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The United Kingdom, without a doubt is one of the best countries to study and has an internationally acclaimed education system. It is every student’s dream destination that houses several globally top-ranked universities. The UK is certainly like a breath of fresh air to all international students who work hard in the hope of getting admission in the best possible institutions.

Most of the students who want to study abroad keep the United Kingdom as their preferred choice and rightly so. The education standards of the UK are one of the best. Universities there have been ruling the world rankings for as long as one can try to remember. There are numerous institutions which are a pioneer to many others all around the world. To say the least, the UK is one of the best places to be in to study and get exposure and career opportunities.

One such course which has tremendous value is MBA. Master of Business Administration is easily one of the most attractive and sought after courses in the world today. It is not only popular because of the job opportunities it comes with but also because of the type of skill set it helps an individual to develop. There is a huge demand for MBA students in an ever-growing world of corporate, though the competition is no less. In such circumstances, from where one has pursued their degree matters a lot.

However, the cost to study MBA in the UK is as grand as the advantages. Studying in the UK is quite expensive and with all other expenses, it can indeed become quite a task to afford an education in MBA there. It is certainly not easy and definitely not pocket-friendly. Though, it does not mean that one should lose hope because there are also several affordable and cheap universities in the UK which are not only famous but also have great rankings around the world.

These are some of the best universities with the cheapest tuition fees in the UK.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is constantly ranked among the top MBA institutions all over the world. It is popular for its astonishing 88% student satisfaction rate and a very experienced and co-operative faculty. The University of Birmingham also has a great placement system and most of its students bag great jobs with good managerial positions within influential corporate companies. It was ranked 153 out of 400 by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

  • Course Duration – 2.5 years
  • Cost per year – INR 18,21,750

University of Ulster

Rather than  MBA, the University of Ulster provides its students with a degree called Master of Science in Management which is as same as MBA but with a deeper understanding of the concepts and a more practical approach towards the subjects. The university caters to more than 24,000 students and develops their skills by making them more analytical, observant, and practical. They also believe in a highly systematic way of approaching Management, making their students a valuable asset to the company which hires them.

  • Course Duration – 1 year
  • Cost per year – INR 12,10,150

The Open University

The Open University offers a part-time MBA program for its students. Students get to choose their own subjects and the most weight is given to the final projects which consist of 75% of the total marks. The Open University focuses on making students competent as managers and nurture skills like analytical skills, observation power, etc. It is perfect for all those who want to work and study side by side in order to increase their value in the job market.

  • Course Duration – 3 years
  • Cost per year – INR 2,52,400

Leeds Beckett University 

One of the leading Universities in the UK, Leeds Beckett University is famous for its various courses, one of them being an MBA. The university is top-ranked globally and its management school focuses on the development of students as international managers and citizens. Their Wales is available in many fields of management and students can choose their expertise in any of them as per their choice. Leeds Beckett throughout the years has produced some great management professionals who have gone on to become an asset for their organizations.

  • Course Duration – 1.5 years
  • Cost per year – INR 9,72,600

University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

At Wales, the MBA course is designed especially for students who are seeking international careers. The course introduces them to different cultures and managerial practices in different fields from all around the globe and trains its students in becoming a qualified professional who can work anywhere and adapt to cultures effortlessly and effectively. The university is also highly ranked and has great placements as well.

  • Course Duration – 1-2 years
  • Cost per year – INR 11,14,700

University Campus Suffolk

A unique and very advantageous collaboration between the University of Essex and the University of East Anglia, University Campus Suffolk today runs one of the oldest MBA programs in the UK. Their course is focused more on the practical aspect of management rather than theoretical. The course not only offers great education and experience value but also is a double benefit as students get both a degree in MBA and a level 7 CMI diploma. It offers around 12 MBA courses for students to choose from.

  • Course Duration – 1 year
  • Cost per year – INR 13,77,200

Institute of Education University of London

Institute of the Education University of London was ranked number 1 by QS World Ranking for its standards of education and academics. Their MBA program is an amazing opportunity for students to learn and nurture new skills and get ready to take over the world markets with their excellent managerial skills. The MBA course at this institution is very prestigious and focuses a lot on the practical aspect as well as theoretical equally.

  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Cost per year – INR 15,57,007

University of Bedfordshire 

The University of Bedfordshire is another top-ranked university with a world-class MBA course that makes students well versed with the theory and practical aspects of management. Their students are known to be one of the best as they are educated and trained by a set of highly qualified teachers.

  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Cost per year – INR 9,57,500

Ravensbourne University 

Located in the city of London, it is one of the best places to be studying management. It was ranked 150 by the QS World Ranking and is constantly improving to give their students the best education and experience. There are several courses to choose from and students get full freedom to explore their potential to the fullest in this university.

  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Cost per year – INR 9,97,600

University of Sunderland

Another one of the UK’s gems when it comes to MBA courses, the University of Sunderland offers some of the best MBA courses in various fields to its students. There are many presentations and project works in which students are involved in order to develop their skills and get them ready to take on any task as a manager.

  • Course Duration – 2 years
  • Cost per year – INR 9,50,750

MBA is definitely an expensive course but it has equally good returns. The UK has several universities that offer this course at a pretty cheap price but with quality education and a guaranteed position in the job market.


What type of MBA is available in the UK?

Ans. You can take a General, Executive, or Specialist degree in MBA in the UK. There are several fields available for MBA in the UK. Some being Marketing, Finance, IT, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Business Management, etc.

What is the difference between PArt-Time MBA and Full-Time MBA?

Ans. In a part-time MBA, the students have less number of hours for classes every day. Some colleges even choose to teach only during Weekends. This kind of MBA is better for students who work along with the degree. While a full-time MBA is conducted in normal college hours.

What is the student-staff ratio at the University of Ulster?

Ans. There are 18.9 students per staff at the University of Ulster which is quite a good ratio.

Is an MBA worth the high price it takes to study?

Ans. MBA is a very sort after degree and the better the college, the better jobs you get. Down the line of a few years, you will be able to collect the cost of your MBA.

✅ What is the ranking of the University of Birmingham?

Ans. The world ranking of the University of Birmingham is 79th.

Will an MBA of 1 year be worth the same as 2 years?

Ans. They are definitely not the same as the comprehensiveness differs. But in a 1-year degree, the curriculum would be more precise. So, you can use the next year to gain practical experience in the field and easily come in pace with a 2 year MBA.

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