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Studying MBBS is considered to be one of the toughest courses not because one’s consistency or persistence is required in order to establish a career in medicine but it requires a huge amount of research and Europe is one such country that offers a huge variety of MBBS courses by the top-rated institutions and an outstanding team of faculties who not only impart knowledge but are always there to guide individuals in their foreseeable future.

European countries like Russia, Germany, Georgia, etc offer a wide variety of outstanding courses and invite applications from students all across the globe. Europe is one of the most developed countries on the basis of culture, education, economic development, etc.

Studying MBBS from European countries will guide the students to develop interpersonal relationships and huge exposure to highly talented faculties and mentors. A student gets an overall experience to equip themselves and also gets to learn about astonishing valued technologies.

MBBS for Indians in Europe

Studying MBBS from Europe is a great opportunity for students who want to build a successful career n medicine as Europe has been ranked top to provide quality education. Studying MBBS from European countries will guide the students to develop interpersonal relationships and huge exposure to highly talented faculties and mentors. A student gets an overall experience to equip themselves and also gets to learn about astonishing valued technologies.

Indian students get a huge advantage over others if they choose to study MBBS from Europe, following are the benefits of studying in Europe:

  • There is only a certain limited number of seats in the Indian colleges, according to data released only 5-6% of students appearing for MBBS college entrance gets admission in the college because of non-availability of seats, the same problem doesn’t persist in case of European colleges as a huge number of seats are offered to students all over the world.
  • Some of the private Indian institutions charge extremely high which makes them unaffordable for the middle class, some of the European colleges do not even cost less but also grant scholarships or financial aid to the deserving candidates.
  • Getting admission into European colleges has much simpler procedures as compared to others.
  • Some of the European colleges even prefer Indian students into MBBS colleges.
  • Some of the private institutions even charge high donation fees or acquaintance fees which is not affordable for many middle-class families, this is not at all an issue with the European colleges as they don’t charge any donation fees from the students who want to study MBBS from Europe.

Why study MBBS in Europe?

Europe is one of the highly-rated destinations to study MBBS as it has almost every possible resource a student requires to be fully equipped for the course.

Here are some of the benefits of studying MBBS in Europe:

  • Very cheap cost of living as compared to others.
  • Europe is the technologically highly sound destination to study MBBS as it offers every possible technology to learn from students.
  • Europe offers the recognized degree which is also approved by MCI, which enables the students to even practice in India, the degree also allows the students to practice in most of the developed countries by studying MBBS in Europe.
  • Europe is not only rich in culture but also offers a high value of living with high economic development.
  • Studying in Europe provides the student a great exposure to the world as the students not only gets to study from the best faculties but also gets to learn with the best minds across the globe and gets a huge exposure as students from various cultures to come to Europe.

Modes of teaching 

There are several modes of teaching offered to students who want to pursue MBBS from Europe. Europe is the second smallest continent rich in every prospect and focuses primarily on quality education.

Various methodologies are also opted by the students of the institutions based on the conditions when it comes to modes of teaching like:

  • Teacher-centered 
  • Student-centered 
  • Montessori
  • Inquiry-Based Learning 
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Cooperative learning 

Advantages of studying MBBS in Europe

Mention below are some of the advantages of studying MBBS in Europe :

Cost Effective : Studying MBBS in Europe is considerably less expensive than studying MBBS at a private university in India. Furthermore, because English is the teaching medium in most European colleges, Indian students may save money on any foreign language courses.

Cost of Living : For MBBS students in Europe, housing is readily accessible and reasonably priced, particularly near institutions.

Recognized Degree : Degrees received after medical school in Europe are recognised by the MCI and international organisations such as WHO, UNESCO, and others. Indian students can practise medicine virtually anywhere in the globe.

Cultural Exposure : Exposure to other cultures and customs – Europe is home to many different cultures and traditions. Indian students benefit from the opportunity to see the splendour of European cities and to broaden their understanding of the globe by doing so.

Courses Offered by Medical Universities in European

Courses available in other countries In Europe, MBBS universities are diverse and informative.
You will have a great career in the medical profession after completing the course.

The table mentioned below shows types of courses with their duration in Europe:

MBBS/ MD6 years
Nursing4 years
Dentistry5 years
Pharmacy4 years

Intake for MBBS Education in Europe

Classes for the MBBS programme in Europe begin in late September or early October.
From September onwards, the general procedure of medical education in Europe begins.
It is critical to recognise that many students will apply from many nations.
There are a limited number of seats available, and entry is on a first-come, first-served basis.
It is critical for students to submit an application for admission in July or August.
It is necessary to apply earlier for a straightforward and convenient mbbs admittance in Europe.
You might also contact European medical universities for further information.
They will assist you in resolving your issues through the online service.

MBBS Admission in Europe 

In order to study MBBS in Europe, there are several requirements that need to be fulfilled to get admission, also if a student wants to practice medicine after studying MBBS from Europe there are certain requirements to be fulfilled as well.

The admission procedure to follow in order to get admission in MBBS colleges in Europe:

  • Fill out the online application form on the university website, some colleges also require the documents to be submitted along with the online application forms.
  • After successful completion of the application form, the student will receive the admission letter.
  • Then the student have to apply for the visa application in which the admission letter is required.
  • The selected students need to inform the university of their selection and shall fulfill all the requirements.

