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Top Best States in The United States for Indian Students in 2023

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Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava, MBA - Marketing and HR

Published on Mon, June 19, 2023 11:15 AM   Updated on Mon, July 10, 2023 12:15 AM   17 mins read

The United States has always been a dream destination for Indian students, offering a plethora of opportunities to achieve their aspirations. The prospect of top-notch education, access to a diverse range of career paths, and exposure to a vibrant cultural landscape make the United States an enticing choice.

However, embarking on an educational journey in the United States also comes with its fair share of challenges and considerations for Indian students. 

This blog aims to provide valuable insights into the best states in the United States for Indian students to consider in 2023. By focusing on states that offer a supportive academic environment, affordable options, excellent educational institutions, and promising employment opportunities, we aim to assist Indian students in selecting the ideal state for their educational journey.

Factors to Consider to Live in United States for Indian Students

United States for Indian Students
Source: Canva

1. Academic and research opportunities

Academic and research opportunities
Source: Canva

When considering studying in the United States, Indian students should assess universities’ academic and research opportunities. Look for institutions with strong programs in your field of study, faculty expertise, research facilities, and opportunities for internships or practical training.

2. Cost of education and living expenses

Cost of education and living expenses
Source: Canva

Education and living expenses can vary significantly across states in the United States. Consider tuition fees, housing costs, healthcare expenses, transportation, and daily necessities. Look for states that offer affordable options, such as universities with lower tuition fees or areas with a reasonable cost of living.

Looking for Accommodation ? Let’s help you find the best accommodation to support your study abroad journey
Looking for Accommodations ? Let’s help you find the best accommodation to support your study abroad journey

3. Job prospects and internships

Job prospects and internships
Source: Canva

Assess the job prospects and availability of internships in your chosen state. Look into industries that align with your career goals and explore the local job market. States with robust employment opportunities and internship programs can provide valuable practical experience and enhance your post-graduation prospects.

4. Cultural and community support for international students

Cultural and community support for international students
Source: Canva

Consider the level of cultural and community support available for international students in the state. Look for universities or cities with dedicated resources, international student services, student organisations, and cultural events that can help you feel connected and supported during your time abroad.

5. Safety and quality of life

Safety and quality of life
Source: Canva

Evaluate the safety and overall quality of life in the state. Research factors include crime rates, healthcare facilities, transportation infrastructure, recreational activities, and the general well-being of residents. Opting for states prioritising safety and offering a high quality of life can contribute to a positive study abroad experience.

By considering these factors, Indian students can make informed decisions about which states in the United States align best with their academic goals, budget constraints, career aspirations, and overall well-being.

Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA
Planning to Study in USA get a shortlist of best universities according to your profile for studying in USA

Best States for Indian Students in the United States

Best States for Indian Students in the United States
Source: Canva

When it comes to choosing the best states for Indian students to pursue their education in the United States, several states stand out for their favourable opportunities and environments. Here are a few noteworthy states to consider in 2023:

1. California

Source: Canva

California is a diverse and dynamic state located on the West Coast of the United States. It is renowned for its sunny weather, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. Home to renowned cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, California offers a unique blend of natural beauty, entertainment, and academic excellence.

(i) Prominent Universities and educational institutions

California is home to several prestigious universities, including:

  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech). 

These institutions are globally recognized for their strong academic programs, cutting-edge research, and world-class faculty.

(ii) Strengths of the State’s education system

California’s education system is known for its emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The State offers a wide range of academic disciplines and specialisation options, particularly in fields like technology, engineering, business, and entertainment. Students can access state-of-the-art facilities and resources, fostering a conducive learning environment.

(iii) Employment Prospects and internship opportunities

California offers excellent employment prospects, particularly in technology, entertainment, healthcare, and finance. The presence of major companies and startups creates a thriving job market with opportunities for internships and practical training. Additionally, the State’s strong network of alumni connections can enhance career prospects for Indian students.

