurance policies, and regulations.
  2. It is also the knowledge of banking rules and regulations that is related to the company accounts.
  3. This also includes the ability to handle cash receipts, company account payments, payrolls, and general accounts.
  4. This is also capable of supporting and handling annual financial audits.
  5.  This also maintains the record book and ledger.

Career Objective for MBA HR

The career objective as MBA HR can be “Seeking a position where I can work well for a reputed organization and for learning different HR practices”.

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Career Objective for Lecturer

Career Objective for resume for Seeking an academic position as a researcher and lecturer in the field of perform research. This includes all the teaching courses and supervising students in their academic assignments and research work.

Additional competencies:

  1. Proficiency in computer-aided teaching
  2. Good interpersonal and communication skills
  3. Ability to work collaboratively and complete work before deadlines.

Example: Seeking the position of lecturer in a growing institute to provide my teaching and top quality knowledge to students of different backgrounds and cultures.

Career Objective For Resume For Fresher Engineer

Your designing resume objective is a short yet convincing prologue to your resume, which explains to potential managers why you are the most ideal fit for the work. Other than expressing your short-and long haul profession objectives, your target can likewise state what novel commitments you will offer the organization. By fitting your goal to watchwords in the occupation posting, you will show to bosses you have investigated the organization and comprehend their desires for your prosperity.

Some  Examples of Career Objective

There are some important tips for building an effective resume for an engineering resume.

  • Keep it short, yet convincing. 
  • Notice a portion of your characteristics. 
  • Feature degrees or affirmations applicable to the position. 
  • Make your resume target explicit to the position. 
  • Put your boss’ needs first. 
  • Be explicit about your objectives. 
  • Be straightforward. 
  • Feature transferrable aptitudes and skills.
  • Avoid copied features from the internet.
  • Be clear about your goals and plans.

Career objective for fresher engineers in various streams

In computer Science Engineering-  To build up your resume for the job of Computer science or information technology you must add your latest learned programming language and projects on which you have worked.

Information Technology- To become a successful professional in the field of Information Technology by using skills and show your further personal and professional development and work towards the development of the organization.

Science Engineers- 

  • Exceptionally numerate and the group arranged issue solver with Bachelor’s qualification in Statistics.
  • Looking for the situation of a Data Scientist with Noregon Systems, offering master measurable demonstrating procedures and progressed PC aptitudes. 
  • Superb communicator with a Bachelor’s certificate in Mathematics. Hoping to get a Data Scientist position at MData Inc., to use outstanding exploration and factual logical capacities in addition to 6 years of information science experience. 
  • Additionally accompanying solid relational, administration, and programming capacities.

Career Objective for Mechanical Engineer Fresher

Career Objective or Resume Objective for Mechanical Engineer Fresher, you basically act as the pitch of an individual’s resume. You need to find out the requirement that hiring experts need. It mainly mentions the goal and objective of your career.

The Career Objective is not a strict requirement to be included in a resume. If you write a well-written objective in your resume then it helps in catching the attention of the recruiter.

  1. To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my learning, knowledge, and skills.
  2. Seeking an entry-level position to begin my career in a high-level professional environment.
  3. Seeking a challenging career with an MNC

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Career Objective for Software Engineers Fresher’s

When we write for Career objectives for a Software Engineer, it is important to know that individual research deeply about the position being offered as well as about the company’s history, objective, and goals. An individual will also be able to gauge. Career Objective is more or less a statement of purpose.

Career Objective for Computer Science Engineering

Career Objective in resume for Computer Science Engineering can be written as “To become a professional in the field of information technology by utilizing my skills and enable further developments”

Career Objective for VLSI Engineer

The career objective for VLSI Engineer is of seeking the position VLSI Design Engineer in an esteemed organization. The skills needed are that the individual should have an immense ability to create schematics from RTL and take block through place and route, timing closure, verification.

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Career Objective for Finance

The career objective for a resume for Finance is to secure the job in the Field of Finance sector in your organization which could help them to learn new skills and deliver their potential of Financial analysis and strategic implementation of the new approach towards the development of the company.

  1. It is mainly the ability to resolve queries and issues that is related to pensions, tax filing, insurance policies, and regulations.
  2. It is also the knowledge of banking rules and regulations that is related to the company accounts.
  3. This also includes the ability to handle cash receipts, company account payments, payrolls, and general accounts.
  4. This is also capable of supporting and handling annual financial audits.

