IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

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IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is the program that makes you understand how to solve the problems of Data Science and tells you to use it and positively manipulate the data. When you apply for the program and intend to complete it along with the certificate, the candidate does get a batch of completion.

The candidate needs to pay $39 as the application charge for applying in the program, which is mandatory and compulsory to pay before signing up. The Data Science certificate cannot grant you a high-level professional job but surely will enhance your Data Science skills. Getting the certificate in your resume will surely improve your level of knowledge and experience, and thus after that, the candidate may get a job. But the expectation of directly getting a job can be unsure at times. In this particular course or program, the details related to the course is all about the details of Data Science and its practice.

Data Science has been named and termed as one of the most demanded professional nowadays. In today’s world, where technology is evolving so much, people need Data scientists to verify their work.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Thus, opting for this stream is very positive in the future. Thus, due to this great demand in the future and the present, IBM came up with this professional certificate program where minds who are interested in Data Science can learn something new and can get knowledge and experience about the field in detail.

About more than 680,626 candidates do apply for this program in a year, and many of them complete the program and gain the certificate and the complete batch. With this amount of response in today’s world, the certificate and the field hold a great amount of weightage.

There are certain courses under the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. In total, nine courses are counted under the program. 

They are as follows:

  • What is Data Science: It gives you detail insights about Data Science with all the history and the future.
  • Open Source Tools for Data Science: Gives and explains to you the detailing of the tools which are used in the Data Science field by the scientists.
  • Data Science Methodology: Gives you the details about the use of Data Science in today’s technological world.
  • Python for Data Science and Al: Gives you the details of PythonPython and the details of programming. There are certain modules used in this point, of course, but all are related to the detailed use in Python language.
  • Databases and SQL for Data Science: It gives you detailed information about the SQL language and how powerful it is in today’s world. The knowledge of SQL needed in the Data Science field.
  • Data Analysis with Python: This course gives you detailed information about analyzing the data with the help of Python Language. This course takes you to different stages where PythonPython is used in the Data Science field.
  • Data Visualization with Python: This course helps you to analyze large set scales of data with the help of Python language.
  • Machine Learning with Python: This course helps you to learn about machine technology with the help of python language.
  • Applied Data Science Capstone: This course or project gives you the reality or tells you about the real-life situations of what a Data Scientist goes through. 

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