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EDHEC Business School – The Complete Guide

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Fri, November 29, 2019 8:53 AM   Updated on Sun, April 12, 2020 1:13 PM   13 mins read

It is the leading business school in France. It specializes in business and management studies. They have 5 campuses located in Paris, Singapore, Nice, Lille, and London. There are more than 40,000 students affiliated to this school from over 125 countries. It was established in 1906.

EDHEC Business School France

EDHEC is one of the 80 business schools that have Triple Crown Accreditation. It is from EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. It has been on the top consistently all over Europe. It is also one of the leading business schools worldwide. Let us look at its history:

  • 1906: department of business studies was formed.
  • 1921: the founding of the school was done under its present name “Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord”
  • 1947: the establishment of the graduate association
  • 1958: registration as an independent association with “Grand Ecole” and offer master’s courses.
  • 1983: international agreement with the London School of Economics
  • 1988: Establishment of ESPEME School, offering bachelor courses.
  • 1991: Establishment of NICE campus
  • 2000: Executive MBA program was introduced
  • 2011: Establishment of campuses in Singapore and Paris
  • 2013: Establishment of EDHEC Family center
  • 2016: Establishment of EDHEC Infra

EDHEC Business School ranking:

EDHEC Business School is one of the top institutions in the world and has earned a great reputation for itself in the past century. With over 108 years of teaching experience, the EDHEC Business School still strives to be one of the best academic institutes for programs in Management and financial studies. The Business School is famously known for its courses in Finance. 

It was first founded in Paris, France, London & Singapore and now there are several campuses setup for the EDHEC Business School namely, Nice and Lille. All campuses provide feasible and affordable accommodations for international students. Especially Indian students have the advantage of entering the prestigious school with an official CAT score and without having the need for giving any other additional exams like GRE or GMAT.

Well-qualified faculty, cultural exposure to a vast range of people from across the globe, academic excellence, etc. make the EDHEC Business School a suitable platform for obtaining sensible international exposure to face a decent career. The institute’s infrastructure is excellent and motivates the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students. Real-life business experiences are taught effectively to train the students.

  • EDHEC Entrepreneurs – company incubator.
  • Involves a vast network of partners .
  • Contribution of each sectors’ expertise accounts to the success of a creative project.
  • Exposure to international diversity.
  • Encourages students to develop new interests.

EDHEC Business School ranking:

Ranking of an educational institution is compulsorily verified prior to seeking admission into the institute. It is one of the top three Business Schools in France based on its offered programs, faculty, infrastructure and many other facilities.

  • Overall ranking – 44
  • Regional ranking – 11.

EDHEC Business School world ranking:

World ranking of EDHEC Business School is quite good. The school has an extremely super reputation in Finance worldwide and is recognized for its vast & rich diversity of students.

EDHEC Global MBA is ranked as: 

  • First in France 
  • Second in the whole of Europe 
  • Seventh in the whole world.

EDHEC Business School ranking QS:

The QS World University rankings is produced by the Quacquarelli Symonds company every year. It is a leading global higher education company and is believed to provide accurate assessments.

The QS system of ranking is considered as an absolute reference in the academic world. It rates the EDHEC Global MBA as the 15th MBA in Europe and the 29th in the whole world.

EDHEC Business School fees:

Another important factor to be contemplated during the selection process of an institution is the fees to be paid. EDHEC Business school allows payment of the fees in 3 installments and permits many channels of scholarships to get aided from.

Fees structure of specific courses for the first year is as follows. Fees for the subsequent years may vary.

CourseTuition fees per year (INR)
MS20 lakhs
BBA12 lakhs
MBA37 lakhs
MIM20 lakhs

EDHEC Business School MBA:

As noticed in the rankings and other details, it is evident that the MBA course in the EDHEC Business School known as the EDHEC Global MBA is extraordinary. An MBA from this esteemed institution ensures the students for leading them into a scope of potential job market. Alumni of the EDHEC Business School have proven to be the best management graduates in various sectors.

  • 10 months program.
  • Students are delighted with the ROI received back through this program.
  • Scholarships are available for this course.
  • Recognized by a triple accreditation – AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS.
  • Can apply with a GMAT/GRE or CAT score.

 EDHEC Business School MBA Fees:

The EDHEC Global MBA fees are surprisingly affordable by both local and international students for the standard and quality of education provided. With the bank loans, scholarships, personal savings and other financial aids available, it is manageable to pay the fees at ease.

