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Are you planning to do MBA abroad? New Zealand is the 5th most popular country outside Europe for MBA courses i.e. after the US, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. New Zealand offers many top-notch MBA programs which attract several professionals and businesses at the global level. So, if you are doing MBA from New Zealand, you’ll be amongst the multicultural, friendly and welcoming people as well as the impressive natural beauty of the country. All this together, doing MBA in New Zealand a choice for several international students.

What is it about MBA in New Zealand?

The MBA program in New Zealand offers a quality education that involves detailed business theory and application, critical and strategic business thinking as well as a solid business foundation. It prepares the graduates for a phenomenal career in either private or public sector and even in the multi-national corporations or small businesses. So, an MBA from New Zealand may be the next big step that you might want to take in order to meet your educational and professional goals. So, here let’s have a look at the best MBA colleges in New Zealand.You can pick the one that best suits your requirement.

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Entry Criteria for MBA in New Zealand

To be eligible for MBA in New Zealand you need to pass through an IELTS (academic) English language level with 6.0 in each band and overall of 6.5. In addition to this, a degree with a relevant professional experience preferably for 5 years is required.


 Core Papers: There are a total of 18 core papers which would also include an applied business project. Your core papers are set in order to cover all the foundation of business.

Elective Papers: There are a total of 6 elective papers that will help you customize and specialize your study.

Core Specialist Areas

  1.         Marketing
  2.         International Business
  3.         Human Resource Management
  4.         Operations and Management


You’ll need a minimum of 18 months to get specialization. Students can also opt for papers from the other areas so as to credit a maximum of 45 marks to their MBA score.

Hawaii Pacific University

Entry Criteria for MBA

The students who do not have a degree in business have to take leveling courses before applying for the graduate MBA programs. There is a procedure for waiving of the leveling courses. For this, the students will have to pass the competency test for the particular leveling course. International students require a minimum score of 6.0 overall in IELTS and 80 in TOEFL.

Core Specialist Areas

There are 12 key specialist areas including:

  1. Economics
  2. Accounting/CPA
  3. Marketing
  4. MBA Program Objectives
  5. E-business
  6. Organizational Change and Development
  7. Information Systems
  8. Healthcare Management
  9. Finance
  10.  Travel Industry Management
  11.  Human Resource Management
  12.  International Business Management


Hawaii Pacific University has a full-time MBA program that offers substantial opportunities for students to engage in a dynamic learning environment for a span of 2 years. With this 2 year format, the students who do not have a business degree can complete all the prerequisites of the MBA program. However, if you have already passed through the undergraduate business degree or passed through all the prerequisites, you can opt for an 18-month program over the 24-month program.

Bond University

MBA degree from Bond is a generalist degree based on three key pillars – global business, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

 Why Bond MBA?

The Bond MBA will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and the practical aspects of management in the global world.

 Entry Criteria

  1.         Minimum 3 years of work experience
  2.         Undergraduate degree with a strong GPA from a recognized institute
  3.         Provide for your CV with documentation on your work experience
  4.         Cover letter including your career goals
  5.         Two references, one of them must be work-related

In case, you do not satiate these requirements, you’ll need a GMAT – Score 580 as well as an interview.  Also, you’ll need to pass through an IELTS (academic) English language level with 6.0 in each band and overall of 6.5.


Full-Time Course involving – 12 Subjects and 120 Credit Points.

Semesters: January, May, and September

 Core Specialist Areas

  1.         Information Technology
  2.         MBA Combined Degrees
  3.         Marketing
  4.         Finance
  5.         Family Enterprise

As part of the intensive study program, you can combine one specialization of MBA with another master’s degree. So, that would mean that you can graduate with 2 Master’s Degree in a span of 18 months of full-time course.

In MBA Combined Degrees, you can opt for either of the following:

        Master of Business Administration / Master of International Hotel and   

        Tourism Management

        Master of Business Administration / Master of Accounting

        Master of Business Administration / Master of Finance

University of Otago

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must:

a) Have a graduate degree

b) Hold some professional qualification

c) Have some experience in administration or management

Applicants must attain satisfactory result in GMAT. International students need to get overall 6.5 in IELTS


University of Otago’s Master of Business Administration degree is a 16-month full-time program that focuses on practical application, managerial relevance, and personal development.

 Structure of the Program

Two-phase program with flexibility for you to complete in 15 months to 2 years depending on your elective choices in phase 2. The candidate has to pass through all the papers in Phase 1 before heading to Phase 2. In case the candidate does not possess sufficient knowledge in Mathematics, Accounting or the use of Computers, they may have to:

a) Attend small programmes

b) Carry out prescribed study

Candidate will not be allowed to present a report that has been previously accepted for another degree.

These are only best 4 courses you can select in New Zealand for doing MBA. There are so many other choices also.So, do not feel bad if you are not able to meet your dream institute in these 4, wee are always there to help you in getting you the best one.

If you may require our experts’ help in selecting the best college for you, always feel free to reach out to us @ [email protected] or +91-120-653-3966.

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