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E-MBA: List of Best Executive MBA Programs Abroad in 2019

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Sun, December 31, 2017 8:25 AM   Updated on Wed, July 21, 2021 2:23 PM   6 mins read

An EMBA is designed for mid-career professionals who are looking to boost their managerial acumen. This program helps them to achieve higher roles in a corporate world or even better, manage their own business. It is a program for working professionals who want to gain intensive knowledge to progress into a more senior role, move to a better location, learn leadership skills or drive their own business.

What are the Top  Executive MBA Abroad Programs and the respective universities?

These are the best EMBA programs in the universities abroad:

1. IE Business School

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What is the EMBA Program at IE Business School?

IE Business School was founded in 1973 and is located in Madrid, Spain and is part of IE University since 2009  IE Business School runs a variety of programs such as MBA, Executive MBA, master’s degree programs in finance and management, executive education programs, Ph.D. and DBA programs.

How is IE Business School?

IE Business School has been parting education beyond boundaries. It is an education center for many international students from over 90 different countries. Approximately 1,900 foreign students are benefited from this business school every year. The school provides educational services in 28 countries.  and approximately 40,000 alumni reside in 102 countries. There are approximately 5,600 annual participants in the school’s executive education programs

2. University of Oxford – Saïd Business School

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What is the EMBA Program atUniversity of Oxford – Saïd Business School?

The University of Oxford has a proud legacy of teaching various business and management courses since 1965. Saïd Business School is a famous institute for EMBA. It also offers a 21-month part-time ‘Executive Master of Business Administration’.

This degree is particularly designed for people with more than 5 years’ management experience. At the Oxford, EMBA students study through 16 week-long modules largely taught in Oxford. There are several scholarships that are made available for women available each year by this institution for outstanding candidates.

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3. Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management

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What is the EMBA Program at Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management?

The Kellogg School of Management (The Kellogg School or Kellogg) is known to educate business leaders with “good moral character”. Kellogg offers a variety of courses that include MBA, MSMS, and Ph.D. programs, along with dual-MBA/JD, dual-MBA/MDI, and MMM programs. Kellogg partners with schools worldwide. It is in collaboration with counties like China, France, Singapore, India, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Canada, and Thailand.

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4. UCLA-NUS Executive MBA- UCLA and NUS Business School

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What is the UCLA-NUS Executive MBA? 

It is an EMBA program developed jointly by UCLA and NUS Business School. It consists of 16 modules and the course students spend two sessions at UCLA and two sessions at NUS Singapore.

How is NUS Singapore?

NUS Business School is the business school of the National University of Singapore (NUS). It ranks 2nd in Singapore and is one of the leading business schools. This business school has been consistent in maintaining its position among the top business schools.

NUS Business School is rated as one of the top business schools in the worldwide. Globally it is ranked 32nd. NUS Business School has been keen on providing high-quality education to its students so that they attain the skills and knowledge to survive in the field.

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What is the curriculum of  Executive MBA Abroad Degree Programs?

EMBA  is not the same as MBA then what all does it include? The program revolves around case studies, and workshops the takes about two years or less to complete.EMBA programs might include classes like the following:

  1. Organizational leadership
  2. Industry analysis and predicting performance
  3. Global business environment and international business
  4. Business ethics
  5. Finance
  6. Macroeconomics and microeconomics

What is the Global Executive MBA Program?

The Global Executive MBA is an intensive learning program. This Executive MBA program offers a truly global window into the business world. It covers all important components on local markets and sustainable development. It adds innovation to the traditional MBA


Why pursue an EMBA program?

An Executive MBA or Executive Master of Business Administration, in simple words EMBA is a part-time programme offered at several B-schools. EMBA is either for working professionals or students who want to work while studying or vice-versa.EMBA is not the same as MBA for executives. Different terminologies used for EMBA are distance MBA, part-time MBA and so on.

Who can pursue an Executive MBA Abroad program?

As mentioned earlier EMBA is for working professionals who want to gain intensive knowledge. This program helps an individual to progress into a more senior role, move to a better location, learn leadership skills or drive their own business. It comprises a more defined curriculum.  EMBA also demands investment from the student’s side, just like any other program. Read here  to know how to afford your abroad studies


EMBA curriculum offers students an opportunity for rigorous learning. The intensive, cross-functional program provides a deeper understanding of business fundamentals and the students develop all skills required for taking up leadership.

This program will enhance one’s communication and analytical skills that are critical to achieving success. This program is designed to help students become global citizens. Majors are not required in the executive MBA program.

The Executive MBA poses a unique opportunity to channel your career and attain your goals. Read here about the importance of work experience for an MBA. What are your views about EMBA? Kindly share in the comments section. Also, please give your suggestions and feedback.

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