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Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Mon, February 10, 2020 3:21 PM   Updated on Sun, April 12, 2020 2:29 PM   11 mins read

The H1B is a visa that is exclusively given to the citizens of the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act. It allows workers who have specialization in their field to work under certain persons. A specialty occupation requires the application of good knowledge for which workers from other countries are allowed to come to the United States so that they can serve the person in need. The duration of the stay is generally three years which can be extended to 6 years. After this tenure, the person needs to reapply for the H!B Visa.


The H1B Visa has its roots originated from the split between H1A and H1B created by the Immigration Act of 1952. The main meaning of the Visa lies under the fact that employers could apply through the Labour Applications.


One of the latest news who went on the trend was that after the American President urged to pause the H1B Visa program. Trump mainly urged US Tech workers to suspend the H2B visa program for foreign guest workers. This was opposed by the big tech giants as these companies depend on the H1B visa to hire tens and thousands of employees each year from countries like China and India. According to this report, it is estimated that more than 50 million workers will get unemployed if the American President decides to suspend the visa for the entry of employees from foreign countries. Battling the situation the employers urged the government not to take such decisions as this type of decision will badly hurt the jobs of the employers that work in foreign firms. 


There are various tools available online issued by the American government so that the individuals can check about the status of their H1B visa mainly enquiring about the expiry date, date of renewal, date of issue, etc. One can directly go to the website and enter the receipt number of the visa that was given to that particular person for the Immigration purpose and the person will be able to see all the latest status check of the visa. The user can also make changes to the visa such as changing address, submitting a case inquiry wherein the user is allowed to submit an inquiry about the organization or firm on which he/she is currently working.


While applying for the visa an individual is asked a lot of 

questions regarding the firm that the individual is going to work on the United States of America. This is basically the final part of the application before the issue of the visa. It is important that the individual must convince the official asking the questions that he/she is fit to get the H1B visa.


 There are some of the mandatory documents that individuals must have while applying for the visa otherwise his/her application for the visa is liable to get rejected by the officials. Some of the mandatory documents that the individual must have are as follows:-

  1. Current passport along with the old passports.
  2. One copy of passport size photograph.
  3. Visa fees proof.
  4. Original interview appointment letter.
  5. The recent letter from the employer that describes the proposed duties of the firm to hire the individual.
  6. Original degree certificates along with supporting mark sheets.


The important process that the employer must keep in mind before applying for the visa are as follows:-

  1. The employer creates and submits their registration accounts.
  2. Lottery selection begins for the visa.
  3. USCIS accepts the H1B petition.
  4. 90 days deadline are given for filling of the petitions.


There is mainly 2 major process that includes the registration of the H1B visa. These include the need for the H1B visa approval from the USCIS and then the individual needs to apply for the visa at the US consulate. Also one cannot apply for the visa alone. One needs to find an employer who is working in that particular firm in order to sponsor the individual for the visa. After this, the main task is to clear the interview that is conducted and is considered as the final round in order to get the visa and after that, the individual can go to the US without any issue.


Typically this type of application depends mainly on the firm that you are applying to and the duration is anywhere around 3 months to 1 year.


The US H1B visa is an immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ graduates outside of the country. These employers must have technical expertise in specialized fields such as IT, finance, accounting, etc. Applying for the visa and getting approval for the visa is quite easy as compared to the green card in order to get the permanent citizenship of the US which takes more than 6 years.


There are many requirements that the individual must have in order to apply for the H1B visa. These requirements are as follows:-

  1. The Individual must have 12 years of experience.
  2. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree.
  3. The applicant must demonstrate that he/she can work under the specialty condition.
  4. The candidate must also demonstrate that he/she is coming to the US only to earn money and not for any hobby or equivalent reason.


A foreign worker who works in the United States of America can stay for a period of 6 years to the maximum. Though this period can be extended to some months depending on the circumstances of the individual. The initial validity of the visa for only 3 years which can later be extended for more than 3 years.


Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, American President Donald Trump urged the American technology workers to suspend this year’s H1B Visa to protect the interests of the amidst the big layoff in the country due to the pandemic. The government has also issued various petitions which are to be followed by the tech companies as well in order to follow the guidelines regarding the H1B visa.


If one is interested to apply for the H1B visa then the individual can apply through the online website The applicants can also contact the officials in regard to any information or query about the visa. The telephone contact number is 0344 991 9222. Also, the email for the visa application is [email protected].


