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Difference between C and C++ Language

Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Mon, February 24, 2020 1:57 PM   Updated on Tue, June 2, 2020 5:19 PM   4 mins read
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The C language may be a general-purpose, procedural computer programming language that supports the structured programming, lexical variable scope, and recursion, together with a static type system that prevents unintended operations.

C+ language is a further extension of the C language, C++ language may be a subset of the C language which was designed to reinforce the procedural language features. Furthermore, it also supports object-oriented programming features like inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation, among many others.

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Features of C and C++ Language

The primary features of the C language include the Procedural, Bottom-up approach, System programing language, doesn’t support classes and objects, and Supports pointers. Concerning the C++ language, the features include Object-oriented, Bottom-up approach, Speed is quicker, Rich library support within the sort of the quality template library, Supports Pointers & References. 

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C vs C++ language

  1. Method of Programming: C may be a procedural language during which the program revolves around the functions. The complete problem is lessened into numerous functions. The most focus of the program is on functions or procedures to urge the items don, whereas, in C++, the object is an object-oriented programing language. Here the info of the matter is that the main focus and also the classes are built around this Data. Functions care for the info and closely certain to Data.
  2. Approach: As C may be a procedural language, it follows a top-down approach of programming. Here we take the matter and so break it into subproblems until we discover single subproblems that will be solved directly. Then we combine the solutions to urge the most solution while C++ follows a bottom-up approach to programming. In this, we start with low-level design or coding and so depend on this low-level design to urge a high-level solution.
  3. Ease of Coding: We can say that C may be a hands-on language and that we can program it in whichever way we wish. C++ consists of some high-level object-oriented programming constructs that help us to code high-level programs. 
  4. Application Development: C language is useful within the programming of embedded systems or low-level implementations. C++, on the opposite hand, is more suitable for server-side applications, network applications or applications like gaming, etc. 
  5. Compatibility With Each Other: C++ may be a subset of C because it is developed and takes most of its procedural constructs from the C language. Thus any program will compile and run fine with the C++ compiler.
  6. File Extension: The programs written in C are usually saved with “.c” extension while the C++ programs are saved with the “.cpp” extension. • Compatibility With Other Languages: C++ language is usually compatible with other generic programming languages but C language isn’t. 
  7. Ease of Coding: We can say that C may be a hands-on language and that we can program it in whichever way we wish. C++ consists of some high-level object-oriented programming constructs that help us to code high-level programs. 
  8. Data Security: In C, the most emphasis is on functions or procedures instead of on data. Hence as far as data security is worried, it’s negligible in C. In C++, as we are coping with classes and objects, the most building block of the program is Data. Thus, Data is tightly secured using classes, access specifiers, encapsulation, etc.


Is C++ better than C?

Ans. C++ is better than C, as it gives support for the object-oriented paradigm. So it takes a longer time to earn C++ than to learn C.  While C and C++ are better than the other in some things.

Is C easier than C++?

Ans. C is considered easy as it has a faster more stable code as compared to the C++ program. C++ is more focused on solving complex issues.

Is C++ based on C?

Ans. In certain places C++ is a superset of C, while C++ is a more complicated course. Without a solid foundation in C it is impossible to master advanced features in C++. C is the base for almost all popular programming languages.

Why is C called C?

Ans. the reason for calling this language C is because it was created after the B language. Bell Labs at that time have created a programming language called “B”. So they named it “C”.

Should I learn C or C++ first?

Ans. Before learning C++, you should learn C language. As C is a procedural language, it’s often easier for beginners to grasp. After that it will be easy to learn object-oriented programming through C++.

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