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MBBS in Armenia- Direct admission and low fee structure(2022-2023)

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For Indian medical students looking for options, MBBS in Armenia is the finest alternative. A Lot of students are drawn to Armenia to study medicine because of the good clinical exposure, high-quality medical education, modern infrastructure, and well-equipped laboratories. To get admission to Armenia’s best medical universities, a student does not need to take an entrance exam. Armenian universities have a straightforward admissions process.

Read along to know everything about MBBS in Armenia!

Medical Colleges in Armenia

Medical Colleges in Armenia have modern infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, Low MBBS course fee, quality medical education, good clinical exposure, these are some factors which attract thousands of students to do MBBS in Armenia.

Check out the table below for best medical colleges in Armenia: of the UniversityTuition Fee / YearHostel Fee / YearFood Charges / Year
1.Yerevan State Medical University$5000$1000$1800
2.Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University$2900$2000$1800
3.St. Tereza Medical University$3700$1000$1500
4.The University of Traditional Medicine$4500$1000$1800
5.Yerevan Haybusak University$3800$1000$1800

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Intake for MBBS in Armenia

Mentioned below are details about the Intake for MBBS in Armenia:

  • It is expected that the academic year for MBBS in Armenia will begin in September.
  • The application process must begin for the medical aspirant at least eight weeks prior to September.
  • Winter break begins in January or February, whereas summer vacation begins in July or August.
  • Reputable educational consulting companies like Admitkard offer advice and help to students pursuing medical careers.

Timeline for MBBS in Armenia

Check out the table for timeline for MBBS in Armenia: 

10+2 ResultsMay – June
InvitationJuly – August
Registration with the UniversitySeptember to October

Courses Offered by Armenian Medical Universities

Students interested in attending Armenian universities can choose from a variety of courses. For the benefit of their students, universities run a variety of medical programmes.

The courses and their duration are as follows:

S.No.CoursesDuration (in years)

Duration of Studying MBBS in Armenia

Usually MBBS students will spend a total of six years in Armenia completing their studies. For ease of understanding, the time has been broken down into points.

  • Academic medical education takes five years to complete.
  • The internship will take one year to complete.
  • The courses assist the student in achieving his or her goal of being a successful MBBS Armenia graduate.

Medium of Teaching While Studying MBBS in Armenia

In Armenia the medium of instruction is English. Faculty members may also teach their pupils in the local tongue on occasion. Lectures in English language  assist students in better comprehending their subjects.

You will have no problems interacting with the locals throughout your internship. Because English is an international language, students will find it easier to understand and communicate.

Admission Process for MBBS in Armenia

In Armenia, the admissions procedure is simple and takes a fraction of the time it takes in other countries. The regular medical admission method is followed by the majority of medical universities in Armenia.

Take note of the following key elements concerning the Armenian admissions procedure :

  • Students must complete the online application form as well as submit the required papers.
  • After authenticating the scanned documents, universities provide admission letters to shortlisted students.
  • The admission letter must be approved by the NMC.
  • Students must pass an English proficiency test via Skype/Zoom to be considered.
  • Admission and tuition costs are paid using a bank account at the university
  • It takes 30-45 days for a VISA to be approved.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Armenia

The following are some of the necessary qualifications for pursuing Armenia:

  • Medical students must be 17 years old or younger and not older than 25 years old.
  • Medical students must have received a minimum of 50% in their 12th grade (general category) and 40% in their 12th grade (SC/ST).
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Biology must be the primary subjects in 12th grade.
  • The financial situation of the guardians must be critical in order to cover the total cost of the MBBS programme in Armenia.

Documents required for MBBS Admission in Armenia

Check out the list of documents that must be submitted :

  • Mark sheets from grades 10 and 12 are required.
  • NEET’s scorecard (if needed).
  • From the concerned school, a transfer certificate is required.
  • The candidate’s code of conduct certificate.
  • A school-leaving certificate is required of the candidate.
  • Passport photocopy and passport-size photographs
  • A certificate stating that the pupil has committed no criminal offence.
  • The guardians’ bank statement shows that they had the funds to pay.

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MBBS in Armenia fees

The fees for MBBS in Armenia is reasonable when compared other countries, There are students who pursue MBBS from Armenia and you should also explore this option by reading further.

Check out the fees of Amerminian Colleges below: 

UniversityTuition Fees/ yearHostel Fees/ year
Armenian Medical Institute3800 USD1250 USD
Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University2900 USD800 USD
ST. Tereza Medical University3000 USD800 USD
University of Traditional Medicine3000 USD1000 USD
Yerevan Haybusak University3800 USD700 USD
Yerevan State Medical University5000 USD 600 USD

MBBS Syllabus in Armenia

Armenia’s top medical schools use a curriculum comparable to that of India’s MBBS programme. As a result, Indian students find it easier to pursue their higher education in Armenia by enrolling in an MBBS programme. All students at Armenia receive a high-quality education and have a positive academic experience.

