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Human Resource Management

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Published on Tue, February 25, 2020 7:21 AM   Updated on Fri, July 23, 2021 8:07 AM   9 mins read

Human Resource Management is the most important function in the present era. An organization enjoys a competitive advantage, which is capable of producing a product in a specific prize and best quality while it’s competitors fail to do so. The present era is a modern business era where changes are occurring at a fast rate. An organization should be capable of adapting these changes in a better way than in the past. 

The organization should ensure that it has capable employees who could adapt these changes faster to prove its existence in the business world among its competitors. Human Resource is a resource that deals with ideas, practices in managing people. The main domain of this resource is to manage people. Every organization, either big or small, should ensure they have Human Resource management in it.

Human Resource Management is recognized as an ingrained part of the management, which is concerned with the human resources of the organization. It is an important but distinctive part of an organization that is concerned with getting better relationship results with the collaboration of the people. It helps attain maximum individual development, a desirable relationship between the employee and employer, employee and employee, and the development of human resources in contrast with the physical resource.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource management is basically the management of people in the belief that it helps in sustaining business organization success. An organization enjoys a competitive advantage by effectively utilizing its capable employees to meet its objectives. Human resources management aims to recruit capable, flexible, and committed people, manage and reward their performance, and develop key competencies.

Human resources management is a process of selection of employees, recruitment, providing essential orientation and induction, providing proper training and professional skills, motivating, providing proper compensation and benefits, an appraisal based on performance, ensuring the friendly relationship between the employees and trade unions, assuring labors safety, welfare and health by abiding by the labor laws of the concerned state or country.

Functions of human resources management

The main functions of human resources management are- managerial functions, advisory functions, and operative function. The managerial functions focus on activities like planning, organizing, controlling, and directing about the department. The operative function aims at tasks like employment, compensation, development, integration, and maintenance. The advisory function has all the authority to provide advice on all the matters relating to human resources.

Definition of Human Resource Management

human resources management is a process of selection of employees, recruitment, providing essential orientation and induction, providing proper training and professional skills, motivating, providing proper compensation and benefits, an appraisal based on performance, ensuring the friendly relationship between the employees and trade unions, assuring labors safety, welfare and health by abiding by the labor laws of the concerned state or country.

Many scholars have given different definitions with different meanings and words, but the core meaning of Human resource management is maintaining people in an organization. Edwin Flippo defines Human Resource management as – ” planning, organizing, controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance, and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organizational and social objectives are attained.”

Human Resource management objectives

Human Resource management has many objectives that are to be accomplished in the development of the organization. The key objective is to maintain better human relationships in an organization, applying and evaluating policies, and optimizing the contribution of procedures and programs related to human resources. The other essential objectives are :

  • To assure the safety and ensure the needs of individuals are satisfied
  • To accomplish the goals of the organization
  • To implant team spirit and teamwork
  • To develop and maintain the quality of work-life

Importance of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is based on managing people in an organization. It related to the effective utilization of human resources. Human resources are important to be maintained in every organization for proper planning, development, and recruitment of the organization. There is a wide range of importance of human resources management; the few are:

  • Ensures co-relation in all employees of the organization to achieve goals
  • Satisfies social and psychological needs of employees
  • Provides training programs to enable individuals to develop
  • Proper allotment of work for employees

Strategies of human resources management

Human Resource Management aims to manage people for the development of an organization. To achieve the goals of development, the organization should follow certain strategies to accomplish the goals. The few strategies that are supposed to be followed are:

  • Training and development of employees
  • Selection and recruitment of employees
  •  Providing incentives for the development of workers performance
  •  Performance appraisal for employees

Scope of human resources management

There is a wide range of scopes that can be accomplished through human resources management. The few notable scopes are-  recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, job analysis, and job design, orientation and induction, training and development, motivation, compensation planning and wages, health and safety regulations like canteen, housing, transport, and medical assistance, and co-operative relation among union members for the smooth functioning of the organization.

The role of human resources management

Human resource management aims to manage people for the development of the organization. To develop the organization, human resources management is assumed to be the best source. It plays various roles in recruiting, planning, offering training programs for the individual to developoffering incentives to employees, allowing specific work based on employees’ skills, ensuring friendly relationships among the employees, and so on.