Career Objective for Pharmacist

A career objective for Pharmacists who is with 10 years of work experience, high level of accuracy, excellent communication and management skills seeks an opportunity to apply their skills and advanced knowledge to the pharmaceutical Department.

  1. Pharmacists actually give the Patients medical advice based on their symptoms.
  2. They provide Patients with brief information related to medicines.
  3. They can also have the assets to the quality of medicines.

Career Objective for Network Engineer

If an individual is writing Career Objective for a resume for Network Engineer for a vacancy. The objective statement must be well crafted so that it draws the attention of the recruiter. To get successful in getting the jobs of their choice, an individual must make a resume that is able to gain the interest of the recruiter.

How to make a great Resume Objective for a network Engineering Position:

  1. The resume objective for a network engineer position is to have a statement that articulates in clear words your skills, experience, qualities, abilities, and competence
  2. A well-written Career objective sets a good background for the rest of the document.
  3. A well-written resume impresses the recruiter who then shows interest in reading the documents.

Career Objective for a Graphic Designer

If you want to make a career objective for a graphic designer is to attain the position of “Graphic Designer” in one’s organization where one can utilize their creative and innovative skills in designing. 

Career Summary:

  • A Candidate should have the ability to make graphical presentations and training videos for the training programs.
  • A candidate must have the ability to design CD and DVD covers.
  • A candidate must be capable of designing and publishing websites through creative and innovative skills.

Career Objective for UI Developer

Career Objective for UI Developer can be “Seeking to maintain a position as a Web UI Developer in a stable company where I can use my skills to benefit the company“. 

Qualification Highlights:

  • UI Developer has high knowledge related to the internet i.e. eCommerce, interactive media design, creative development, etc.
  • They have a high and advanced level of knowledge of Web UI Technologies that includes HTML, JSP, JAVASCRIPT, etc.
  • UI Developer also have strong Computer literacy in both Windows and Macintosh O/S environments
  • They are expert in superior organizational skills

Career Objective in Resume for Java Developer

To attain and maintain a position for Java developer to implement my exceptional software development skills using new and improved technological tools and techniques for the development of the organization. 

Career Summary:

  • A Candidate must have a good command over J2EE, ORM tools and database, Oracle, SQL, and OC4J servers.
  • A candidate must have the ability to develop new applications and creative resolution for complex technical problems.
  • A candidate must have the ability to communicate with the clients directly and fulfil their requirements within the budgetary limitations.

Career Objective for a Web Developer

The Career Objective in Resume as a web developer can be “To gain confidence and fame using my potential and creativity for company growth” 

Career Summary

  • Web Developer must have the ability to develop multi-user applications. 
  • A candidate must have the ability to develop and design webpages and websites to make them functional.
  • Web Developer must have the Experience of drafting end-user and technical manuals.
  • A candidate must have the ability of multitasking with the experience of handling multiple projects at a time.

Career Objective for Banking Freshers

The Career Objective for resume for banking can be written as “seeking a relationship manager position with a reputed bank so that I can showcase my excellent interpersonal and communication skills for making new clients, maintaining a relationship with new existing clients and increasing business revenue

Career Objective for Nursing Student

Career Objective for resume for nursing student can be a “Patient-focused, compassionate, hard-working nurse seeking a position in a small-town hospital. Bringing my experience, care, and extensive knowledge to help in improving the lives of the patients“.

Things to remember while writing a nursing resume:

  1. The name of the hospital, facility, and office should be included. 
  2. It should not exceed more than 2 lines
  3. Mention the position you’re applying for and the type of patients you can handle
  4. Think of your positive points while writing the objective. 

Career Objective for Research Analyst 

Research Analyst includes a person who does researches and analyzes trends in the market.

The career objective for research analyst can be “Seeking employment with XYZ company to obtain a research analyst position. I will be able to benefit the organization with the appropriate analytical, research, technical and problem-solving skills“. 


✅ Do I need an objective on my resume?

Ans. Writing an objective is always a good option because it helps to draw the attention of HR. 

✅ How many words should be there in the career objectives?

Ans. It should not exceed more than 50-100 words or not more than 1 or 2 lines.

✅ What are the main points to write an objective?

Ans. The main thing to keep in mind while writing a career objective is that it should be simple and short. You should be clear and detailed about what you want. 

✅ What is a resume objective statement?

Ans. A resume objective statement helps in introducing the resume to the hiring manager. 

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