The process of getting a visa for staying in the United States comes with a long process. Some of the processes include the following:-

  1. Pre-registration for the visa and cap registration.
  2. Paying the US citizenship immigration process and paying the fee adjustments for the same.

There are also many individuals that get rejected while applying for the H1b visa as well. This is mainly due to the reason that the individuals are unable to clear the interview round of the process.


The H1B visa fees are extensively used for filling the form that can amount up to 3000 dollars that can vary due to different circumstances. The fees also depend on the size and the market value of the company on which the individual will be working on. Most of these fees cannot be paid by the employee alone. So, the company pays almost 90% of the fees and the employer needs to pay just 460 dollars in order to complete the process. Moreover, people often get confused regarding that here must be minimum bank balance in the bank account of the individual. But there is no such restriction regarding the minimum amount that must be maintained in the bank account of the individual.


In the financial year, the United States government received more than 200,000 applications for getting the H1B visa in order to come to the US and work for the company. This number of an individual is more than twice that of positions available for the spot which is 85,000. The lottery date for the visa starts on April 1st, 2020. 


There are many companies on the database that are included in the database. The top companies along with their number of applications are given below:-

  1. Deloitte and Touche with 16,409 applications.
  2. Tata Consultancy Services with 14,604 applications.
  3. Cognizant technology with 13,074 applications.
  4. Infosys with 11,591 applications.
  5. IBM with 8,344 applications.
  6. Ernest and young with 6,893 applications.
  7. Capgemini with 6,739 applications.
  8. Google with 6,656 applications.
  9. Tech Mahindra with 6,464 applications.
  10. Accenture with 6,381 applications.
  11. Wipro with 6,306 applications.
  12. Amazon Services with 4,905 applications.


  1. There are many visas available for going to foreign countCapgemini with 6,739 applications.
  2. Google with 6,656 applications.
  3. Tech Mahindra with 6,464 applications.
  4. Accenture with 6,381 applications.
  5. Wipro with 6,306 applications.
  6. Amazon Services with 4,905 applications.


There are many visas that do not allow the entry of the family to a foreign country. But with the H1B visa one can easily take his/her family with him. Once the application gets verified by the officials of the United States government the individual can take his spouse or his family with him.


The new H1B rules that are being introduced by the United States government will be in action from 2020 itself. Now, the applicants need to pay an additional amount of 10 dollars while the registration of the online form for the visa. Also, the petitioners are now required to electronically register for the H1B visa petition which they want to submit for the same.


For the stamping process, one needs to go through a lot of important procedures. Some of the procedures are mentioned below:-

  1. Retrieve a photo that should be more specifically a passport-sized photo.
  2. H1B visa application form during the interview.
  3. Complete the application payment and schedule the interview with the office for the final round of the process and finally get the visa.
  4. The interview is the final round. In this process, the applicant is mainly asked questions about his work and the type of personality which he has. The applicant must prove to the interviewer that he/she is going to the US only for earning money for the sole purpose.


The H1B visa is a type of employ type visa which is meant for the temporary workers that want to work for the United States company. For this visa, the employer must be offered a job in the US so that he may apply for the job. 


The eligibility required for applying for the H1B visa are mentioned as below:-

  1. The applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from any of the recognized universities in the country.
  2. The degree requirement for the job is typical for the job purpose only.
  3. The applicant must have deep knowledge regarding the profession.
  4. The employer must also demonstrate the lack of qualified US applicants for the position.


  1. What is a petition?
  • A petition is generally a large category of working visas that require the office work to be filled by the USCIS or a known organization of the United States.

    2. What documents should I carry while coming back to the US?

  • The following documents such as H1B approval notice of the current employer, Employment letter that approves the vacation of the employer or the reason for which the employer is going out of the United States, Copy of the last year’s income certificate and the tax returns by the employer.

   3. If I have an H1B visa, how long can I stay in the United States?

  • The employer can stay for a period of 3 years which can be extended to 6 years for a maximum period of time. After this period the visa needs to be renewed for a further stay.

   4. What is the time by which the employer can go to the US after getting the Visa?

  • There is no legal time for which the employer should go to the US. It is solely dependent on the company on which the employer is working on.

    5. What is the equivalent of a US bachelor’s degree?

  • Any degree that involves working in any of the institutions for more than 3 years continuously without any break or gap is a degree that is equivalent to the US bachelor’s degree.

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