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Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Mon, February 24, 2020 8:09 AM   Updated on Mon, February 24, 2020 8:09 AM   5 mins read


An electronic tool that was invented in the 1940s is now ruling almost all the facets of our daily lives. From entertainment to education, from medical care to architecture, you name it.

However, the availability of computers enjoyed by the current human race wasn’t the same, always. This has come after a lot of grinds form the engineers and scientists of the prior generations. Starting with the vacuum tubes and magnetic tapes, then the transistors, followed by Integrated Circuits (ICs), and now the microprocessors, we’ve come a long way with this technology.

Computers have taken over the functioning of almost all the systems civilizations had designed over centuries.

Advantages of computers are endless, but to name a few –

  • Communications – Mobile phones and the Internet has made the planet more reachable. Imagine, half a century ago, how difficult it was to contact anyone living in some other part of the globe. But today, you’re just a call or text way. The exchange of thoughts, feelings, or ideas in real-time is made feasible by this electronic gadget.  
  • Education – In the modern age, all the standard schools use computers for better comprehension of the curriculum. The usage of animations, graphics, and audio stimulates the innovative instincts of the students in a more efficient way, as compared to the traditional methods of teachings. 
  • Research – The Internet is an ocean of knowledge. You can surf the web and get information, just about everything. Either you’ll get the exact information you’re looking for, or you’ll get the guidance as to how or where to gather the information required from. The ‘hit and trial’ method in a digital dimension cost absolutely nothing. As a result, researchers and developers enjoy their creative liberty.

Career Options with computer education.

Out of all the advantages, one of the most significant is the one we’ll talk about now. The career options which computer education offers –

  1. Computer hardware Engineer – The term hardware means the physical components of the computer, like circuit boards, screen, memory devices, etc. 
    • Hardware Engineer’s main job is to design, develop, test, and ensure the proper functioning of the physical components of the computer. This job requires creativity and innovation. One has to ensure the efficiency of all the parts of the computer.
    • This job involves rigorous testing and troubleshooting to ensure the proper functioning of devices.
  2. Computer Network Architect – One of the major functions of a computer is communication. This purpose can only be served if a smooth flow of data and information can be established. This is where a Network plays its part. All the data is shared with several computer systems over a network. 
    • A Network Architect is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the data transfer over a network. There are various types of networks, such as LAN, MAN, WAN, extranets, intranets. Network Setup also involves various topologies like a star, bus, mesh, ring, hybrid. The knowledge of these terms is gained with computer education.
    • These nuances of Networks have different uses, costs of setup, and other features. An architect has to design a network according to the need of his organization.
    • A computer network architect is required to have logical and analytical skills. 
  3. IT Project Manager – One of the most important jobs in an organization is to assign jobs to all the employees according to their skill set. A project manager is vested with this responsibility.  
    • A project manager coordinates all the facets of the organization and its clients. The ability to carry a team together, problem-solving skill along with basic computer education aids a manager to perform his duties.
  4. Web Developer – All that you see on the Internet is created by these web developers. Every information which is on the Internet requires education about web development. Form images to videos, from text to audios, all need to be done through a well-defined procedure. 
    • A Web developer designs the technical structure of the websites. He ensures that data, which is of the need of the user, is made available to him. And also, the abstraction of the required data is ensured. Also, the content of the website should be accessible by web browsers on different platforms like windows, android, IOS.
  5. Information Security Analyst – In this digital era, it is often said, “Data is the new oil.” It means that data is as valuable as crude oil. Therefore, this valuable data or information requires security. 
    • The job of Information Security Analyst is to design a security system which ensures that the data of clients and organization doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. He looks for security breaches and investigates the reasons. Then designs a modification to safeguard the information.

There are many other fields which can be chosen, with computer education as a base. The computers have an immense scope. The more this world gets digitized, the wider will be the scope of computer education. 


Life in the current age is imaginable without computers. The comfort and ease computers have provided terrific. Efficiency, correctness, time-saving, are just a few attributes of computers. Computer education is the need of today and the future. All the schools are giving computer education from the elementary level. With the ever-growing scope and dominance of computers in all the work fields, it is mandatory to have computer education for all the students. 

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