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The Game Designing Courses is a specialized course in which the aspirant is expected to develop games for laptops, PC’s, mobile phones as well as tablets.

It is a subclass of video game development in which the developer needs to apply the design elements, well-designed aesthetics, and also programming principles which will provide users with an interactive gaming environment.

To develop a game, one needs to think of the character, the way it looks, the story through which the game will proceed, and the subtle nuances which will make the game worth a play.

The designers have a responsibility to create the rules, goals, and challenges for the game, which will not only make the game challenging but also make it fun for the players as well as the spectator.

Reason to study game designing courses

  • One of the biggest industries in the world
  • The gaming industry is a hotbed of creative talent
  • Great job prospects and widespread of creativity
  • High income
  • One can become a part of the geek history
  • Ample education options 
  • One of the highest-grossing industries with an expected $100 billion revenue
  • Nurture talent and creativity of an individual
  • Gives creative freedom
  • Can help generate money and fame overnight

Top gaming companies in the world

By top gaming companies, one here is referring to the companies which have one of the highest generated gross revenues and are the most reputed ones. There are tons of gaming countries in the market and new ones are coming due to the scope and high demand in this field.

The top 10 companies in the gaming industry are:

  1. Nintendo: This company is known for its handheld video game console which they developed in 1979. Since then, the company has reached greater heights and there is no stopping. Its headquarters is in Japan. Its revenue in 2019 was $85 billion.
  2. Valve corporation: It was found in 1996 by ex-Microsoft workers. This company has produced some great work including games like counter strike, Dota, etc. Its headquarters are in Washington. Its revenue in 2019 was $2.5 billion.
  3. Rockstar Games: This company is known for its successful gaming series called GTA. Its headquarters are in New York City and the company has generated a revenue of $1.2 billion.
  4. Electronic arts: This company was started in 1966. It is known for its famous games like FIFA, battlefield, etc. its headquarters is located in redwood city. Its revenue is over $4.5 billion.
  5. Activision Blizzard: This company is known for its games like call of duty series and tony hawks’ series. These companies’ headquarters is located in California. Its revenue is $4.6 billion.
  6. Sony computer entertainment: This company is owned by the Sony Corporation. It was developed in 1993. Famous creations of this company are PlayStation consoles. Its headquarters is in japan. The net revenue of this company is $3.2 billion.
  7. Ubisoft: this company was developed in 1986. Its headquarters are in France. This company is known for its games like assassins creeds series, Far Cry series, etc. the net revenue of this company is $1.4 billion.
  8. Sega games: the company was founded in 1944. Its headquarters is located in Japan. It is known for its games like sonic etc.
  9. Bio ware: it is wholly owned by EA. Its headquarters is in Canada. This company is known for games like mass effect etc.
  10. Naughty dog Inc: the company was founded in 1984. Its headquarters are in California. It is known for its games like uncharted. Its net revenue is $2.1 billion.

Game designing courses Top Colleges and Universities

Game designing is one of the trickiest courses and when it comes to designing schools, one should only select the best ones as of the facilities and amenities present. Top designing schools will provide the best gears and all the facilities and equipment which an individual needs to develop a game.

The top 10 designing school are:

  1. The Savannah College of Art and Design
  2. DigiPen Institute of Technology
  3. Becker College
  4. Champlain College
  5. Ringling College of Art and Design
  6. Laguna College of Art and Design
  7. University of Utah
  8. Rochester Institute of Technology
  9. Drexel University
  10. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Game designing courses after 12th 

Game designing courses are the courses that help an individual to develop and design a game. These are the courses that one can pursue after completing higher secondary education.

Some of the courses which you can pursue after 12th are:

  • Bachelor of computer application
  • Unreal engine C++ developer course
  • Complete C# unity course
  • Game design and development course
  • Unreal engine training Bootcamp

Game designing course fee

Global institute of gaming and animationINR 52,000 per annum
Zee institute of media and artsINR 38,000 per annum
DigiPen instituteINR  19 lakhs
University of California INR 15 lakhs
James cook universityINR 6 lakhs
Queensland UniversityINR 10 lakhs

Game designing course fees online

Game designing courses are much popular online as they offer stepwise learning without going out of the house. Reputed institutes help to carry these courses with proper faculty and top-notch teachers.

Design and development of gamingINR 7000
Character design for video gamesINR 10000
Programming for level designINR 11000
The ultimate guide to digital sketchingINR 7000
Pixel art master courseINR 12000

Game design courses requirements

These are the requirements that one should possess if they are a game design aspirant.

  • High school or diploma
  • Internships and other co-works
  • Creative mind
  • Storytelling ability
  • 3D modeling programs
  • Passion and experience in video games
  • An avid gamer
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Ability to sit for hours in front of the computer
  • Digital sketching

Game design course in Canada 

Canada is one of the prime locations for game developers. The country offers great diversity and ample institutes with prime facilities to help individuals gain proper knowledge and skills related to the field.

Game design courses in Canada 

  1. Animation
  2. Graphic design
  3. Game development 
  4. 3D modeling and arts
  5. Digital sketching
  6. Mobile game development
  7. Photoshop
  8. Scripting 
  9. Coding
  10. Digital media 

Game design job opportunities 

Game design is one of the largest markets in the world. Producing over $100 billion in revenue each year, this market provides great scope for income and jobs for individuals. The income of individuals is very high and the job is secured in this field.

Some of the domains in which an individual can get a job are:

  • Video game designer
  • Video game programmer
  • Video game artist
  • Robotics engineer
  • User interface developer
  • Flash designer
  • Digital media specialist
  • Interactive media developer
  • Desktop publishing specialist
  • Concept artist 

The top 10 companies in the gaming industry are:

  1. Nintendo
  2. Valve corporation
  3. Rockstar games
  4. Electronic arts
  5. Activision Blizzard
  6. Sony computer entertainment
  7. Ubisoft
  8. Sega games
  9. Bio ware 
  10. Naughty dog Inc


✅ Which course is best for game design?

There are many Courses for Game Design, some of the best online courses that a person can do are:

1. Unity Game Development Academy: Make 2D & 3D Games
2. Learn to Code by Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer
3. Unity: Beginner to Advanced – Complete Course
4. Learn C++ Game Development

✅ How do you become a game designer?

To become a Game Designer a person needs to have a bachelor’s degree in video game design or computer science, a high school diploma is a minimum requirement. One should also be handy with Computer science, programming, and Art.

✅ What courses do game developers take?

A bachelor’s program in video game programming will typically include classes in C++, calculus, object-oriented design, game algorithms, computer graphics, and network fundamentals

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