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An experience certificate is a formal document issued by any company or institution for its employees and workers. It contains some basic information about the job they have worked for. It is officially issued by the employer when the employee is relieved of his duties. The experience certificate defines the time period spent by the employee in that particular organization or company.  It is of great importance especially for people who are looking for new job opportunities.

Experience Letter

The experience letter confirms the time that the employee was engaged with that particular organization. It certifies the employee’s conduct during this time period. The letter also attests to the contribution and role of the employee.  His/ her skills and designation are also covered.

  • Many employers ask for an experience certificate while applying for new jobs.
  • It highlights the major benefactions of the employee.
  • It is an official proof for the candidates that they hold a valid experience in a company.
  • It helps future employers to assess the capabilities of the person.

Experience Certificate Format

Various organizations issue experience letters. The basic structure and format for these letters remain the same. An experience letter contains the name of the person to whom it is addressed. The tenure for which the candidate has worked for that organization is specified. The candidate’s work is acknowledged and appreciated mentioning his/her skills. The details of the employer and the company issuing the letter are also specified.

Work Experience Certificate Format

The experience certificate should be typed on the official letterhead of the company or organization.  Complete details of the employee need to be mentioned. This majorly includes his name, the date of joining, and the date of the registration. The letters should provide full details about the skills and expertise, quality of work, and conduct of the employee.

Since the reader of the letter is uncertain, the experience letters are addressed as “To Whom It May Concern”. Care should be taken that the shortcomings of the employee are not mentioned in this letter as that can hamper his/her career.

Work Experience Certificate

Work experience certificates are a formal declaration that can be used as proof of employment. Many people believe that the work experience letter can only be obtained after resignation. But that is not true. Any employee can request for this document after the course of employment. A work experience letter is one of the most crucial documents. It holds major importance for the new employer as the letter validates the credibility of the employee.

  • A work experience certificate is one of the most valuable documents for job-seeking employee’s portfolios.
  • The designation of the employee is specified in the work experience certificate.
  • Other details to bring light on the candidate’s professional background are also mentioned.

Experience Certificate Sample

Certain things should be kept in mind while drafting any experience certificate. The writing should be strictly formal and professional. The standard formatting style should be followed. Grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors should also be taken care of. The letter should be brief and to the point.


Date of issuance: __________

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. /Ms. _______________(name of the employee) S/D/o. __________________, was an employee of this organization from__________________ (date of joining). He/she served this organization as ___________(employee designation) for ___________ (tenure of service). He/ She was relieved of duties on _____________ (date of resignation).

During his/her working period, he/she worked on _____________(job profile). We found him/her to be very sincere and dedicated. He/ She is amiable in nature and of good character. We wish him/her success in his/her future career opportunities. 


[Company’s name]


Date of issuance: __________

To Whom It May Concern

I hereby certify that _______________(name of the employee)  was employed ___________(employee designation) with our company _____________(name of the company) during the period starting from _______________(starting date) till ____________(date of resignation).

He/ She started working with our company as a trainee. With hard work and excellent performance, he/ she was moved to the position of ____________and was officially employed as a full-time employee. He/ She demonstrated diligence and honesty. His/ Her interpersonal skills are excellent and have been very helpful and have been highly appraised by other team members. We wish him/her success in his/her future career opportunities.


[Company’s name]

Experience certificate Model

Experience certificates help future employers to learn about the capabilities of the person. It helps them to cross-examine the job- related details provided by the candidate in his resume. It also attests to the contributions of the employee at their previous organization. It is a very crucial document for job seekers.

  • Experience certificates validate the employee’s experience in a specific post.
  • The letter has a certain format and structure to be followed.
  • Elements to prove its authenticity must be mentioned to distinguish them from the fake ones.

Experience Certificate Letter

An experience letter provides validation to the claims of the employees regarding their job experience. It gives positive feedback to new employers. It gives a vivid picture of the employee’s past designation and roles. The experience letter must contain this information:

  • Tenure of work experience in previous organization
  • Designation and work profile
  • Responsibilities and achievements


Date of issuance: 4th April 2018

I hereby certify that Aditya Sinha was employed as a Sales Manager with our organization, starting from July 10, 2014, to April 2, 2018.

Aditya started as a Management Trainee and his constant efforts got him promoted twice within the tenure of 4 years. Within this time frame with the organization, he has demonstrated himself as a meticulous and honest person. His communication skills are excellent and worth mentioning.

We wish him all the luck for his future endeavors in his career.