(iv) Cultural and community support for Indian Students

California embraces diversity and multiculturalism, providing a welcoming environment for Indian students. The State is home to a large Indian diaspora, offering a sense of community and cultural support. Numerous cultural festivals, organisations, and student clubs celebrate Indian traditions, fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Indian students studying in California can experience a rich cultural tapestry, access top-notch educational resources, and explore exciting career opportunities.

2. New York

New York
Source: Canva

New York, often called the “Empire State,” is in the northeastern United States. It is known for its iconic city, New York City, a global finance, culture, and innovation centre. Beyond the bustling cityscape, New York offers scenic landscapes, diverse communities, and a rich history.

(i) Prominent Universities and educational institutions

New York is home to prestigious universities, including:

  • Columbia University
  • New York University (NYU)
  • Cornell University 
  • The University at Buffalo

These institutions are renowned for their academic excellence, research contributions, and world-class faculty across various fields of study.

(ii) Strengths of the State’s education system

New York’s education system is highly regarded, offering a wide range of academic programs and research opportunities. The State’s universities emphasise interdisciplinary studies, innovation, and collaboration. New York’s diverse population and global connections provide a vibrant learning environment that fosters cultural exchange and intellectual growth.

(iii) Employment Prospects and internship opportunities:

With its thriving economy, New York offers a plethora of employment prospects for Indian students. Industries such as finance, technology, media, fashion, and healthcare are prominent in the State, providing numerous internship and career opportunities. The proximity of New York City further enhances access to internships and networking with industry leaders.

(iv) Cultural and community support for Indian Students

New York has a rich multicultural fabric that provides a supportive community for Indian students. The State celebrates diversity, and Indian culture is well-represented through cultural events, festivals, and dedicated organisations. Indian student associations and resources contribute to a sense of belonging and offer opportunities to connect with fellow students.

Studying in New York offers Indian students a blend of academic excellence, professional opportunities, and a vibrant cultural scene. 

3. Texas

Source: Canva

Texas, known as the “Lone Star State,” is located in the southern region of the United States. It is the second-largest state in terms of both area and population. Texas offers a diverse landscape, vibrant cities, and a strong sense of community. It is renowned for its warm hospitality, rich history, and thriving economy.

(i) Prominent Universities and educational institutions

Texas is home to prestigious universities and educational institutions, including:

  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • Texas A&M University
  • Rice University
  • Southern Methodist University

These institutions are known for their academic excellence, research opportunities, and strong faculty expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

(ii) Strengths of the State’s education system

Texas boasts a robust education system emphasising innovation, practical learning, and collaboration. The state offers a variety of academic programs and majors, with a particular focus on fields such as engineering, business, energy, and healthcare. Many universities in Texas maintain strong ties to industry, providing students with real-world experience and networking opportunities.

(iii) Employment Prospects and internship opportunities

Texas has a diverse and thriving job market, offering numerous employment prospects for Indian students. The state’s economy spans various sectors, including technology, energy, healthcare, finance, and aerospace. Texas’ favourable business environment and its growing startup ecosystem create ample opportunities for internships and career advancement.

(iv) Cultural and community support for Indian Students

Texas embraces cultural diversity and has a welcoming community for Indian students. The state celebrates multiculturalism through festivals, events, and cultural organisations that provide a platform for Indian traditions and customs. Indian student associations and support networks contribute to a sense of belonging and provide opportunities for engagement and connection.

Studying in Texas offers Indian students quality education, professional opportunities, and a warm and inclusive environment.

4. Illinois 

Source: Canva

Illinois, located in the heart of the United States, is a diverse and vibrant state known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and economic vitality. It is home to bustling cities like Chicago, the third-largest city in the country, as well as beautiful rural landscapes and charming small towns. With a population encompassing a mix of cultures and backgrounds, Illinois offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for residents and visitors alike.

(i) Prominent Universities and Educational Institutions

Illinois is renowned for its esteemed universities and educational institutions. These institutions provide a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment for students to pursue their educational goals.