The overall EDHEC Global MBA fees come up to 44000 euros that amount to approximately 37 lakhs. A prompt payment reduction of 5% is provided if the payment of the first installment is made within three weeks of acceptance.

EDHEC Business School MiM:

There are three courses offered in MiM – MiM in Business Management, MiM in Financial Economics, MiM in Global Economic Transformation and Technology. All these courses can be applied through the submission of CAT scores (for Indian students only). All of them are two-year academic programs and entirely taught in English.

  • MiM in Business Management – The syllabus focuses on training students to manage businesses especially during crisis management.
  • MiM in Financial Economics – Ensures students to look forward to a bright international career in finance.
  • MiM in Global Economic Transformation and Technology – Provides the right skill set to handle constantly changing business changes due to advancements in IT.
  • Shapes you to be qualified managers and business leaders in the future.
  • Exposes to gain international experience and trains you based on current business transformations globally.

EDHEC Business School MSc Finance:

EDHEC Business School is best known for its Finance Program. As known, degrees in Finance are the most sought after these days by employers and EDHEC Business School provides the best education in MSc Finance. The syllabus is designed such that it furnishes good basics in the academic front and make you competent.

  • Completely taught in English.
  • Prepares you well for a financial career.
  • Knowledge of international dimensions in all key corporate finance and financial markets topics are imparted.
  • The course is a CFA Program Partner.
  • Completion of MSc Finance makes you eligible to sit for CFA Level I exam.

EDHEC Business School review:

Browsing through general reviews and opinions from public domains is a regular practice that is prevalent before attempting to secure admission into the specific University. It becomes important to go through reviews to be mentally prepared and know more about the place or program through numerous channels. EDHEC Business School is rated among the top Universities in the world for Management courses.

The School has several campuses and stands as one among the top 15 business schools in Europe. A student of one of the campuses says that the EDHEC Business School does not only provide the student’s interest but also what the student needs to know to be called a graduate in the course of study. There are 50 different student clubs for recreational and professional activities. Accommodation seems to be pretty comfortable based on opinions given by international students.

EDHEC Business School placements:

EDHEC Business School has a great history of placing its students into reputed companies and roles. Every candidate pursues a specific education in order to settle with a definite career for the rest of life. EDHEC Business School guarantees prudent competence for a job seeker to excel in his/her career so as to earn a lump sum amount of cash per month and lead a comfortable life.

Alumni students of EDHEC can be found scattered across different countries in a wide variety of business sectors. 40% of graduates work outside the country of origin in 45 different countries. 27% of the graduates are employed in Financial Institutions like banking and insurance, 24% work as consultants/recruiters and about 12% work in media and telecom. Some of the top recruiter firms who recruit EDHEC students are Google, JP Morgan Europe, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Accenture, Amazon, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, etc.

EDHEC Business School entry requirements:

Any MBA degree requires a basic undergraduate program to be completed. A three or four year undergraduate course completion is mandatory. Apart from that, an aptitude test score is required and an English test score is essential.

  • Aptitude test may include GMAT, GRE, Tage Mage, CFA Level III.
  • CAT scores are accepted only for Indian students.
  • English tests include one of the following: TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL.
  • 3 or 4 year Bachelor’s degree.
  • Native speakers of English who have a minimum 3 year degree taught in English are waived from submitting the official English test score.

EDHEC Business School GMAT Score:

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is conducted to assess certain analytical, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in English to filter out candidates for an MBA program. EDHEC Business School accepts SMAT scores for the MiM in Financial Economics and Business Management programs.

There is no fixed minimum GMAT score. The School’s average GMAT score may be estimated to be 650 or 550 – 650. It differs with every program, year and intake. 

EDHEC Business School International students:

EDHEC Business School has always heartily welcomed students from across the globes with any nationality. It has warmly embraced international communities and there have always been a huge number of international applicants every year. There is an International students office that helps students to acquire the necessary information they need.

  • Thousands of international students aspire for admission into the EDHEC Business School.
  • Finest Business School to study Business abroad.
  • Affordable fees.
  • Safe accommodation around the campus.
  • Easy accessibility.

EDHEC Business School acceptance rate:

The EDHEC Business School, being a well recognized and reputed institution inevitably shoulders the responsibility of selecting only the most eligible and deserving candidates through their meticulous procedure. After reviewing of applications by comparison of the aptitude scores, an interview is conducted. Candidates who successfully clear the interview are alone notified for acceptance into the school.

There are about 8000 students studying at the school and the acceptance rate is estimated to be 6%.

