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Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Fri, February 14, 2020 9:00 AM   Updated on Wed, June 17, 2020 10:36 AM   12 mins read
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Marketing is synonymous with establishing a relationship with the audience, and it becomes digital marketing when the marketing turns online. Digital Marketing Course is one of the most popular courses among the youth in 2020, and as the days are passing, the number of young minds who are enrolling their names to learn increments. 

Online media is one of the most influential happenings in the 20th Century, and it is helping people irrespective of their gender, caste, age, and opinions as the zone for every type of people happens to vary, and with a wide range. Surveying brands have noticed a rise of 5% internet usage among adults, which reflects through the brand value of online shopping portals.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing takes place over the internet through any device, search engines, social media, email, and other websites to build an audience through connection. Digital Marketing Course has one of the best prospectuses in this era of the internet, where everyone knows everyone on Facebook, and Digital Marketers know how to channelize this opportunity into profit.

Digital Marketing Course Stages

Every Digital Marketing Course go through several stages,

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. PPC (Pay Per click)
  4. Marketing Automation
  5. Online PR


It is the process where the digital marketer optimizes his or her website at the top of every search result that is going to increase the organic reach of the page. There are three types of SEOs: On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. 

On-Page SEO focuses on the content on the page, the content that is visible to the user. Off-Page SEO focuses on the keywords, whereas, Technical SEO focuses on the coding or CSS links of the page.

Content Marketing

One of the major parts of the Digital Marketing Course is how you handle blogs on your page that reflects consistency and quality, and colorful and interactive design or stories allure readers creating a fanbase. Sometimes readers like to receive perspectives from pictures rather than reading a story. 


Every time a user clicks on the attached link, it pays a certain amount of money to the website. This is a part of the digital marketing course that can be explained through the ad policy of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Google. 

What would be the output of the course?

The main objective of a digital marketing course is to elaborate on the procedure of lead generation and creating brand awareness among potential audiences. The process can be done through SEO, PPC, Online Advertising, and blogs. 

Role Of Digital Marketing in a Company

In the case of small companies, if digital marketing is done properly, it can turn the market upside down. Generally, users pay attention to ads that are graphically elaborative. Thus, it can open new windows for designers. Most of the online brands depend on digital marketing nowadays. Brands like Myntra, Flipkart, and OLX have built their foundation on this, and the fruition is groundbreaking. 

For elaborating and implementing the process, marketing officials need to learn the steps through a digital marketing course, which will attract customers in the future. Through the course, they will get an idea of what’s going on around as well. Thus, the course can make a difference in 2020 if you are willing to open a startup. 

Digital marketing course from Google

The name of the digital marketing course from Google for free is the fundamentals of digital marketing course- Google digital unlocked. This course will help you master the basics of digital master and is considered as an excellent course to start for beginners. There are 26 modules in this course, which are all created by Google trainers. It has many exercises and is full of practical knowledge.

Some courses are for free, but some are paid too. Free courses will also ace you in the digital marketing skills like from search engine optimization (SEO) to social media and can help you grow your social media career. You just need to sign up and make your google account. There is a wide variety of content available, and Google certification can help you improve your CV.

  • Google certification is recognized by everyone and will help the person to manage a better ROI.
  • There is much free learning content available to choose from
  • There are a variety of jobs available like SEO specialist, social media manager, etc
  • The Google digital unlocked certification gives an individual a higher edge than the other new candidates.
  • Google certification shows one’s expertise in the field.

Syllabus of digital marketing course

There are both basic and advanced digital marketing courses. The course is designed to focus on the development of business and practical skills and pursue an exciting career in marketing. It can be helpful to everyone who wants to start a new venture, work as a freelancer, start their own digital marketing company, and much more.

  • Principles of digital marketing
  • Website development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Adsense and affiliate marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online reputation management

Digital marketing course fees

Many institutes offer both full time and part-time courses in digital marketing. Most of the courses are available only also. There are many certification programs offered by various reputed and other colleges and universities. The fee structure for different courses is different. The candidates can select the different colleges and according to their interests and area of specialization in digital marketing. Given below are a list of some colleges along with fee structure-

Given below is a list of some colleges along with fee structure-

IIM CalcuttaRs. 1.76 lakhs (part-time, 6 months)
XLRI JamshedpurRs. 36,000 (part-time, 4 months)
IBS HyderabadRs 35,000 (30 hours, classroom)
SCDL PuneRs. 18,000 (1 year, online)
Parul UniversityRs 20,000 (1 year, online)

Digital marketing course duration

Companies can scan for different ideas for sale through digital marketing. It is a unique way to create brand awareness, and it also helps to analyze one’s strong competition and opposition. Many strategies must be followed by a digital marketer to be strong in his/her field. Such things can be easily grasped by doing the course.


The duration of different courses is different; they can range from as short as one month to one year. It depends on the program’s type and curriculum; many programs abroad are as short as two days. They only teach you the basics of digital marketing, which every beginner must know if they are planning a career in this field. Apart from that, there are advanced courses that teach you more skills and help you explore the deeper parts of the subject, and one must select the course if they have passion and enthusiasm for the same.

Digital marketing course details

Digital marketing is trending new opportunities for all freshers who want to do something in the field of marketing cum advertising. The digital marketing certified associate (DMCA) is one such course that will help you broaden your path of opportunities. The syllabus of this course is wide, and it covers all the aspects required for a professional in this field. The fee structure for the program is also affordable. 

