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Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Fri, February 14, 2020 2:20 PM   Updated on Tue, June 30, 2020 10:38 AM   4 mins read
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The knowledge that has been collected in different ways over time is general knowledge. General knowledge also allows us to learn, both individually and academically. This improves our perception of world view, explains, and analyzes situations better than we do without adequate knowledge.

These different ways can be sources like books, the internet, and even humans. General knowledge questions cover a variety of subject matters such as Indian and World Geography, Everyday Science, International Organizations, awards & honors, Indian Economy & Politics, Indian Constitution, current affairs, and others.

Approximately 25% of the paper includes general knowledge and current affairs issues in any competitive exams.

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Topics of General knowledge Questions

  1. Basic general knowledge questions: Basic general knowledge is described as culturally valued information, conveyed through a variety of specialist media covering a wide range of subjects.
  2. General Science: This section of general knowledge consists of questions related to day-to-day science. The questions are based on our daily life sciences.
  3. World Politics: World politics is described as an analysis of how world leaders affect their goals and ideals and how they influence the world in general. This section of general knowledge consists of questions related to different aspects of world politics. 
  4. World Geography: Geography is the analysis of places and connections between individuals and their surroundings. This segment contains general knowledge questions regarding the concerns about where objects can be found, why things are located, and how they evolve and change over time.
  5. Chemistry: General Knowledge questions related to chemistry are mainly an essential part of engineering or medical entrance tests.
  6. Physics: Engineering and architecture government exams or entrance exams consist of the general knowledge questions related to physics.
  7. Honors and Awards: This section consists of questions related to the different awards and honors presented in the world.
  8. Technology: Technology related questions are found most common these days due to growing technology and usage of it.
  9. World Organizations: The questions related to world organizations like WHO, UNO, UNESCO, and many others are asked in most of the exams.
  10. Famous Personalities: This section contains questions on the people in the world who have achieved a milestone in their lives and have got famous.
  11. World History/Country History: The world history is very vast and is most of the time asked in competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, and other government exams.
  12. Inventions: The new inventions that are being taken place in the world are asked in the general knowledge questions.
  13. Famous Places: This general knowledge section consists of questions related to famous places around the world.
  14. Books and Authors:  The famous books and their authors are fitted in this section of the general knowledge questions.
  15. Sports: Sports is the most important topic nowadays. Many championships, their winners, and other achievements by the sportspersons are asked in the sports category. Sports-related general knowledge questions are set in all sorts of competitive exams

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Importance of General Knowledge Questions

General knowledge unlocks our doors and takes us to a point from which the entire world seems to be a more productive place. An individual who is well informed of today’s issues and world realities is recognized as an intelligent person. In most entrance exams, general knowledge is an essential component. There is a special section dedicated to general knowledge questions in every entrance as well as government exams. These questions are mainly related to the current affairs or the field to which the exam is related to. E.g., the banking exams consist of banking-related general knowledge questions.

Another benefit is that you have strong control of general knowledge and current affairs and that you are not reluctant to fill the long stretches and holes. You are also free to talk in public. You tend to gain confidence and get quick to find new topics and speak about them as long as you have a good understanding and vocabulary.

The value of general knowledge and the current affair goes beyond the capacity to achieve good qualifications and have a social impact. Good knowledge makes you wise in all ways and lets you take important decisions in life. For instance, if someone wishes to choose his life, he will be able to make a better decision about his future only when he has proper knowledge about different options and conditions open to him. This all demands good general knowledge.


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