In Armenia, the MBBS programme is taught in English. Students are, nevertheless, recommended to acquire the local language in order to communicate and engage with the locals more easily.

Check out the table below for MBBS Syllabus in Armenia :

1st Year Herbs Morphology and Physiology
General Chemistry
Medical PhysicsHistory of Armenia
Mathematics and Medical Informatics
Foreign Language Latin- Armenian language
History of Medicine
Human Anatomy
Physical Training
Bioorganic Chemistry
2nd YearHistology
Embryology Cytology
General Hygiene
General Psychology
Medical Psychology
Virology and Immunology
Normal physiology
Topographical anatomy and operative surgery
Human Anatomy
Pathological Anatomy
Armenian language
Physical Training
3rd YearPathological Anatomy
Radio diagnostics
Microbiology, Virology and Immunology
Topographical anatomy and operative surgery
General Surgery Anesthesiology
AcupuncturePathological Physiology,
clinical pathological physiology
Propaedeutic of Internal Disease
Traumatology and Orthopedics
Neurology Medical Genetics
4th YearAcupuncture
Traumatology and Orthopaedics
Neurology Medical GeneticsDermatology
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT
Surgical Diseases, Children Surgery
Urology diagnostics
Infectious Diseases
5th Year Physiotherapy
Medicine of Emergency situationsInfectious Diseases
Ear throat nose diseases
Ophthalmologic diseases
Social Health and Organization of Health
X ray therapy
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Surgical Diseases,
Children Surgery
UrologyInternal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT
6th Year Surgical Diseases,
Children Surgery
Social Health and Organization of Health
Physiotherapy and balneology
Polyclinic (outpatient) therapy
Reanimation and intensive therapy
Internal Diseases and Prof Diseases MFT
Public HealthManual therapy
Forensic Medicine
Clinical Pharmacology
Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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Studying MBBS in Armenia for Indian Students

Armenia is amongst some of the safest countries in the world for medical students. The climatic and environmental conditions are suitable for everyone. Additionally, the locals are friendly by nature and will gladly assist you if needed.

Candidates interested in pursuing MBBS in Armenia, on the other hand, should proceed with caution because Armenia is a foreign country. Late-night parties should be avoided, and loitering with strangers should be avoided as well. Indian students can always contact the Indian Embassy in the event of an emergency.

Benefits of MBBS Course in Armenia for Indian Students

 The following are some of the advantages of studying medicine in Armenia:

  • Medical degrees will be provided by Armenian universities.
  • Their degrees are internationally recognised and recognised by all medical councils.
  • Medical courses are taught in English so that students can communicate well with one another.
  • In Armenia, medical education takes six years to complete.
  • After passing the license exam, students who have already completed their MBBS can practise medicine in India.
  • You are not required to take any tests.

Disadvantage of MBBS Course in Armenia for Indian Students

There are certain disadvantages for individuals who seek to study MBBS in Armenia, in addition to many advantages.

The following are the significant drawbacks:

  • The main disadvantage of doing MBBS in Armenia is passing the screening test to obtain a licence.
  • For a select students, though, this can be a big difficulty.
  • Another issue for candidates is the language barrier, since most locals prefer to communicate in Russian and Hayeren.
  • Another disadvantage is the length of medical training.
  • In Armenia, MBBS takes six years to complete, whereas in India, it takes five and a half years.

FMGE Passing Percentage after Completion of MBBS in Armenia

The Foreign Medical Graduation Exam has a low pass rate. Because this exam is incredibly tough to pass, only a small number of pupils pass it. The percentage of people who passed this exam in May of 2013 was 29 percent, according to data. The exam was passed by 17% of pupils in September.

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Is Armenia good for MBBS?

Ans: For Indian medical applicants, particularly those looking for top colleges in economic expansion, the MBBS from Armenia has emerged as a viable choice. Major organisations like WHO, UNESCO, and NMC have recognised Armenia as having some of the greatest medical universities.

Is Armenia MBBS degree valid in India?

Ans: For Indian medical applicants, particularly those looking for top colleges in economic expansion, the MBBS from Armenia has emerged as a viable choice. Major organisations like WHO, UNESCO, and NMC have recognised Armenia as having some of the greatest medical universities.

Is Armenian MBBS valid in Canada?

Ans: The medical degrees granted by Armenian universities are respected all over the world. Students who earned their MBBS in Armenia are effectively working as doctors in a variety of locations around the globe.

Is Armenia safe for Indian?

Ans: Armenia is reasonably safe, secure, and welcoming to Indian nationals. There is a lot of support for India. However, foreigners, especially students, should exercise extreme caution when spending the late hours of the night in public areas and interacting with strangers.Add question

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