EDHEC Business School scholarship:

There are many scholarships for global MBA candidates. Scholarships available in home country can be availed or scholarships may also be tried through the French embassy. Scholarships are granted for a concrete GMAT score and a firm offer. However, diversity scholarship may be applied until you have a GMAT score which can be upgraded once you receive it.

  • Edhec Business School provides only partial scholarships and not full scholarships.
  • The first payment instalment cannot be refunded after approval and granting of scholarships.
  • Scholarships cannot be accumulated. Just one scholarship that is considered most suitable for the candidate is issued.
  • Prompt payment reduction can be accumulated with scholarships.
  • There is no flexibility in the School’s scholarship policies. Top-ups can be expected via other channels.

EDHEC Business School courses:

The Edhec Business School offers a number of courses to local and international students. The syllabi of all courses are meticulously framed to ensure high standards of education to a complete range of students from undergraduates to experienced managers. Following are the list of courses in the Business School.

Degree Programs:

  • EDHEC International BBA
  • Master in Management
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc International Accounting & Finance
  • MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking
  • MSc in Risk & Finance (Part-time)
  • MSc in Financial Market
  • MSc –MBA Double Degree
  • MSc in Marketing Management
  • MSc in Global Business
  • MSc in Strategy, Consultancy & Digital Transformation
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • MSc in Data Analytics & Digital Business
  • LLM in Law & Tax Management
  • MSc in Management Studies
  • MSc in Global Business
  • MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation
  • Master in Management Grand Ecole Program

Executive Programs:

  • Global MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Management Development Program
  • General Management Acceleration Program
  • Advanced Management Program
  • PhD in Finance
  • Management Development Program
  • Advanced Management Program

Online Programs:

  • International BBA
  • BSc Management
  • Investment Management with Python and Machine Learning

EDHEC Business School alumni:

EDHEC Business School has the prestigious alumni network with its alumni student’s existent in various business sectors across more than 46000 countries and major cities throughout the world. Some of the notable alumni of the EDHEC Business School include:

  • Sophie Bellon – French Businesswoman and the chairperson of Sodexo company.
  • Delphine Arnault – French businessperson, director and executive vice president of Louis Vuitton.
  • Laurent Saint-Martin – French politician of La République En Marche! who was elected to the French National Assembly in 2017.
  • Sidney Taurel – American businessman. He is the chairman of Pearson plc and chairman emeritus of Eli Lilly and Company.
  • Albert Caraco – French-Uruguayan philosopher, writer, essayist and poet of Turkish Jewish descent. He is known for his two major works, Post Mortem and posthumously published Bréviaire du chaos.


  1. Is there any interview?

Of course, there is an interview conducted just like for any other MBA courses. Interviews are conveniently scheduled and can be done through telephone, skype or directly as per your convenience. You have the privilege to choose one of the options. The duration of the interview may last less than an hour – probably 35-45 minutes inclusive of queries session. The assessment will be done for your communication skills and a general rating to decide your eligibility into the global EDHEC MBA. Oral essays may be expected to be developed instantly.

  1. How long does the application procedure take?

Usually it takes about three weeks time after the submission of application form to complete the entire application procedure. However, candidates may wish to process their applications faster through the fast track admissions process. Once applications are submitted, they are reviewed by the chosen members of the panel and qualifying candidates will get notified for the interview. Based on their performance in the interview, successful candidate files are moved on to the next selection committee for appraisal. The final decision is announced by this committee by email immediately after the discussion. This whole process accounts to three weeks in total.

  1. How about accommodation?

There are no on-campus accommodations. You may have to look out for nearby accommodations. Students can find the right guidance from our International Student Office. There are apartments and student residences at affordable rates in the surrounding locality. Accommodation along with other living expenses may cost up to a lakh rupees approximately per month. 

  1. What is prompt pay reduction?

The Admissions Office offers a 5% reduction in fees for Prompt Payment to successful applicants who enrol officially by paying their first instalment of fees within three weeks of acceptance. This reduction is valid for both conditional and firm offers. No Prompt Payment Reduction is possible after the original application deadline. The extra 5% is deducted from remaining tuition fees due after scholarship.

  1. Is availing of loan possible?

Most international students avail bank loans in their own country of residence. The French Banking law does not allow students to apply for a loan within France unless a guarantor is ready to provide security. Generally, a combined source of both bank loan and savings are used to pay the fees. Additionally, students may be eligible to work part-time roles to top up their needs. If there are any restrictions by law, then the candidate may have to withdraw the part-time job.

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