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Data scientist salary in Canada is more than in most other countries. Data science degrees are in high demand and offer a wide range of career options. In Canada, a Data Scientist earns an average annual pay of CAD 95,700 (Rs 55 lakh) or CAD 49.08 (Rs 2,858) per hour.

Data Science and Analytics master’s degree programmes at Canadian universities are among the best in the world. Data Science is amongst the most promising professional fields in Canada, with some of the highest wages. Even in their early phases of employment, data scientists and data analytics experts earn well. Because of the growing need to address huge amounts of unprocessed data in businesses, a data scientist’s job in Canada can never go out of demand. 

Read along to know everything about Data science in Canada!

Data Scientist Salary in Canada For Freshers

Data Scientist salary in Canada for freshers is CAD 77,000 (Rs 45 lakh), with most experienced data scientists earning up to CAD 137,000 (Rs 80 lakh). In light of the scale of data science in Canada, students must learn the skills. Data science is a high-end career path. Students with exceptional ability are hired in high-level roles in businesses.

Scope of Data Science in Canada

Scope of Data Science in Canada as per latest report from the Information and Communications Technology Council, Canada’s data science and analytics market is expected to generate $1.8 billion in revenue annually by 2020, with direct employment in the big data market expected to exceed 43,000 jobs by 2020, amounting to making it one of the foremost in-demand tech sectors. Meanwhile, according to another ICTC analysis, Ontario is home to 55% of Canada’s big data providers.

Demanded skills for top tier Data Science jobs

Demanded skills for top tier Data Science jobs in Canada are not different from any other country. An expert’s success is proportional to the number of skill sets they possess. It is important to acquire all the skills required in the industry to evolve with the industry.

Students must be skilled in the following areas, regardless of their role or responsibilities:

1. Data visualization and communication

Data visualization and communication are critical components of data analysis. It’s challenging to operate with unstructured data. As a result, it’s critical to present and arrange data in a straightforward and visually appealing manner. This is significant because many organizations’ marketing decisions are entirely based on data. It is contingent on how well the data is comprehended. Tableau and Power Business Intelligence are two platforms that help data scientists master data communication.

2. Statistics and mathematics

Mathematical and statistical calculations are required of data scientists. These are linked and necessitate efficiency. Companies that are data-driven employ data scientists to investigate and determine various statistical methodologies such as tests, processes, estimators, and distributors. The results are significant for important business choices. To achieve experience in machine learning, data scientists need to have a working knowledge of calculus and mathematics. It’s hardly unexpected that statistics are required.

3. Computer programming

Programming is the most important part of Data Science. Without computer language ability, a data scientist will not be able to sustain or do credit to the job profile. In the Canadian labor market, professionals with programming knowledge and expertise are paid the most. Java, Python, Hadoop, SQL, and C++ are among the programming languages that should be learned.

4. Remodeling and Data Analytics

The data scientists are responsible for the quality of the insights. The data scientist’s modelling and analytics abilities are highly valued. In data modeling, communication, analysis, and critical thinking will be crucial. To comprehend and anticipate outcomes, data scientists must conduct experiments, process, and analyse data while also developing diverse models.

5. Communication

Without communication, data is pointless. Individuals interested in working as a data scientist in a corporation should have excellent communication abilities. It could be as basic as explaining how to get from point A to point B, or it could be as complicated as discussing data visualization techniques, presenting corporate growth estimates, and presenting marketing statistics.

6. Software Engineering

When you work with a very  large amount of data, software engineering knowledge and skills come in handy. Mostly, employers are often  willing to pay a premium for data scientists who also have software engineering expertise.

Best data scientist recruiters in Canada

The Canadian labour market is home to a diverse spectrum of global corporations and organisations. Employers in a variety of industries, including banking, information technology, healthcare, retail, and services, seek data science workers with competitive pay packages.

