How to improve your English language skills

Rachit Agrawal
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English has become the norm nowadays. One must be capable of communicating well in English to sustain for long. In our daily life, we often come across people who struggle or are hesitant when it comes to communicating in the English language. Which is an issue these days because all sort of communication happens in the English language.

Why do these people struggle when it comes to communicating in English? The reason behind it is that they have not immersed themselves in the language or have never bothered about speaking in English. Because they have been doing just fine with their mother tongue, and they are somewhere not aware of its significance. But this is not how the world works. One must step out of his/her comfort zone to achieve something in life.

You must develop interest as it plays a bigger role in your learning if you are keen to do it than you can do it. You should focus on overall development and not just one aspect of speaking in English. It would help if you were equally paying attention to your reading, writing as well as your speaking skills. 

Ten ways to improve your English language skills

Since English has become the need of the hour, there are so many ways to improve your English from which you can choose and pursue whatever best suits you. Or you can also apply a combination of the ways through which you can improve your skills.

It is extremely important to blend into the English culture as it is the language accepted worldwide. People who are proficient in speaking English are always at an advantage than people who lack these skills. But there is always room for improvement. Isn’t it? You can always learn by practicing daily until you get the results. 

Here are ten ways to improve your English language skills

  1. You can start by reading English newspapers such as Times of India or The Mint. They can give you a great start towards the learning of the skills. Reading newspapers is always good as it is very informative.
  2. You can watch English movies, shows and also listen to English podcasts to improve your English. This will also help you in understanding the accent which people outside our country use.
  3. You can start speaking in English. But before you do that, make sure you are not afraid of making any mistakes. Be focused on what you want to achieve and why you are doing what you are doing.
  4. You can start repeating the words you hear from your surroundings and try to make use of it on your usual day to day conversation. This is quite popular too. People who observe others often reuse their words, which they find apt.
  5. You can improve your English language skills when you are ready for it. Make sure you are putting in all the efforts needed for it.
  6. You can also use flashcards to write the words, and then you can easily practice.
  7. You can also lookup to your friends who converse well in English and indulge in them. They can help you out.
  8. You can give yourself a goal and focus on working towards it.
  9. You can also maintain an English diary or journal. It will improve your skills for sure, or you can write a social media post.
  10.  You can also participate in debates, competitions in which you are required to talk in English. This way, you will learn a lot and gain confidence at the same time.

Your English language conversation skills could be easily developed by following the tips mentioned above. Apart from that, there are so many ways you can improve your English. If you listen well, then you can also speak correctly with some practice and without any hesitation. So read, write, listen, and speak proficiently with time and practice. 

Make the English part of your everyday life.

Use it whenever and wherever you can. This much you can do to improve your English language skills. It would help if you also remembered to be patient with the process because nothing good comes in the short term; it will take time for your mind to develop an understanding of the language. Be consistent in your efforts, though.

Speaking the English language with the accent is something not many people could master. Which is okay! The focus must be on the fluency with which you speak and not the accent. Being natural has a beauty of its own, and you should always remember to give your best. To improve your English language speaking skills emphasis must be laid on the following tips:

  • Conversate in English
  • Be confident
  • Participate in debates
  • Practice with podcasts
  • Read aloud

Never force yourself into doing things, rather do what interests you. This way, your interest will not reduce, and your ability to concentrate would be more. Developing your skills won’t happen overnight it will take time. You can follow these simple steps to develop your English language skills:

  • Listen
  • Speak often
  • Use google translate
  • Read
  • Watch movies
  • Write daily
  • Be patient with yourself

Always practice, practice, practice. It is the key to your success. There are so many ways to upgrade your skills, and you need to get started.

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