Further details are-

DMCA full formDigital marketing certified associate
Eligibility and requirementMinimum graduation
Duration3 months
Course typeCertified exam
Starting salaryRs.12,000-Rs.15,000
Advanced coursesAdvanced web analytics, advanced SEO, advanced social media

Eligibility for a digital marketing course

The candidates can also give various entrance exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT. DU JAT, NPAT, etc. and take admission in colleges offering MBA and BBA courses. There are many institutes which offer a specialization in this course that may be a part-time of the full-time course. Many government colleges charge very low fees for digital marketing courses. The location, status, and ranking of college also play a very important part.


  • The candidate must be a minimum graduate from any recognized board or university.
  • Candidate should have the basic fundamental skills to begin a career in digital marketing
  • To be eligible for the UG course in DMCA, you must have completed 12th from any recognized board.

Benefits of digital marketing course

It is a nonlinear marketing approach and is a type of interactive marketing. Unlike traditional marketing methods, which include direct communication with the customer. Combined with higher consumer knowledge and demand for more sophisticated consumer offerings, this change has forced many customers to rethink their businesses and start to expand it digitally.

  • Explore- the digital marketing industry is booming in both India, and abroad many opportunities are lying in this career option
  • A better salary is a wide range of scope to improve your salary, and by practice and experience, you can always perform better. There are many new opportunities, and the field is never-ending
  • Flexible- the work timings are flexible in this career as the complete job is an internet-based you can do it anywhere anytime. You can even work from home
  • Deployment of skills from one company to another- by gaining expertise, you can switch jobs and change companies by increasing the pay scale gradually.

Digital marketing course job opportunities

The career in digital marketing is exciting and fresh; many new jobs are coming in this field in the coming years as the industry grows. Also, considering the present situation of the pandemic, everything thing has gone online, and so are our favorite brands. The use of the internet has increased by several folds in recent years, and it still will increase, and many more job opportunities will come. With more and more people using social media and other related platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, the trend of influencer marketing has also increased, which is also included in the course of digital marketing under a separate head.

Some job profiles are-

  • Digital marketing manager/digital director
  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • Social media manager
  • Social media executive
  • SEO expert
  • PPC/SEM expert
  • Content marketer
  • Email marketing manager etc.

Digital marketing course Canada

Digital marketing course is anyways a trend these days, and many colleges in Canada offer the course. The candidate must be very careful while selecting such courses abroad and look into every detail and must opt for good certified courses only, which contain all the necessary details and skills, which will create a strong base and foundation for the career. 

George brown college, Cennetial college, Humber college, confederation college, Fanshawe college, Herzing college, bow valley college and there are many diploma courses also available in Canada in Toronto school of management, are prominent colleges in Canada which offer the course and there are many more. The syllabus might differ from college to college, but the fundamentals are the same. Some courses might have an admission examination.

Digital marketing courses the USA

There are many top certificate programs in the USA for digital marketing courses. The course empowers students with the right skills required to start a digital career and be a professional in one’s field. It has fast ROI, and there is a demand for digital marketers, especially during the times a fast-growing digital era and more job opportunities.

Following are the top universities for digital marketing certification-

  • UAB graduate certificate in social media
  • Arizona state university
  • Azusa pacific university
  • California state university
  • Sacred heart university
  • University of Connecticut

Digital marketing course Singapore

There are many colleges and universities in Singapore which offer such course moreover it is a wonderful option for students who don’t want to travel across hemispheres to European countries, joining certificate program on digital marketing in Singapore is beneficial as there are great opportunities in Asia only. Established in 1973, Singapore’s marketing institute (MIS) is Singapore’s national body for sales and training, and it is a not-for-profit organization.

The Singapore management institute offers a program in digital marketing. The courses can be as short as two days, like in the equine academy, which was established in 2013 in Singapore. It offers a 2-day program ranging from search engine optimization to social media marketing, digital advertising to email marketing and web analytics. The academy is a WSQ approved training organization, and it offers bite-sized programs.

Digital marketing course London

There are a variety of digital marketing courses with different specialization focusing on major areas of digital marketing offered by various colleges and universities in London, United Kingdom. The London marketing academy offers digital marketing courses that are taken by certified trainers and industry professionals. Beginners must first learn all the fundamentals and then only move to advanced courses, which teach you more intricate skills.

University of Westminster, London, offers certified digital marketing professional courses. The curriculum is designed by professionals and is revised regularly according to changes and needs of the present world and is strictly according to the industry standards. The University of arts in London also provides a digital marketing strategy course. Every course/program is different and is designed concerning the different areas one wants to focus on and specialize in. There are basic as well as advanced courses.


What is the best digital marketing course?

Ans. Here is the list of Digital Marketing Course:
1. Google Digital Marketing Courses
2. SEMRUSH Academy
3. ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course
4. HubSpot Online Marketing Courses
5. Udemy Digital Marketing Course

What is the fee for the digital marketing course?

Ans. The fee for a digital marketing course depends on the institute to institute. While the fee for digital marketing ranges from INR 30,000 to 80,000.

Is Google digital marketing course free?

Ans. Yes, google digital marketing course is free, with that it teaches you everything about and helps you in acing digital marketing skills. It will help you with the growth of your business online as well as increase your knowledge in a digital marketing career.

Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Ans. Digital Marketing is a good career choice at this point in time as it is rapidly growing that’s resulting in a new career path. Companies need people that have good qualifications in this field that will probably increase in growth in the company.

What is eligibility for digital marketing?

Ans. There is as such no minimum qualification required for a digital marketing course while some of the institutes require higher Secondary level qualification.

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