The following are some of the top sectors in Canada for data science jobs:

  • Entertainment and media
  • Education
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Online businesses
  • Telecommunications 
  • Retail
  • Marketing-advertising
  • The Government

Salary of Data Scientist in Canada

Salary of a Data Scientist in Canada on an average is CAD 95,000 or INR 55 Lakh . Data Scientists are high in demand in the industry. Jobs are plenty and salary package is high in this field.

To See the Job profile and their description with average salary check out the table  below:

Job TitleJob DescriptionAverage Annual Salary
Senior Data ScientistSenior Data Scientist is one of the high-end and top positions after an MS degree in Data Science.CAD 120,000 (Rs 70 lakh)
Business Intelligence Analyst BI analysts use data to help organizations make sound business decisions. They are hired by top companies to program tools and build data models to visualize. CAD 77638 (Rs 45 lakh)
Data Architect Data Architect is a management discipline concerned with designing, creating, deploying, and managing an organization’s data architectureCAD 81,000 (Rs 47 lakh)
Business Intelligence DeveloperBI developer is an engineer who uses business intelligence software to interpret and display data for an organization. Individuals with data science and software engineering skills can take up this role.CAD 81,945 (Rs 48 lakh)
Application ArchitectApplications architecture describes the behavior of applications used in a business, focusing on how they interact with each other and with users. It is highly in demand in the gaming and information technology industries.CAD 110,000 (Rs 64 lakh)
Big Data EngineerBig Data Engineers are the top-ranked career opportunities after Data Science. Data engineers are responsible for finding trends in data sets and developing algorithms to help make raw data useful.CAD 120,000 (Rs 70 lakh)
Business Analyst A business analyst is a popular career and individuals need to have good communication skills, programming knowledge, and know-how to make business decisions quickly. CAD 78,574 (Rs 46 lakh)
Data ScientistData Scientists are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the large amounts of data available for data-driven businesses. CAD 107,500 (Rs 63 lakh

Popular Skills for Data Scientists

Along with statistical computations, a data scientist needs to understand various important programming languages. They must have excellent interpersonal and communication abilities. It is important to acquire trending industry skills to gain a bigger salary package than your peers. It always beneficial to upgrade your skills to not get stagnant in the ever- evolving world.

Check out list below of  requisite popular Skills for Data Scientists:

  •  Data visualization
  • Python programming
  • Good communication
  • R programing
  • Hadoop platform
  • SQL databases
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Business strategy
  • The interpersonal skills include:
  • Storytelling ability for statistical computations.
  • Ability to collaborate with various teams of an organization.
  • Learning new concepts.

Data Science Salary vs Machine Learning salary

In Canada and the rest of the globe, data scientists make less than machine learning engineers. Data science and machine learning are indistinguishably linked. Machines cannot comprehend anything unless they have data, and data science complements machine learning; they are typically viewed as complimentary areas. In Canada, the average salary for a machine learning scientist is CAD 162,625, whereas that of a data scientist is CAD 107,500

Pay as per experience Level for Data Scientists

Pay as per experience level for data scientists is different in the market industry. Data Scientists earn an average of CAD 95,000 or INR 55 lakh. According to your expertise and experience you can score a better salary package.

Let’s look at how much a Data Scientist makes based on their experience.

ExperienceSalary range 
Entry Level – IND₹306,054 – ₹1,215,966
Entry Level – US$60,894 – $127,894
Experienced – IND₹972,106 – ₹2,928,194
Experienced – US$79,321 – $167,947


How much are data scientists paid in Canada?

On an average CAD 95,000 per year.

Are data scientists paid well in Canada?

Yes,On an average Data Sceientist salary  CAD 95,000 per year.

Are data scientists in demand in Canada?

Data scientists are high in demand in Canada due current data  related industry boom.

Is data science good in Canada?

Data Science and Analytics master’s degree programmes at Canadian universities are among the best in the world. Data Science is amongst the most promising professional fields in Canada, with some of the highest wages.

Is data science a stressful job?

Because of lengthy working hours and a lonely workplace, the work environment of a data scientist can be highly stressful. Despite the numerous collaborations required between data scientists and various departments, data scientists work alone the most of the time.


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