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Cheap MS programs in Australia

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Mon, September 9, 2019 12:10 PM   Updated on Sun, September 27, 2020 8:47 PM   7 mins read

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When it comes to higher education, Australia is definitely on everyone’s list. International students find it comfortable to study there as the place is very diverse, is filled with warm and friendly natives and if you know the way, you can also get the best education at a very affordable price. At present, Australia is the third most preferred place for higher studies. And it is no surprise. When it comes to studies, Australia has always been innovative. They offer high-quality education with a lot of uniqueness. If it is a Master’s Degree that you wish to pursue, then Australia is the destination.

Australia offers quality education with opportunity. With such offers, students try to get admitted to the right college in Australia. Studying abroad is going to be costly, but you can find ways to reduce the pressure on your wallet. Fees do not limit the quality education, that this place gives. Some colleges have high standards of teaching, at a reasonable and affordable fee range. Also, many of the colleges require their students to have a part-time job; this way, you can decrease the burden. On average, a foreign student who is studying in Australia, with a student visa, can earn AUD 19-20 per hour. A student is allowed to work for 20 hours per week. Several colleges offer great scholarship deals. The things work out fine, once you take your first step. Below is a list of colleges that offers quality education, and also have an affordable fee range

Top Colleges which offers affordable MS programs

College NameFee Per Annum (AUD)Fee Per Annum(INR)
Victoria University       17,000.00    8,17,530.00
Charles Darwin University       18,480.00    8,88,703.20
University of New England       19,640.00    9,44,487.60
Central Queensland University       21,120.0010,15,660.80
International Institute of Business and Information Technology       21,400.0010,29,126.00
Griffith University       22,240.0010,69,521.60
James Cook University       22,500.0010,82,025.00
Charles Sturt University       22,880.0011,00,299.20
Edith Cowan University       23,550.0011,32,519.50
University of Canberra       23,680.0011,38,771.20
RMIT University       24,960.0012,00,326.40
Queensland University of Technology       25,400.0012,21,486.00

(AUS$1 = INR 48.09)

The above-mentioned colleges are the best options. They are very efficient in their field and offer great alternatives to get the fee down. RMIT University, Griffith University, and the Queensland University of Technology happen to be one of the lesser-known yet renowned colleges of Australia. These colleges also have a decent global rank. This can be your best option to start your research. They will definitely offer more than what you may have expected. They also offer a scholarship, so you can also walk in that direction.

Colleges According to Location

Let us also discuss studying in particular areas of Australia, so that you can select your destination more carefully. 

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory or Canberra is a great placed to study from. It is definitely very diverse and you will fit in well. The College in Canberra, which is affordable and has a good education system, is the University of Canberra. There is another option as well, and that is Australian National University, but this university is way more expensive than the University of Canberra. Of Course, Australian National University does offer a scholarship, and you can apply as well. If you have good grades and have good test scores, then you have no need to worry. If not, the University of Canberra may be your best deal.

New South Wales

New South Wales is a place that offers amazing deals when it comes to studying with a low budget.  Not only are the colleges less expensive, but the cost of living here is also less. Everything here is affordable and is a delightful place to live in.

Three of the excellent colleges in this area, which offer education at an affordable price, are:-

  1. Australian Catholic University
  2. University of New England
  3. Charles Sturt University.

These colleges do not just provide education at a comparatively lower fee range, but they also give great scholarships. Be sure to apply for these scholarships, as they decrease the fee, and if you are lucky, you may also get a full scholarship.

Northern Territory

If it is the northern territory that attracts you, you can have an excellent college nearby. Charles Darwin College is an excellent college, with a very good global rank. The education here is definitely top-notch, but that does not increase their fee to a very high extent. It is affordable and is a perfect match for international students who live here.


In Queensland, there are two colleges which have an affordable fee range:-

  1. University of Sunshine Coast
  2. University of Southern Queensland

You may also find some other colleges nearby, and you can choose according to what you desire to pursue. Almost all the colleges in this area offer scholarships.

South Australia

South Australia is also an affordable option for international students. The best fit colleges here are:-

  1. University of South Australia
  2. University College London
  3. Carnegie Mellon

Out of these, the University of South Australia offers education at the cheapest fee. Even though the fee is less, it does not bring down the quality of teaching.


Victoria, like South Wales and Queensland, is yet another option for getting an MS degree in an affordable price range. One of the colleges here is Monash University. Monash University is known for being very generous. They have a full scholarship scheme as well. One should definitely apply for a scholarship here. They also have a normal scholarship, so whatever the case may be, you can have a chance to bring down your cost of study in Australia.

Western Australia

Studying in Western Australia may turn out to be a bit more costly. There is no such university in this area that provides education at a lower cost. So, the best you can do is apply for scholarships.


If you are interested to study in Australia at a lower cost, you must apply for scholarships. Almost all colleges in Australia offer scholarship plans. Not all colleges give a full scholarship, but they certainly have scholarship deals. You can also check for scholarships in your own country. There are several scholarship deals that you can check here.

Scholarships offered by Colleges

The Scholarships offered by the Colleges in Australia are:

  • Australia Awards Scholarships
  • Australian National University
  • Deakin University
  • Monash University
  • Murdoch University
  • Curtin University
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Melbourne
  • Griffith University
  • University of Sydney
  • University of South Australia

Scholarship plans will decrease your cost to a high extent.  There are several routes that you can follow to study MS in Australia for cheap prices. The only effort you have to put in is extensive research and you might be able to find a college or scholarship that eventually helps you.


✅ How can I reduce my expenses in Australia?

Ans. You can apply for Universities that don’t take a lot of fees, apply for scholarships, and take up part-time jobs near your college or freelancing in your field of interest.

✅ What is the global rank of the Queensland University of Technology?

Ans. The rank of the Queensland University of Technology is 54th globally and is one of the best universities in Australia.

✅ What is the fee at the University of Sunshine Coast?

Ans. The fee for MS in the University of Sunshine Coast is A$28,000.

✅ What is the fee at the University of Southern Queensland?

Ans. The fee of MS in the University of Southern Queensland is A$4,480.

✅ What scholarships can I get in Australia as an Indian?

Ans. There are several scholarships provided in Australia for Post Graduate for Indians like:

1. Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship,
2. Monash International Merit Scholarship,
3. Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship,
4. International Postgraduate Coursework Full Tuition Scholarship

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