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Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

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MBA entrance exams generally test many different qualitative, quantitative as well as general knowledge parts. These entrance exams are generally a combination of testing of verbal ability, data interpretation, general knowledge, vocabulary, grammar, logical reasoning and quantitative ability. Different exams focus on certain parts more and may have different topics covered under each of the sections.

MBA Syllabus 2018

The entrance exams for individual exams generally remaining the same over the years with little to no changes. At least in consecutive years, there are no changes in MBA syllabus. The composition of syllabus and exam in 2018 was the same as that for 2019. 

MBA Syllabus 2019

The basic testing criteria for all different exams are the same. They test the candidates on different criteria. Some of these sections are mentioned below

  • Reading abilities
  • Verbal abilities
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Logical reasoning
  • General Knowledge

MBA Entrance Syllabus

There is little to no difference in the syllabus of different MBA entrance exams. Some common questions are asked from,

  • Bar graphs, pie charts, Venn diagram, charts and graphs
  • Reading passages
  • Jumbled paragraphs, vocabulary testing, sentence corrections, analogies
  • Quadratic equations, number system, permutation and combination
  • Mensuration
  • Average, speed time distance etc. general mathematics
  • General knowledge (elementary)

MBA Syllabus India

MAT, CAT, XAT etcetera many entrance exams can be taken in India for securing admission top MBA colleges. They all test candidates’ speed, accuracy and aptitude. Given below are the syllabus for entry into some of the most common colleges providing MBA degree.

MBA Syllabus UPSEE

UPSEE is a state-level exam taken by candidates to secure admission in most colleges in Uttar Pradesh. It is also taken by aspiring MBA students. The syllabus is mentioned below.

  • Quantitative Ability – number system, percentage, arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, simple algebra, graphs, mensuration, time and speed, and quadratic and linear equation
  • General Awareness – business industry, economy, sports, technology and politics.
  • English – reading comprehension, antonyms and synonyms, jumbled sentences, vocabulary, inference-statement-conclusion, critical reasoning, idioms and errors
  • Decision making – relationships, simple puzzle, statement/ conclusion, clocks and calendars, verbal reasoning, creative thinking, finding patterns, family trees, directions and coding-decoding

MBA Syllabus IPU

IPU CET is an MBA entrance exam that is taken by students to get into IP institutes in Delhi/ Gurgaon and is conducted by GGSIPU Delhi. The syllabus for IPU CET is mentioned below.

  1. Data interpretation and logical reasoning: bar graphs, pie charts, Venn diagrams, data insufficiency, games and tournaments
  2. Verbal ability and reading comprehension: jumbled sentences, complete paragraphs, critical reasoning, sentence correction, word usage, idioms and grammar.
  3. Quantitative Aptitude: Trigonometry, number system, mensuration, algebra and calculus

MBA Syllabus PTU

The entrance exam for PTU is conducted by IKGPTU. The syllabus is as given below.

  • Business Awareness
  • General Awareness
  • General English: complete paragraphs, critical reasoning, sentence correction, word usage, idiom and jumbled sentences.
  • Verbal as well as the non-verbal ability

Kerala University MBA Syllabus

They accept students qualifying KMAT, CMAT or CAT.

  • Data sufficiency and logical reasoning: tables, blood relations, puzzles, arrangements, coding and decoding
  • English language and reading comprehension: grammar, vocabulary, reasoning, meanings, tense, fill in the blanks, and antonyms and synonyms
  • Quantitative aptitude: series, time and speed, pie charts, bar graphs, percentages, data interpretation, compound interest, simple interest, and profit and loss 
  • General Knowledge 
  • Business Scenario: business news, current affairs

Bharathiar University MBA Syllabus

Admission is possible by scoring well in TANCET, CMAT or University’s qualifying examination. 