  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a top-ranked public research university, stands as a pillar of academic excellence. It offers a wide range of programs and boasts world-class faculty, attracting students from across the globe. 
  • The University of Chicago, a prestigious private university, is recognized for its rigorous academics and groundbreaking research.

(ii) Strengths of the State’s Education System

Illinois takes pride in its robust education system. The state strongly emphasises quality education, investing in infrastructure, resources, and innovative teaching methods. Its universities consistently rank among the best in the nation, offering students a high standard of education and research opportunities. 

Illinois also prioritises access to education through scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs, ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds can pursue their educational aspirations.

(iii) Employment Prospects and Internship Opportunities

Illinois is a hub for various industries, providing abundant employment prospects and internship opportunities for students and graduates. Chicago, in particular, offers a thriving job market across sectors like finance, technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

The city is home to renowned companies, startups, and organisations, presenting a plethora of career pathways. Additionally, Illinois’ universities have strong ties with industry partners, facilitating internships and cooperative education programs that enable students to gain practical experience and build valuable professional networks.

(iv) Cultural and Community Support for Indian Students

Illinois has a vibrant and diverse community, including a significant Indian population. The state embraces cultural diversity and offers extensive support for Indian students. Numerous cultural and community organisations provide a sense of belonging, organising events, festivals, and celebrations that showcase Indian traditions and heritage. 

Indian student associations at universities foster a sense of community, offering support networks, cultural activities, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Illinois offers a welcoming and enriching environment for education, career development, and cultural integration, making it an appealing destination for Indian students seeking to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Indian Students in the United States

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Indian Students
Source: Canva

1. Government and Institutional Scholarships

Indian students aspiring to study in the United States have access to various government and institutional scholarships. These scholarships are often merit-based or need-based, providing financial assistance to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs. Researching scholarships offered by the U.S. government, individual states, universities, and educational institutions is crucial to identify funding opportunities.

2. External Scholarship Opportunities

Besides government and institutional scholarships, Indian students can explore external scholarship opportunities. Numerous organisations, foundations, and corporations offer scholarships specifically designed for international students. 

These scholarships may be based on academic achievement, field of study, extracurricular involvement, or specific criteria related to the sponsor’s mission or industry. Researching and applying for these external scholarships can significantly enhance the financial support available for studying in the United States.

Looking for Scholarships ? Let’s help you secure the best scholarship to fund your study abroad journey
Looking for Scholarships ? Let’s help you secure the best scholarship to fund your study abroad journey

3. Financial Aid and Loan Options

Financial aid programs and loan options are also available to support Indian students pursuing education in the United States. In India and the United States, educational loans from banks can help cover tuition fees and living expenses. 

In fact, U.S. universities often provide financial aid packages that include grants, work-study programs, and need-based scholarships. Understanding the eligibility criteria, application processes, and repayment terms for financial aid and loans is essential for making informed financial decisions.

Embarking on a Journey of Excellence

Best States for Indian Students in 2023
Source: Canva

When considering the best states for Indian students in the United States in 2023, California, New York, Texas, Massachusetts, and Illinois stand out as top choices. It is essential to thoroughly evaluate academic reputation, career prospects, cultural support, and personal preferences. 

Conducting research, consulting with education advisors, and considering the potential benefits of studying in the United States are crucial. By making informed decisions, Indian students can unlock a world of opportunities, gain a global perspective, and pave the way for a successful academic journey and future career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to universities in the United States as an international student?

To apply, research universities, gather required documents, complete applications, submit test scores, and meet deadlines. Follow each university’s specific guidelines.

What is the cost of studying in the United States?

Tuition fees vary by university and program. Additional costs include accommodation, healthcare, meals, books, and personal expenses. Plan and budget accordingly.

What healthcare options are available for international students?

Universities typically offer health insurance plans. Familiarise yourself with coverage details, on-campus clinics, and nearby medical facilities.

How can I manage homesickness while studying abroad?

Stay connected with family and friends, establish a support network on campus, engage in hobbies, explore the local community, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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