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MBA Healthcare Management UK is an amazing field for specialisation to further your career in medical field. MBA Healthcare Management courses in UK are highly sought-after because of the quality of education and global exposure provided to students.

In the United Kingdom, MBA Healthcare Management courses include a one-year course curriculum that covers Public health theory and practice, Epidemiology and Statistics, Research and Methodology, Integrity, and Medical Aid.

International students will have to pay between 10,23,494 and 23,67,296 INR for pursuing MBA Healthcare Management UK .  The average salary earned by healthcare managers in the UK is 30,86,432 to 34,92,275 INR. 

Read along to know everything about MBA Healthcare Management UK!

Why MBA In Healthcare Management In The UK?

You should study MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK because a diverse range of Health Care Management systems have been established in the UK. Post-Pandemic Healthcare systems have come to the forefront. Most hospitals have been focussing on optimizing management.Therefore, you’ll have a lot of opportunities.

MBA Healthcare Management UK would be an ideal career path for international students who wish to gain significant experience in the medical field.

By 2026, it is anticipated that increased health awareness, better and more advanced medical technology, and legislative changes would result in a 20% expansion of the field of health management in the UK. 

Top Universities to Study MBA Healthcare Management UK

Mentioned down below are Top Universities to Study MBA Healthcare Management UK:

S.noUniversityCourse Fees per year
1University of Oxford€34,970
2University of Cambridge€45,864
3University College London€25,800
4The University of Edinburgh€25,000
5The University of Manchester€20,500
6King’s College London€27,900
7The London School of Economics and Political Science€23,460
8University of Bristol€21,800
9University of Warwick, England€28,520
10University of Glasgow€23,000

Scholarships to study MBA Healthcare Management UK

Mentioned down below are Scholarships to study MBA Healthcare Management UK: Granted
1.Rhodes Scholarship at the University of Oxford (as an alumni)Coverage for tuition costs, health insurance, accommodation, etc. 
2.Felix Scholarships100% waiver on tuition costs 
3.Gates Cambridge ScholarshipCoverage for tuition costs 
4.Warwick Chancellor’s International ScholarshipsCoverage for a stipend, tuition fees, and more. 
5.Think Big ScholarshipINR 4.25 lakh onwards 
6.David Vowles Postgraduate Scholarship (alumni status)Approximately INR 1.70 lakh onwards 
7.International Excellence Scholarship (Brunel University)15% Tuition Fee Discount

Benefits of Studying MBA Healthcare UK

You’ll following benefits of studying MBA Healthcare UK: 

  • First thing is that you’ll have an improved understanding of how business and health interact.
  • The ability to conduct extensive research and analyze data with a focus on business and health leadership.
  • A thorough knowledge of health organizations, their management, and the evolving external environment.
  • Exceptionally strong analytical and professional capabilities, with a focus on healthcare transformation and innovation.
  • You’ll have the ability to spot business prospects brought forth by medical research.
  • Also, important understanding of the moral, legal, and administrative challenges involved in commercialising medical advances.
  • A clear understanding of your professional goals and skill set, including analytics, as well as lifelong networks of colleagues and health experts.

Admission Process for MBA Healthcare Management UK

International students interested in applying to UK institutions can do so through the program’s or the university’s website. The UCAS portal is used by several colleges to accept applications. Universities that offer an MS in Healthcare Management often charge an application fee between 50 and 90 euros.

Eligibility criteria for MBA Healthcare Management UK: 

  • An undergraduate degree with 55 to 75 percent marks.  
  • English proficiency test: PTE/IELTS 
  • Work experience of at least three years.

Documents Required for MBA Healthcare Management UK

  • Academic transcripts.
  • If needed, score sheets of examinations like IELTS/PTE and GRE/GMAT.
  • Proof of work experience.
  • A valid passport and passport-size photographs.
  • CV/Resume

Cost of Studying Healthcare Management Courses in UK

It is always good to have an idea about your estimated expenses for your education in the UK. Note that the following table provides an approximate cost of living for your Healthcare Management degree in the UK.

Pre-arrival cost:

Type of ExpenseCost (Euros)
Visa application fee348
IELTS fee180
TOEFL fee163

Post arrival cost

ParticularsAverage monthly Cost (GBP)
Mobile Phone30
Stationery Items40

Scope of MBA Healthcare Management UK

In the United Kingdom (UK), the range of an MBA or postgraduate study in healthcare management is extensive and expanding in light of contemporary healthcare. Candidates can pursue careers as healthcare administrators, biostatisticians, managers, professionals, educators in public health, epidemiologists, facility managers, managers of health information, and managers of facilities.

They may also serve as hospital executives. In the UK, earnings for an MBA in healthcare management typically range from £90,000 to £100,000 with experience (approximately INR 90 lakh to INR 1 crore).

A Master’s in healthcare management or an executive MBA (in healthcare) provides students with the practical and hands-on knowledge they need to operate healthcare facilities in real-time.


How much does an MBA in Healthcare Management make in UK?

Ans: In the UK, salary for an MBA in healthcare management typically range from £90,000 to £100,000 with experience (approximately INR 90 lakh to INR 1 crore).

What does an MBA in Healthcare Management do?

Ans: Producing management students for the healthcare industry is the focus of an MBA in healthcare management. The student will be in charge of managing tasks in a hospital, a pharmaceutical firm, or another healthcare organisation.

Which is better MBA or MHA?

Ans: In comparison to an MHA programme, the MBA is a generalist degree that gives students a deeper understanding of business procedures and best practises. As a result, it is generally believed that having an MBA makes it simpler to move across a wider variety of industries.

Which is better healthcare management or administration?

Ans: While a healthcare administrator is more concerned with how to use and lead his or her employees inside a department, a healthcare manager helps direct organisational policies and procedures and distributes that knowledge with the entire system.


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