Anand Joshi

HR Manager

Peterson Organization

Teaching Experience Certificate

Teaching experience certificates are issued for experienced teachers. They must have good experience in a particular subject or field for a considerable time duration. It should briefly mention the teaching styles adopted by him/ her. Their basic behavior and soft skills should also be included.

  • The teaching experience certificate should be formal, brief, and filled with information.
  • The start and release dates should be clearly mentioned. The number of years of experience is stated. 
  • Their teaching capabilities should be specified.
  • If the teacher has done some kind of specialization, then that should also be mentioned.


Date of issuance: 24th April 2018

To Whom It May Concern

This is to mention that Mrs. Ranjana Singh has been teaching Mathematics in our institution for four years. She has taken a keen interest in imparting enough knowledge to the students in a very affable and fun way.

Her concepts regarding various aspects of Mathematics are worth mentioning and she has been always approachable to clear the doubts of the students. We have witnessed a drastic improvement in her during these years, and we hope she will continue blooming in her career. We wish Mrs. Ranjana Singh all the best for her future.

AK Anthony

St.Peters School, Meerut

Civil Engineer Experience Certificate

The experience certificates for civil engineers follow the basic format just like other engineering experience letters. The tenure should be clearly specified. The letter should throw light on the efficiency of the employee as a civil engineer.

  • Projects and achievements should be highlighted in any civil engineer’s experience certificate.
  • The name of the authorized signatory and the organization or the Constructions for which the employee has worked for should be duly specified.
  • Soft skills and character certification can also be added to the letter.


Date of issuance: 28th December 2018

To Whom It May Concern

We are pleased to certify that Ms. Rishika Rani was working at Lodge Constructions Pvt. Ltd., for five years starting from 18th January 2014 till 26th December 2018. She was hired as a trainee civil engineer and owing to her stellar performance and efficient hard-work, she got promoted as the General Manager, Civil Engineering

We wish her success in her future endeavors.


Rohit Raj
Manager HR

Experience Certificate for Engineer

Experience certificates for engineers who have worked for an organization are required to prove their specialization in a particular industry. Your skills and knowledge in your resume can be attested by these experience certificates. The letter also provides a shortlist of the duties and responsibilities completed by that engineer. All the achievements as an engineer are also mentioned.

  • Experience certificates for engineers must have a date of issuance and a salutation that is unknown just like any other experience certificate.
  • It should include the specific domain of that engineer such as Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, etc.
  • A list of the important engineering projects should have a brief mention.
  • It should be signed by the HR manager or the manager of that specific department to which the employee belonged.


Date of issuance: 28th March 2016

To whom it may concern

It gives me immense pleasure to write an experience certificate for Mr. Rajesh Singh who has worked with us as a chemical engineer in our Quality Control Department. He has been leading a team of fifteen members for three years starting from 12th February 2013 till 20th March 2016.
He has been a great leader with phenomenal skill sets.  

His attitude towards other team members was very cooperative and worth mentioning. As a company, we really acknowledge his efforts and we wish him all the luck in his future work 

Ritam Upadhyay

Senior Manager

Rexa Corp.                         

How to write Experience Certificate

An experience letter is a shortened version of a recommendation letter. Always use the company’s official letterheads to write experience letters. It should include basic information like the date of issuance and certain elements to supplement its authenticity. The letter should be precise and the following points should be kept in mind:

  • The date of issuance should be mentioned at the top of the experience certificate.
  • The unspecific salutation should be done to facilitate the receiver of this letter.
  • The tenure for which the employee has worked should be clearly mentioned.
  • Contributions and skills of the employee constitute the body of the letter.
  • The body of the letter should end with a positive note and negative comments should be excluded.
  • The letter should end with regards and signature. Also, mention the name and designation of the signatory.


✅ What is the difference between experience certificates and service certificates?

Ans. Service certificates and experience certificates are more or less the same things with a thin line of difference. Experience letter can be considered as a subset of the service letter. Service letter can be provided even during the working period of the employee upon special request.

✅ Can some companies hold my experience letter?

Ans. Yes, the employer reserves the right to deny for issuing an experience letter. It may depend on your code of conduct.

✅ Is the salary mentioned in an experience letter?

Ans. Mentioning salary details is not mandatory in an experience letter. If the new employer seeks an experience letter with salary mentioned then you can go with the related format.

✅ What is the difference between an experience letter and a reference letter?

Ans. Experience letters are signed and issued by any particular organization or institution. On the other hand, reference letters are usually written by an individual for a particular person.

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