Does applying for scholarships and financial aid influence your admissions decision?

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Many business schools often offer many attractive scholarships for its foreign students. Students often find themselves in a confusing situation when they have to choose one from the multiple options they have. Many of the top best schools with attractive scholarship offers can be really frustrating when the student has to choose one. Why you choose your program over others that including significant scholarship amount? Scholarships can influence your decisions to a great limit. The reason why many business schools offer such scholarships is to attract more students. Read here for more details on how to afford abroad studies.

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The Financial Aid Conundrum

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Will you change your mind based on Scholarship decisions?

Should you choose a reputed business school without any financial aid or opt for a business school with a scholarship

This article can help you to deal with this dilemma.

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If you have figured out how to differentiate yourself while applying to the top business schools and decided which schools to apply you must have carefully thought and finalized after due consideration. Well, if you haven’t yet finalized….. it is totally fine.

You submitted your applications for some MBA programs and their extremely well. Finally as a result of all your hard work you Kevin to your dream school without a scholarship. Just in such a situation another School that wasn’t at the top of your list offers you a scholarship. Now, this is a situation. What will you choose for?. Will you go further Training School or with the school that offers you a scholarship? Will you let go your chance of getting into your dream school only because it seems like a prudent decision to choose the school with the scholarship? What will you do?

This indeed is a tough decision that applicant has to make. Generally, people get swayed by the prospect of spending less on an MBA degree and grab any financial aid or scholarship that comes the way. The common argument these candidates put up is a fact that the US in INR exchange rate doesn’t seem to be improving anytime sooner. Adopting for a chorus that Lays less financial burden which makes it seem like a wise thing to do.

It all definitely amounts to a valid reason and we do agree on the same too but now let us look at this with a different perspective.

First and the foremost thing to keep in mind is that Short-term financing shouldn’t be a basis to decide your long-term asset. There are many students who refuse full scholarship at one school to take up there MBA from a school that gave them no fund at all. Yes, you read it right, absolutely no funding. And these candidates I don’t excellently in their respective careers in spite of taking upon the counter-intuitive decision or say because of it.

Providing financial aid to their students is a serious business for many schools. There are many deserving candidates but there is a finite amount of funding. Candidates of the same caliber apply to multiple schools. Some schools are able to attract them by getting the candidate to prioritize at school ahead of others because of the financial aid they offer.

Never let go of your dreams

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Through this article, we hope to show you the life beyond scholarships and other financial assistance offered by the colleges. Financial aids should not be the basis while making vital decisions like selecting a college.

You have enlisted some schools that you think will be best for you. Now there might be some reasons as to why you chose them. That particular school might offer you some great opportunities that you might not get from other business schools. What you need to evaluate and identify is that is scholarship such a heavy factor that should change your priority? Bridging your financials can be easily done after you complete your course in a college that can provide you opportunities.

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Choose a business school that will ensure a bright future. Some schools make a great place for learning and offer some valuable experience that might help you in your long. Don’t forsake these benefits for something like a scholarship. Getting a financial assistance can be really relieving and help to lessen the financial stress but never compromise your future for them. Don’t  let the scholarship be the only deciding factor.

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Scholarships do impact the decisions of the students greatly. Some of the institutions offer great financial aids and other assistance that the applicant often gets swayed by it. Applicants often find themselves in a situation where they are unable to decide what to choose. But in such situations al, you need to consider that whether it is really worth giving up an admission to a business school of your dreams for a scholarship. At some point in everyone’s life, money stops being a basis of consideration and people start seeking for that supreme sense of satisfaction. We encourage you to chase your dreams and achieve that satisfaction. Please do share your thoughts in the comments section. Also, do mention your suggestions and feedback.

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