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Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

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We can say that journalism is the activity or profession of a writing news website, newspaper, or magazines. It is a subset of mass communication and in journalism, you require to create, analyze, and then represent the information or news to the audience.

Today’s time journalism is not only limited to print media it develops its area of working from print media to newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and even the worldwide web.

There are many popular courses in journalism. for UG level courses include BA in journalism and mass communication, BA in film, BA in Hindu journalism, Television and new media production, and many courses.

For PG level courses, the popular courses that students want to pursue in his PG are MA Journalism, MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, Post Graduate Diploma in Communication and Journalism, and many other courses.

Skills required for Journalism

Today’s time journalism is an extremely demanded subject and career. It requires that their aspirants are always at top of their game. Some of the important skill that an individual should have is given below in the following table.

1.Good writing skillConfidence
2.Must have knowledge of general awareness Keen observer
3.Have good judgment quality Clear-headed
4.Have logical skillsIntellectual
5.Work in an organized wayAlways alert
6.Creative thinkingAbility to work in a different way
8.InquisitiveGood thinking perception

Eligibility criteria for Journalism

Students who have the interest to pursue their career in journalism can opt for this course. It doesn’t matter that you from which stream. Students from any stream can pursue their careers in journalism.

To take admission in journalism student has to qualify their 10+2 from a recognized university or board with passing marks. The minimum eligibility for taking admission in journalism is 50%.

To take admission for PG courses you have to complete your graduation with minimum passing marks from a recognized university or college.

Course curriculum offered for Journalism

There are many subjects taught in journalism it varies from college to college that which course they offered in their college. And the course offered for PG level journalism may vary from UG level courses. They covered the topic in-depth and varieties.

1Development journalismNew media and cyber journalism
2Communication: concept and processHistory of press, laws, and ethics
3Reporting: concept and processEditing: concept and process

Journalism courses for UG 

Bachelor of journalism and mass communication


  • Print journalism
  • History of print and broadcasting in India
  • Still photography
  • Radio journalism
  • Basics of camera, light, and sound
  • Public relation 
  • Writing for media 
  • Basics of design and graphics
  • Advertising practices
  • Media organization and management
  • Media Research 

MA in Journalism and Mass Communication


  • Introduction to mass communication 
  • Print journalism
  • Radio structure and working
  • Basic photography
  • Film history and theory 
  • Behavioral science
  • Foreign language
  • Communication skill
  • Radio-2 programming and scheduling 
  • Film script writing and production
  • Tv journalism
  • Society and economy 
  • Media ethics

Top 5 universities for journalism:

University of Amsterdam

In Europe, this university is ranked under the top 20 universities. And holds 65 ranks worldwide. This university is famous for curiosity, learning, and innovation. They provide a vast range of subjects, and over 34000 students came around the 100 countries to pursue their careers in journalism.

Stanford University

This University is included in top private universities in Stanford, United States. Its rank in QS global university ranking is 2. Stanford University has the largest campus in the U.S., with 18 research institutes and seven graduate schools.

University of Southern California

This University is the first time opened with 53 students and ten teachers and today’s it became the world’s top research institute. It is the oldest private research university in the west. This University is situated in the heart of Los Angeles. It is one of the top private universities in Los Angeles.

The University of Texas at Austin

This university provides a wide range of subjects and courses in journalism. In QS world ranking university, it’s position is 67th. The rank of this university in terms of University by subject its position is 6th by QS world ranking.

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

If you want to pursue a career in journalism, this university is the best option to start your career in journalism. Due to covid 19, it shifted its all services to online mode. All on-campus admission has been postponed due to this pandemic. It is one of the top universities in Berkeley. In the QS world ranking, it’s ranking is 30 in 2021.


✅ Which university has the best journalism programs?

Ans. I already explain the top 5 universities that provide the best journalism courses. Suppose you want to start your career in journalism with the world’s top. Universities, you can go through this article.

✅ Which journalism course is best?

Ans. Journalism is the fastest emerging sector that a student wants to pursue a career in journalism. These are some popular courses.
Bachelor in media science
Diploma in journalism
M.A in broadcast journalism

✅ Is journalism is a good career?

Ans. In today’s digital world, journalism is an important and fast-growing occupation. If you have good analytical skills with excellent knowledge, you became a good journalist. You can do different courses as per your choice and interest in journalism.

✅ What is one ranked university in the world for journalism?

Ans. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the top university for journalism. If you want to pursue your career in journalism, this is the top best university to take admission for journalism. This University is situated in the United States.

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