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The Chalmers University of Technology is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The university was established in the year 1829 with a history of 191 years. Director of Swedish East India Company, Williams Chalmers donated a part of his fortune for the foundation of this “industrial school.”

It is one of three universities in Sweden named after a person, whereas the other two are Karolinska Institute and Linnaeus University. This is a privately owned university, a home for nearly 3,200 staff members and nearly 6000 students pursuing their higher studies in different streams.

Chalmers University is one of the well-known know universities in Sweden. It is reputed for being a successful and competitive institution that has managed to offer the development of society. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in various streams like architecture, science, and technology.

Chalmers University of technology ranking

The Chalmers University of Technology has been in marching towards graduating successful individuals in society. The university has developed it’s infrastructure and has made various changes in its curriculum and teaching styles. The university is recently ranked 125 in the QS ranking in the World for 2020 and ranked 81 in Qs employment ranking in the world for 2020. 

Chalmers University of the technology world ranking

This university is the most reputed in Sweden. The university has managed to gain the reputation of an international institution as well. The university’s ranking throughout the world has gained the attention of many international students. It holds 125th rank throughout the world for QS ranking and 81 for QS employment ranking across the world.

Chalmers University of Technology Master’s

Master’s degree trains the individual’s to learn and develop their professional skills; in that case, the Chalmers University of Technology is the best place to pursue your master. A Master’s degree in the university is strongly practical with advanced technologies. The applications are open for interested candidates across the world. Completion of the two years courses offers them a reputed Chalmers master’s degree.

Chalmers University of Technology tuition fee

Chalmers University is an international institution, and hence the tuition fee is quite expensive. It has advanced lab facilities with quality education for the students. The university offers various courses, and tuition fee differs accordingly. There’s no tuition fee for European citizens and whereas the International students should pay SEK 70,000 tuition fee per semester.

Chalmers University of Technology acceptance rate 

This university has consistently ranked one among the top universities by Qs Rankings and various other rankings as well. The university invites applications for students across the country for the various courses offered by the university. The university offers a reputed professional degree certificate after the completion of the course. The university has an acceptance rate of 80-90%

Chalmers University of Technology notable alumni

The university has developed itself in various ways in the past 191 years. It offers more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate courses in different streams like science, architecture, and technology. The university has graduated more than 10,000 students who are now contributing towards the development of the society. Few notable alumni from the Chalmers University of Technology are mentioned below:

  • PewDiePie
  • Gustaf Dalen
  • Erik Johansson
  • Christopher Ahlberg
  • Abbas Anvari

Chalmers University of Technology scholarships

The Chalmers University of Technology is one of the most reputed universities in Sweden. This university is a home for nearly 3,200 staff and more than 7,000 students from different countries. The university aims to provide quality education for talented students, and hence, it has various scholarship schemes that are helpful for the students.

Scholarships details:

  • Scholarships are available for Master’s degree
  • 75% of tuition fee scholarships are available
  • You can fill the application form in the official website
  • The requirements have to be fulfilled

Chalmers University of Technology courses

The university was established in the year 1829 and was named after William Chalmers, Director of Swedish East India company. The university has a huge infrastructure and offers more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It offers various courses from different streams, few among which are listed:

  • M.Sc Automotive engineering
  • M.Sc Production engineering
  • M.Sc structural engineering and building technology
  • M.Sc in applied mechanics
  • M.Sc in communication engineering

Chalmers University of Technology automotive engineering

Automotive engineering is one of the exciting and challenging careers that one can choose for. These engineers research and design the vehicles and the subsystem where they make the of their creative skills. The Chalmers University of Technology would be the best place for students to pursue automotive engineering.

The university aims to provide the knowledge of the system perspective of automotive vehicles with a major focus on powertrain, vehicle dynamic, and safety areas. It provides essential lecturer and real case studies, which would make learning more interesting. It is two years of courses with a lot of practical atmosphere for the students.

Chalmers University of Technology architecture

The university provides professional skills and a practical atmosphere for the students in the field of architecture. Most of the course deals with projects and practical exposure in studios guided by the expert architect. The students are expected to have completed a bachelor’s degree with architecture as a major course to pursue a master’s at the Chalmers University of Technology.

Chalmers University of Technology sustainable energy systems

Chalmers University of technology is bridging the gap between the technologies and systems, which leads the way to the professional career of energy engineering in the coming future. The course provides deep knowledge of energy technologies and the way it interacts with the energy policies. It’s two years courses for the students who have completed their bachelor’s degree.

Chalmers University of Technology data science 

In this modern world, there is a need for skilled data analysts and AI professionals. The course enables the engineers to extract essential information from the huge amount of data. Individuals are provided with essential theory knowledge, which is henceforth used practically. The job opportunities for professional in data science is vast.

Chalmers University of Technology electrical engineering

In the field of Electrical engineering, students of the Chalmers University of Technology are educated and provided an opportunity to research Antena and optical networks, Communication, Systems, Control, Signal processing, and biomedical electric power engineering. The students of this university are provided with a lot of practical exposure.

Chalmers University of Technology mechanical engineering

Chalmers University provides various courses, among which mechanical engineering is one. The course focuses on modeling, dynamics, control, and Pareto optimization of engineering systems. The university aims to provide international education and prepare students for a professional career with all the essential skills required.

Chalmers University of Technology campus

The Chalmers University of Technology has two campuses that are in Lindholmen and Johannesburg. Both campuses are located in the city center with frequent transport links. Like the students, you can have access to both the campus facilities of the University. Each campus has a science park located where various industries established their career opportunities and activities.

Chalmers University of Technology International students

The university has two campuses in Sweden with an acceptance rate of 80-90%. The university has always aimed at providing quality education for interested students and promises a bright career for their students. The university invites applications from students from any country. International students enjoy various benefits on the campus, though few structure and admission procedures differ from the localities.

Chalmers University of Technology deadline

The Chalmers University of Technology was established in the year 1829 by William Chalmers. The university is reputed as an international institution with courses offered from different streams like science, architecture, and engineering. The university offers part-time and full-time education for students. It invites applications from all students until January 15th.

Chalmers University of Technology contact number

We can visit the university’s official website to know the details regarding courses offered, application form, scholarship details, fee structure, acceptance rate, and accommodation details. For further queries, you can contact +46317722590.

Chalmers University of Technology address

The Chalmers University of Technology is a well-known know university in Sweden. The university is located in Chalmersplatsen 4, Gothenburg.


✅ Is the Chalmers University of Technology officially accredited?

Yes, Chalmers University of Technology is officially accredited as an “Engaged University” by the ACUEE. It is an international institution that provides education for local and international students from different countries. It has more than 100 programs for the students to choose certain courses of their interest to study.

✅ What are the courses offered at the Chalmers University of Technology?

1. M.Sc Automotive engineering
2. M.Sc Production engineering
3. M.Sc structural engineering and building technology
4. M.Sc in applied mechanics
5. M.Sc in communication engineering

✅ What is the procedure to apply for the Chalmers University of Technology?

1. Visit the official website
2. Choose the course of your interest
3. Fill the required details
4. Make the payment online

✅ What is the ranking of the Chalmers University of Technology?

The university is ranked 125th in Qs Rankings across the world and holds 81 throughout the world for QS employee ranking. This university is also one of the top 100 universities in Qs subject-specific rankings for electrical and electronics engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, civil and structural engineering, chemical engineering, and medical science.

✅ What are the required documents for the application?

1. Certificates from the previous university
2. Transcripts of completion of course
3. Proof of English language proficiency
4. Relevant pages of the passport

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