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Rachit Agrawal
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The prelude of globalization is marked by the onset of several varieties of phenomena like foreign trade of goods and services, technologies, human resources, etc. It was mainly fueled when trade liberalization was achieved by the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) around 1995.

One of the inevitable results of this is International Business. It can be defined as the transaction and transfer of ideas, technologies, products, commodities, and so on over international borders in the vigilance of global administrative bodies. 

The basic principle of International Business is foreign exchange. However, the word defines itself now. There are innumerous ways through which we can observe it happening in and around us all the time. 

One can easily apply for registration in this discipline by concerned colleges and expand their realms of pursuing a career in foreign trade. 

It is a great career option in this fast pace growing and interconnected world.

Significance of International Business

International Business plays a vital role in every front; it enables us to send and receive the things mentioned above on a large scale. It assists us in the following fields –

  • Commercial
  • Political
  • Cultural
  • Economical
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Entertainment

Assortment in necessary amounts of all these things leads us to a world we currently live in. On the commercial front, it lays out the highest degree of importance as it stimulated the growth of multinational corporations (MNCs) around the world. On the political front, it has enabled nations to form summits and discuss to tackle some major global threats. In the case of culture, people from different cultural backgrounds come together and work under the same niche, which not only helps their holistic growth but also gears up the process of sharing information about their culture among other people. 

Because most of the trades are done commercially, it simultaneously affects economic growth also as the exchange of goods and services takes place internationally. It involves the motive of money-making and achieving economic stability by both exporting and importing nations.

The inception of MNCs around the various corners of the world has ensured social proximity. When people work and live together, they eventually develop a sense of empathy and compassion towards each other. It has also been of great help in spreading the means of entertainment globally. This can be seen around ourselves. Suppose you wish to watch a Hollywood movie now, for the same you won’t have to travel to Los Angeles you can visit any nearby multiplex which will offer you this facility. All thanks to the growth of international businesses. 

How can you pursue a career in international business?

This question must be haunting you that how can you be a part of this wonderful phenomenon! If you’re passionate about the idea of engaging yourself into this, you’ll have to opt for Masters of business administration (MBA) in International business or an equivalent masters of arts or science in International business.

Further to the process requires your diligence and interest. The way you mold yourself in this ever-expanding industry will determine how far you’ll grow in this.

It is probably the most versatile and competent field in current times. If you like to travel and explore various aspects of life and have the ability to adapt to change easily, then you should try a hand on this. Their jobs are quite similar to those of the marketing executives of a particular company’s sole difference being that their scope of working is on an international platform, and those of others are limited to domestic fronts. 

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