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Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering: Eligibility, Syllabus, Colleges

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Thu, May 2, 2019 6:12 AM   Updated on Mon, April 20, 2020 11:07 AM   6 mins read

Source: Singapore Polytechnic

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is a 3-year long certification program. The following article talks about details concerning the admission process, eligibility criteria, career prospects and the path ahead with a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering as a discipline majorly focuses on airlines and aviation sector. The most important aspects of it are designing, maintenance, manufacturing, services, testing of aircraft like capability, components and various other parts. It is a majorly job oriented course which helps a graduate find work in major airline companies, aircraft component manufacturing firms, maintenance department, etc.

There are various types of air flight machines which include missiles, aircraft, drones, satellites, rockets and space shuttles. Thus, it becomes evident that Aeronautical Engineering plays a major role in the manufacturing, designing, and maintenance of various aerospace-related firms. The unique thing about Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is that it is a multidisciplinary course, and hence deals with mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering.

It is a very challenging field and requires a technically sound brain to be able to climb the ladder concerning posts in the job market. The careers after the course completion are financially very rewarding and provide you with good growth opportunities. The various skills that can be gained by the course include Good numerical and mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, eye to details, good interpretation of figures, plans and machines.  

Thus, subjects like electrical and electronics systems, controlling the radio, aircraft designing, aircraft maintenance and service, navigation systems form a major part of the curriculum.  

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering – Course Details

The course is generally three years long and follows a semester pattern of education. Since Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is a 3 years long program. It follows the semester system of learning. Since each academic year is divided into two semesters, there are a total of six semesters with each semester lasting for a rough period of 6 months.

Again, few universities also offer Integrated Program, i.e., Diploma along with a Bachelor of Technology degree in aeronautical engineering.

The admission process is mostly merit-based requiring you to have a minimum of 50% in your class 10th board. Also, certain government colleges conduct common entrance test (CET) to come up with a merit list and allocate streams based on the ranks, and aeronautical engineering being one of the new branches fetches a lot of students like mechanical and electrical engineering.

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Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering – Syllabus

The following is the list of the most important and general subjects that are included in the curriculum of a Diploma course in Aeronautical Engineering.

  1. Engineering Drawing
  2. Engineering Mathematics
  3. Engineering Physics
  4. Aerodynamics
  5. Control Theory
  6. Aircraft Structure
  7. Aircraft Control Systems
  8. Aircraft Systems
  9. Aircraft Electrical and Electronics Systems
  10. Radar Technology
  11. Radio and Communication Systems
  12. Avionics
  13. Civil Aviation Aircraft Rules and Regulations (CAR)
  14. Aircraft Instruments
  15. Fluid Dynamics
  16. Rockets and Missiles
  17. Elective subjects
  18. Aircraft Materials
  19. Pneumatics
  20. Testing and Evaluation
  21. Aircraft Maintenance and Production
  22. CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drawing
  23. Ground Handling and Support Systems
  24. Air Navigation
  25. Air Traffic Control
  26. Aircraft Engine
  27. Workshop

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering – Further Scope

The best thing about doing a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering is that one may go for a Degree (B.Tech) and get a lateral entry directly into the second year of Engineering. The provided criteria for most colleges is that one must have completed his Diploma with a minimum of 50%. Some universities and institutes also conduct common entrance tests to offer seats along with scholarship for tuition fees.

Post the completion of B.Tech; one may either go for a well-paying job or continue with further studies to go for M.E/M. Tech or a PG Diploma program.

Following are the specializations available for a post-study :

  1. Avionics Stream
  2. Aero-Mechanical Stream
  3. Maintenance and Production (Electronics Systems)
  4. Maintenance and Production (Electrical Systems)
  5. Maintenance and Production (Navigation Systems)

AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) is the best training course that is available for Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering. On the completion of this course, one has an opportunity to get an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer certificate from DGCA which can fetch you high paying jobs in companies like Hindustan Aeronautical Limited.  

Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering – Career Prospects & Job Opportunities

Aeronautical Engineers are required in the aviation sector, which needs qualified professionals for designing, manufacturing, maintenance and testing of aircraft, missiles, drones, space shuttles, etc. Both government and private companies keep giving notifications for new job vacancies which the graduates can apply and get a job. Again, many flying clubs and organizations along with Private Airline companies are constant recruiters in the field.  

Also, after the completion of advanced technical courses, one may also go on to pursue research professions. After pursuing advanced technical courses, one may also become a research professional.

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Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering – Salary

The starting salaries of a fresher would depend on several different factors: skill, knowledge, performance in written test and interview. Mostly, the starting salary ranges from around 25k-40k in Rupees per month, but this can increase with certain specific certifications.

What are some good colleges abroad to pursue Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering?

1. Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

The college offers Diploma in Aviation Operations which is a two year Bachelor Diploma Program.

The candidate learns aviation history, standards, regulations in aviation, safety management, documentation, implementation, and meteorology.

  • Tuition Rs 7.89 Lakhs
  • Other Rs 5.62 Lakhs
  • 1st-year total fees= Rs 13.51 Lakhs

Eligibility : TOEFL: 80 and IELTS: 6

2. Georgian College

The college offers a three year Bachelor’s Certification Program for Advanced Diploma in Aviation Management. The course helps students with the knowledge and in hand experience for aviation and management and also provides cooperative work experience in the Aviation Sector.

  • Tuition Rs 6.51 Lakhs
  • Other+ Rs 8.25 Lakhs
  • 1st-year total fees= Rs 14.76 Lakhs

Eligibility : TOEFL: 79 and IELTS: 6

3. Kangan Institute, Australia

The college offers a two year Bachelor’s Certification Program for Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical).  The subject provides the candidate with theoretical knowledge, basic skills and maintenance practices which is required in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

  • Tuition Rs 4.99 Lacs
  • Other+ Rs 1.53 Lakhs
  • 1st-year total fees= Rs 6.54 Lakhs

Eligibility : IELTS: 5.5

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