  • Reading comprehension and verbal ability: English language and reading comprehension: grammar, vocabulary, reasoning, meanings, tense, fill in the blanks, and antonyms and synonyms, cloze test and one-word substitution
  • Quantitative aptitude: Mixtures and allegations, quadratic equations, HCF and lcm, binomial theorem, surds, indices, inequalities, functions, modulus, time and speed, number system, trigonometry, geometry and logarithms
  • Business analysis 
  • Data sufficiency: arithmetic, algebra, number system

MBA Syllabus VTU

VTU takes students on the basis of PGCET exam score.

  • Proficiency in the English language: Synonyms and antonyms, grammar, sentence correction and famous books in literature
  • Test of reasoning and general intelligence: puzzles, series etcetera
  • Quantitative analysis: statistics, graphs
  • General Knowledge

MBA Syllabus MG University

They accept students on the basis of CMAT/MAT/CAT/CMAT scores. The CMAT syllabus is discussed below.

Quantitative techniques and data interpretation: mensuration, time speed, average, sets, number system, allegations and mixtures, algebra, PNC, probability, and geometry

  • Logical reasoning: charts, graphs, puzzles, series, coding, relations, arguments, and conclusions
  • Language comprehension: reading comprehension, grammar, antonyms and synonyms, and sentence rearrangement
  • General Awareness: political, economics, culture, language, and general knowledge

Pondicherry University MBA Syllabus

The university accepts CAT scores. It also has its own exam for admitting students. 

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Logical reasoning
  • General English
  • General Awareness
  • Business

MBA Syllabus Mumbai University

MH CET is a state-level entrance exam that can help students in securing a position at Mumbai 

University for completing their MBA. The syllabus of MAH CET is mentioned below.

  • Logical / Abstract Reasoning: analogy, relationships, simple puzzle, statement/ conclusion, clocks and calendars, verbal reasoning, creative thinking, finding patterns, family trees, directions and coding-decoding
  • VARC: grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, sentence rearrangement, and verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative aptitude: arithmetic, general mathematics, geometry, pie chart, other graphs and charts, Venn diagrams, binomial theorem, logarithms etcetera

CUSAT MBA Syllabus 

For admission to CUSAT for MBA, a student can appear for MAT, CMAT or CAT. The scores of these exams are accepted by the university. The syllabus for MAT is given below.

  • India and global environment: who’s who, business, politics, social issues, sports, current affairs, and entertainment
  • Data analysis and sufficiency: pie charts, bar graphs, caselet, data comparison, and tables
  • Intelligence and Critical Reasoning: assertion reason, conclusions, family tree, logical thinking, and cause and effect
  • Mathematics: profit and loss, general arithmetic
  • English and reading: comprehension, synonyms and antonyms, verbal reasoning

IIM Ahmedabad MBA Syllabus

IIM Ahmedabad is one of the top MBA colleges of India and accepts scores of CAT ( Common Admission Test ) only. The syllabus of CAT has been mentioned below.

  • VARC: facts inference judgement, grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, sentence rearrangement, and verbal reasoning 
  • DILR: analogy, relationships, simple puzzle, statement/ conclusion, clocks and calendars, verbal reasoning, creative thinking, finding patterns, family trees, directions 
  • QA: number system, pnc, general maths, coordinate system, ratio proportion, trigonometry, geometry, sequence and series, quadratic, complex numbers, binomial theorem, and logarithms

Calicut University MBA Syllabus

It accepts scores of CMAT, CAT, MAT and KMAT. All of these have been discussed previously.

MBA Syllabus GTU

They offer an integrated program and entrance test scores they accept is CMAT.

Entrepreneurship MBA Syllabus

CAT, MAT, XAT etc. scores are seen by most colleges for admission to this course.

MBA Syllabus Books

A plethora of books is available for covering the vast but interesting MBA syllabus.

  • Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Verma
  • Logical reasoning, Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma
  • Logical reasoning for CAT by Nishit K Sinha
  • Verbal and nonverbal reasoning by R S Aggarwal
  • Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis

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