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Career point is a place where hundreds of dreams come true from all over the country. It is an institution where from K.G to P.h.d, students come to learn innovative things. It is mainly famous for I.I.T preparations. The coaching service is situated since 1993 and have many branches across the country. The institute have their braches divided into higher education category, School education category, Coaching institutes and having their hostels accordingly.

School education branches are located in Kota, Jodhpur and in Bilaspur. The respective names of the schools are given below:

  • Global Public School, Kota
  • Career Point Gurukul School, Kota
  • Global Kids School, Kota
  • CPWS, Jodhpur
  • CPWS, Bilaspur

Higher education that is majorly Diploma to Ph.D are located in Kota and in Hamirpur. The respective names of the institutes are given below:

  • CP University, Kota
  • CP University, Hamirpur

Coaching institutes are located in Kota, Mohali and in Rajasamand, the respective names are given below:

  • CP Gurukul, Kota ( Residential School with Integrated Coaching)
  • CP Gurukul, Mohali ( Residential School with Integrated Coaching)
  • CP Gurukul, Rajasamand ( Residential School with Integrated Coaching)

CP Hostels ( Within and Outside Campus)

  • Ashirwad hostel located inside the campus in Kota
  • Maatrachaya hostel, Kota
  • Gurukul hostel located inside the campus in Kota
  • 30 more hostels available in every city.
  • Girls and boys have different hostels.

There are scholarships also available for the students which are provided by the institute. Students who score more than 90% in their scholarship and admission tests are likely to get scholarship from the institution. Students who want to apply for any class, can apply online. Students need to go on the official website of the institute, they can apply for the online process and can fill the details. The day the test is conducted, results are also declared on the same day. Sample papers are also available on the official site and students can practice by downloading the sheets online. The test format of the exam is of a Billingual paper which consists of 50 multiple choice questions and the time limit is 1.30 hrs. 

The vision of the institution is mainly to accelerate excellence, leadership and education. The mission of the institution is to serve the society to be better. The believe that for being better among the others, education is the most prior and important thing. Giving outstanding results with positive attitude, values and a vision for a lifetime.

Within a span of just 25 years, the institution has evolved and growth has taken place. From students to the institution itself, the classes have also changed, the way of teaching styles, classroom arenas etc. have changed a lot. Career point has made and changed thousands of lives in the country. Students from all around the country come for NEET and JEE preparations. There are integrated classes also available and distance learning is also available. E-classroom lectures are also available, with technology moving classrooms have also evolved. Day boarding classrooms are also available. Every particular aspect for studying and learning is the main priority of the institution.

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