Medical colleges in Europe

There are enormous top countries which offers MBBS for Indian students like:

  • Poland 
  • Romania 
  • Germany 
  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria 
  • Georgia

Following are the top universities that offers MBBS in Europe:

  1. Belarussian State Medical University 
  2. Vitebsk State Medical University 
  3. Kyiv Medical University 
CollegeCountry Ranking 
University of OxfordRanked 3 in United KIngdom
University of Cambridge Ranked 2 in United Kingdom
Imperial College LondonRanked 4 in United Kingdom
University College London 1 in UK
Karolinska InstitutetRanked 1 in Sweden
Erasmus University RotterdamRanked 1 in Netherlands
University Of MunichRanked 1 in Germany 
University of Cambridge Ranked 2 in United Kingdom
University of Zurich Ranked 1 in Switzerland
University Of Amsterdam Ranked 3 in Netherlands

MBBS in Europe fees

Pursuing MBBS from Europe can turn out to be an excellent choice as there are several colleges which offers the MBBS much cheaper than the privately held Indian Medical colleges.

Even Financial Aids and scholarships is also provided to the students who meets the definite criteria.

Following is the approximate Fee structure to pursue MBBS in Europe fee of various Universities:

  • The European University has an average annual fees  5000 USD.
  • Lviv National Medical University has an average annual fees 4900 USD.
  • Ivane Javakhishivili Tbilisi Medical University has an average annual fees 6000 USD.
  • Taras Shevchenko National University has an average annual fees 6000 USD.

Pre and post arrival cost of pursuing MBBS in Europe

  • The application fees amounts to 60-90 GBS 
  • THe visa application fees amounts to 348 GBS
  • The IELTS Fees is around 150 GBS
  • The TOEFL Fees is around 140 GBS
  • The NEET fee costs around 150 GBS
  • The student is also required to pay partial course fee in certain colleges while filling application form.

MBBS in Europe Eligibility criteria 22-2023

MBBS in Europe can take upto 5-6 years on an average depending upon the college curriculum and the courses pursued by the students.

The Eligibility criteria and the documents required to get admission in MBBS college in Europe is as following:

  • Attested marksheets of 10+2 along with their copies
  • LOR on the students academics
  • Work Experience if any
  • Colleges of United Kindom also requires the NEET examination results.
  • Proof of the funds is also required to be provided
  • The student must be 18 years of age.
  • The student must score 90+ marks in the international boards or the CBSE board.
  • The student is also required to clear the entrance exams in UK such as UK Clinical Aptitude Test(UKCAT),the Biomedical Admissions Test or GAMSAT.
  • While filing the application form the student will be required to submit the 10+2 completion certificate and the NEET test scores to apply for the MBBS course in Europe.
  • The UKCAT test scores should be minimum of 650 
  • The BMAT test scores should be minimum of 4.5-5.0
  • The GAMSAT scores should be 60-66
  • The NEET percentile should be minimum of 50.

Scholarships for MBBS in Europe

Various Scholarships opportunities or awards are offered to students who wants to study MBBS in Europe and has been proved out to be of great help to studnets who belongs to middle class families or to the students who cannot afford the cost of fees of such universities.

Following are the documents required to get Scholarships:

  • An updated Resume
  • Photocopies of academic records
  • A nicely written Letter of Intent.
  • LOR on account of outstanding academic or extracurricular performance.
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores certificate.

Here are some of the most beneficial scholarships to aid the students:

  • Global Health Future Leaders Scholarships: The Scholarship is offered to tsudents who are already pursuing graduate courses in the field of Medcine like Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. The program offers fully funded post graduate courses.
  • Chevening Scholarship: The Scholarship is offered to students who shows excellent academic performance, the program also offers the student to pursue post graduation degree with any university, terms and conditions applied.
  • Faculty of Medicine Scholarships: The Scholraship is offered to thousands of students every year and so many students have been benefited wit the help of the scholarship.
  • Rhodes Scholarship: The Scholarships has been ranked top most in the list of Scholarships as it offers quite convenient Scholarships, The Rhodes Scholarship is available for Indian students who posses great academic records and intellectual skills.


✅ Is MBBS in Europe good?

Ans. For Indian students, MBBS in Europe has become the finest choice. Russia, Georgia, Poland, Germany, and other European nations are well-known for their high-quality medical education.

✅ Can I study MBBS in Europe without NEET?

Ans. For those who intend to practise medicine in India, passing the NEET test is required for admission to MBBS colleges in Europe.

✅ Which country has no NEET exam?

Ans. Yes, you may study in China, Russia, the Philippines, Guyana, and other countries without taking the NEET test!

✅ How can I go abroad after 12 for MBBS?

Ans. No entrance exam is necessary for admission; in order to study MBBS abroad, Indian candidates must get a minimum of 50% in their 12th grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, as well as pass the NEET UG. No entrance exams, such as the IELTS or TOEFL, are required.

✅ Is NEET accepted abroad?

Ans. Yes, NEET is accepted in abroad countries. Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad can give NEET, as most universities want NEET score for admissions

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