Concept of human resources management

Most people find the meaning of human resources management unclear because of the definition and explanation given in different articles and textbooks. The main concept of human resources management is to manage people for the development of the organization. It aims to utilize the skills of the employees for the development of the organization. It also ensures in satisfying the needs of the employees.

Human resources management international

Human resources management international strives to achieve the goals of the organization in the international level. Human resources management international is a typical functioning of human resources management as in the selection, recruitment, training, planning, orientation, performance appraisal, development, motivation, and so on. It aims to accomplish the organization strategies in international level.

MBA in human resources management

Master’s in business administration would be the best option for students who have good communication skills and interested in working for the development of the organizations. MBA in human resources is a two-year course. The students from any stream with a minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree can apply for this course. In this present modern world, there is a great need for HR managers in both the professional and private sectors.

Master in human resources management

Bachelor’s degree in human resources is enough to acquire an HR job, but doing a master’s degree enables you to get specialized in this course. Master’s degree in Human resources allows you to dive deep into the topics of human resources enabling you to be specified in certain fields. A Master’s degree even assures more opportunities to earn enough. Organizations will need HR professionals shortly.

Human resources management books

Human resources management books cover topics like selection, motivation, recruitment, planning, incentives, performance appraisal, training, development, and organization skills required for the allocation and development of the individual employee’s skills, which in order be required for the development of the organization. The famous books that can be referred to human resources management are :

  • 100 ways to motivate others by Steven Chandler
  • HR on purpose – developing deliberate people passion by Steve Browne
  • HR disrupted – it’s time for something different by Lucy Adams
  • Artificial intelligence for HR – use AI to support and develop a successful workforce by Ben Eubanks

Human resources management as a course

 Human resources management courses are two-year courses for which students from any discipline can apply with a minimum bachelor’s degree. Students are selected through a common entrance exam. Every organization needs HR professionals to understand organizational objectives and allocate employees who are skilled in achieving the organization’s goals.

Difference between human resources management and personal management

Human resources management and personal management both refer to the same term of the organization that is the management of people at the organization. Human resources management aims to recruit, plan, develop, perform an appraisal, train, motivate, and select employees, whereas personal management focuses on the maintenances of administrative record-keeping function.

Human resources managementPersonal management
The modern approach of managing peopleThe traditional approach to managing people
It focuses on the development, maintenance, and selectionIt focuses on personal administration, labor relations, and employee welfare
It is a strategic functionIt is a routine function
It focuses on  effectiveness, productivity see and employee participationIt focuses on employee welfare, personal administration, and labor relation

Human resources management salary

The pay scale differs for different positions of human resources management. Human resources are one of the most paid positions. There is a great need for HR managers and professionals in different private and public sectors. A minimum of 6-7 lakh per annum would be paid for the HR managers or professionals.


✅ What is the role of the human resources manager?

Human resources manager various roles as in recruiting, planning, offering training programs for the individual to develop, offering incentives to employees, allowing specific work based on the skills of employees, ensuring friendly relationships among the employees, and so on.

✅ Is HR career a good option?

Yes, it is a very good option to opt. Human resources managers and professionals are in high demand by the organization in the present modern era. A good career is a one with good job opportunities, advancement, and growth, in that case, human resources would be the best option to choose as your career.

✅ Is HR job stressful?

Every job we choose would be stressful at some point in time. In human resources, there might be some days, some weeks, or some hours which are stressful. In depends on how well you manage the task given to you. It also depends on which specialization you have chosen to pursue your career.

✅ Is HR a career boring or unfulfilling job?

Certainly not, human resources have a variety of sections which differs from one and other, and is very much exciting to work on. In most cases, you’ll have to analyze employees’ behavior, come up with creative ideas to support the organization, and help the organization recruit skilled employees.

✅ Is it very hard to get a job in the HR field?

No, it is not difficult to acquire a job in the human resources field. Since there are huge numbers of organizations in this modern era that believe that the human resources department is the best source for the development of an organization, there will be high needs of HR professionals and managers. 

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