How AdmitKard’s Mentor Program is Changing the Study Abroad Industry?

Piyush Bhartiya
Modified on 2018-06-08 in Australia
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AdmitKard has come up with an innovative way to provide a solution to all your study abroad doubts and queries. This unique exchange of ideas and information is named as the Student- Mentor Program and as of now, deals majorly with Australian universities. In this program, current students studying in Australia function as ‘Mentors’ for new aspirants or ‘Students’ and even for those who still are in the process of finalizing on studying overseas. So, the mentors give information, advises and guidance to the students in the context of shortlisting universities and courses, documentation and the admission process on the whole. In short, it is a golden opportunity for all students to get access to a personalized and case-specific assistance in terms of Australian universities and their admission processes, as they get first-hand knowledge from students who have ‘been there and done that’.

None will dispute the fact that this Student-Mentor Program is one of its kind in the study abroad industry. Not only is it a unique idea that promotes a healthy and informative discussion between former and present students, but is also the most accurate way to clarify doubts and queries for the aspiring students. In fact, it has made the process of admissions and communications with consultants an extremely personal one, that involves personal experiences, ideas and unbiased advises.

How AdmitKard’s Mentor Program is changing the Study Abroad Industry?

Here’s a list of reasons as to why and how the AdmitKard Student-Mentor program is a revolutionary shift in the Study Abroad Industry.

Pioneer in the Study Abroad Industry

Many would agree to the fact that the idea of a Student-Mentor program is one of its kind and one that hasn’t been heard before. No one before AdmitKard thought of such an idea that aimed to bring together former students and present students for an interaction regarding all the aspects of application and admission that fall under the study overseas category.

First ever Platform for such Communication

Before this initiative, all communication between present and former students was purely based on friendship and school/college connects. However, it should be emphasized that such interaction has been rare and not up to the mark. On the contrary, the student-mentor interactions under AdmitKard’s Mentor Program are focused to solve all problems and answer all queries for students who wish to enroll in various universities abroad.

New Face of Experts i.e. Former Students as Experts

We always have lots and lots of people who advise us on different things in terms of study abroad. But can we label all of them as credible sources to believe or rely on? But if there is a student who is presently studying at a university and in a course that you are aiming for and that he/she guides you with the whole process and clears your doubt as well, wouldn’t that be the best for you? I believe there is no doubt in that. Likewise, AdmitKard under this mentor program will connect you to students who have successfully attained admissions in Australian universities and are happily pursuing their studies, so that you too can get inspired by their journey and plan one of your own.

Mentors are the best source of Unbiased Advice

Since the mentors have been students themselves and have been through the phase of applications and interviews as well, who can guide you better than they themselves? Many would have suggested you connect with the alumni or graduate classes of your intended course or university. But, what happens in cases you don’t know anyone like that? In that case, such mentors prove to be angels in disguise.

Full Assistance in the Application Process by Mentors

Mentors will give you tips, tricks, and strategies to follow in the entire admission process, be it for the very initial step of sorting out courses and universities, right up to the final day of the interview. Our top mentors have made commendable progress by dealing with over 5,000 queries and helping out 300 students each and counting.

This is an initiative by the AdmitKard team, to make dreams come true for students. The idea behind the program is to make study abroad a lived reality, making application and admissions easier and smoother than ever before. Thus, this mentorship program will help students to receive guidance and advice and enhance the success of acceptance rate of applications from India. Now that you know about the Student-Mentor program in such detail, make sure you sign up for the program and make the most of it.

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