Michael Brown: The American Teen with Top 20 Colleges’ Scholarship worth $260K

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All of us wish to grab the maximum out of scholarships and grants for admissions into college. But how many of us actually achieve it? Not many. But there are some genius students like Michael Brown, who grab not one, or two or three, but 20 scholarships, all from the top 20 colleges. Now, it’s onto him as to what school he chooses to be a part of. He’ll have to choose one among Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Pennsylvania, Harvard, Northwestern, Pomona, Michigan, etc, by the 1st week of May.

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Who is Michael Brown?

Michael Brown is a seventeen year old boy from Texas, who has taken the world by storm. He currently studies at the Senior Wing at the Lamar High School in Houston, Texas. The reason being the fact that he has received full scholarship from all top 20 schools he had applied for. Not forgetting the fact that all of these were top schools or universities in America, that are extremely choosy and have a low acceptance rate. That means, unless you are completely worth the admission, you ain’t getting one.

His Mom’s Reaction

Seeing the great achievement his son got, the overwhelmed mother, Mrs. Berthinia Rutledge Brown in an ‘awe’ said that she knew that her son was capable and worthy of scholarship programs, but this was something she had never-ever thought. She further said,

“I’m very grateful, I’m very thankful. I know that he has done an amazing job, and I get to watch him every day. It’s just normal to me.”

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His Future Plans

When asked what Michael planned for his future, she said that he is extremely hardworking and very caring. Following the same, she said that,

“He wants this to be an example and inspiration for other kids that if they work hard and use their resources, they can do whatever they set their minds to.”

She added by saying that, in the future, junior Brown wishes to study law or the related field of political science or economics. His career choice is to be a lawyer or a public defender. But which college he would choose, not that all colleges have explicitly chosen him, isn’t very clear. However, it’s definitely between Stanford and Harvard that’s all we can guess. She adds that,

“He wants to come back to Houston and work in the community.”

Michael Brown definitely had all the good grades, that is an impressive academic record that was mandatory to actually apply to all the leading schools such as Harvard, Stanford,Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, etc.

How did he get 20 Scholarships worth $260,000?

Here is a glimpse into Michael’s profile.

  1. 4.68 grade-point average,
  2. 1540/1600 SAT score,
  3. 34/36 ACT score,
  4. Extracurricular- Member of Debate Team, Key Club, etc.
  5. Internship experience
  6. Involved in Guidance Programs such as University of Southern California’s Bovard Scholars Program and Emerge Fellowship.

All of this collectively, won him  “a combination of merit- and financial-based scholarships and grants” other scholarships amounting to a total of over $260,000.

Not many know that Michael is a part of the guidance program called, the EMERGE Fellowship. This program, under the above mentioned scholarship intends to empower as well as illuminate young students from the no-so high-end backgrounds and help them steer their way through he leading educational institutions of the country. Going by the program description on the website, it says that the program is motivated to,

“empowers and prepares high performing students from undeserved communities to attend and graduate from selective colleges and universities across the nation.”

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