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Moving overseas might be exciting since it introduces you to a new environment and way of life. Moving to another nation and setting up a new life might be expensive. Singapore is regarded as a place that provides a blend of cultures and customs, top-notch amenities, and a lot of fresh prospects. 

Read along to know the different aspects of living cost in Singapore!

Cost of living in Singapore

It’s crucial to manage the money so that you don’t have a heavy workload each month and can take care of all your necessities. The approximate cost of living, minus rent, that is required to survive is as follows:

Living expenses in Singapore (excluding rent)Cost
Single person, per month1,100 – 1,400 SGD(60,000 – 78,000 INR)
University student, per month700- 730 SGD(38,000- 41,000 INR)

Housing & Accommodation Cost in Singapore

The cost of housing is another aspect of Singapore’s cost of living. It’s crucial to think carefully about where you want to reside. The cost of housing and lodging is quite high.

However, it can be fixed. You might be able to find a flat to rent for cheaper money if you decide to relocate a little to the outskirts of the city. You can always use public transportation to travel about the city. Although the cost of renting in Singapore can be a little high, the rental market there is very well developed.

Rent in SingaporeAverage Monthly Cost
One bedroom apartment (city)2,700- 3,000 SGD1,50,000- 1,65,000 INR
One bedroom apartment (outside of city)1,900- 2,200 SGD1,04,000- 1,21,000 INR

Singapore cleaning services

The cleaning service will charge between $20 and $35 per hour. A four-room HDB apartment will require approximately 3–4 hours of regular weekly cleaning, which equates to an average cost of S$320–S$560 for four sessions each month.

Public Transportation in Singapore

Transportation in SingaporeAverage Cost
Monthly bus/transport pass100- 120 SGD5,500- 6,600 INR
Taxi tariff, 8km/5mile journey12-15 SGD650- 850 INR

Singapore’s Healthcare & Insurance

Singapore has highly strong healthcare. Permanent residents of Singapore may qualify for government-sponsored health insurance, which helps with some of the costs associated with medical care. To ensure they are protected against all contingencies, it is advised that residents of Singapore purchase private health insurance. An examination may cost about 50 SGD.

Health card

Visit the Residential Affairs Division of your local City Office or Ward Office to submit an application. Your age and your earnings from the prior year are used to determine the premium.

The Basic Benefits Program

Additionally, there is a strategy in place for unemployed individuals and low-wage workers. All Singaporeans must have at least the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) level of health insurance. It offers necessary services at a reasonable cost.

Cost of mobile phone and WiFi in Singapore

The monthly cost of Singtel’s 1Gbps Broadband Plan, which includes a router, is $45.90. A StarHub 1Gbps Broadband Plan with Router costs $45.90 per month. The monthly cost of ViewQwest’s 2Gbps Broadband Plan with a Router is $44.90. The 2x1Gbps Broadband Plan from MyRepublic costs $51.99 per month.

Cost of entertainment in Singapore

Check out the table below for entertainment cost in Singapore:

2 tickets to the moviesSGD $27
2 tickets to the theater (best available seats)SGD $77
Dinner for two at an italian restaurant in the expat area including appetisers, main course, wine and dessertSGD $88
1 cocktail drink in downtown clubSGD $22
Cappuccino in expat area of the citySGD $5.97
1 month of gym membership in business districtSGD $142

Cost of Living in Singapore vs. India

Check out the table below for comparison between Singapore and India with regards to cost of living:

Category SingaporeIndia
Accommodation$1,410.37 to $2,167.95$ 83.27 to $ 128.03
Transportation $ 90.39$ 8.26
Food $ 1.75 to $ 9.61$ 0.44 to $ 2.72
Childcare$ 1,006.94 to $ 21,403.46$ 48.33 to $ 1,454.83

Expenses for International Students in Singapore

Check out the table below for estimated cost of living for International students:

Category cost
Tuition costS$20,000 (roughly INR 11.20 lakh) per year
Hostel and mealsS$350 (roughly INR 19-20,000) per month
Public train costs with a subsidized pass. S$45 (approximately INR 2,520) per month
Movie ticketsS$50 (INR 2,800) for two

Average Salary in Singapore

Depending on the employment roles, Singapore’s average wage differs. The salaries for some of the most well-liked job profiles in Singapore are displayed in the table below.

Role Average Salary
Software EngineerS$57,867
Account ExecutiveS$34,158
Marketing ExecutiveS$35,452
Operations ManagerS$63,788

Key Tips to Reduce Overall Living Cost in Singapore

  • Purchase SIM-only cell phone plans.
  • Prepare and pack your own food.
  • Describe monthly subscription options to neighbours and friends.
  • Early in the morning, board MRT trains.
  • Utilize applications that provide discounts on grocery, food, and other purchases.
  • Watch for sales to get essentials in large quantities at tempting rates.
  • Watch out for special credit cards and other incentives on the Fave, Burpple, and Chope platforms if you can’t stop eating out.
  • When not in use, turn off electrical outlets and appliances.
  • Rent an apartment in a nearby, less upscale area to save money on rent.


How much does it cost to live in Singapore?

Ans: Singapore’s monthly cost of living, excluding rent, is approximately S$1100-1400, or approximately INR 60,000-75,000. For a family of four, this can rise to almost S$4,400 per month, or about INR 2.46 lakh.

How much does it cost to live comfortably in Singapore?

Ans: Short summary of Singapore’s cost of living Without rent, the projected monthly expenses for a family of four are 3,474$ (4,869S$). Without rent, the projected monthly expenses for a single individual are 955$ (1,338S$). Singapore costs 20.70% less than New York does (without rent).

Is living in Singapore cheap?

Ans: In Singapore, pricing for essentials including food, clothing, public transportation, elementary education, and utilities are often relatively reasonable. Taxis and public transportation are both relatively inexpensive. On the other side, housing, private education, and car maintenance can be expensive.

What salary is good in Singapore?

Ans: Singapore’s monthly median wage is SGD8,254. The lowest wage is SGD 2,230 for an expat without employment. Men in Singapore make the most money on average, at SGD105,430. This is the typical income for a 35-year-old.


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