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Migration Certificate

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Sat, February 15, 2020 5:26 AM   Updated on Mon, February 17, 2020 6:05 AM   4 mins read

In today’s world, the Migration Certificate is one of the most important things for students. Student migration is very much needed who study outside their country for 12 months. Rapid rising of international education students are very much interested in studying in aboard. International students are taken the initiative about these types of certificates for the upcoming international students. 


  • The start of this concept comes from the colonial period. Imperial Governments provided pathways for selected nations to pursue higher education. Basically, without this certificate, a student can’t take admission to any college in the homeland also.
  • So, they thought that after graduation, students come back to the homeland and helps their respective countries’ colonial administration. 
  • In 1946, the Fulbright program, one of the famous and highlighted student exchange program, was established. It is the first organization that encourages international student migration. It also gave a huge amount of scholarship for international students, teachers, and others in their research. It covers all over the world. 
  • After this, the Colonial plan was another one that encourages the other countries’ students. It was established in 1951. But it covers only the Asia Pacific region. This plan has been responsible for Asian students who wanted to study in Australia or New-Zealand.

Finance and Costing

One of the important things to take to study in aboard with migrating is finance & costing. Countries, where the students will be migrated, are also be benefitted with their skills, their ideas.

But in today’s also many countries still not permitted to take students from another country. In France, Japan, Greece, Italy, and Hungry makes no difference between International & Domestic students. So, the tuition fees are the same for both types of students.

But, in some countries, the fees are higher than that of domestic students like Australia, New-Zealand. In these two countries, some scholarships are available for international students who want to be migrated. Denmark, Finland, Norway are the best countries where the students can pursue their higher education. Because in these countries, there are no tuition fees for overseas students. 


  • Now-days, the rate of students pursuing higher education in aboard is increasing nine times than in previous years. Countries that are granted permission for international students (Like U.S.A, U.K, France, Germany, Australia, Japan) all are a member of OECD. OECD is the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
  • It is a 36 member countries inter-governmental economic organization. In 1961, it was established for the economic progress of these respective countries.
  • Between all countries, Australia is the most famous & popular country where students wanted to pursue higher education. Because in this country, if students wanted, they will join a job after graduation on various skills.
  • After Australia, U.S.A & U.K are the two most famous countries where the students can stay forever. 
  • Many developing countries still have no good university, so students have no other choice but to study aboard. Generally, students are wanted to pursue higher education at a good college or aboard. Likewise: students in Bangladesh & Nepal migrate to India; students in India migrate to Australia and Russia. Migration opportunity is one of the important things for the growth of student migration. 
  • The author of research Michael Bass said,” The Indian students studied in Australia was not because of Academic infrastructure but also the opportunity to gain permanent resident.”
  • One of the important factors for student migration is lowering travel expenses and advanced communication technology.

Rules of Migration

Various counties have various rules for migration like: In U.S.A, the must criteria is that applicants must state that they are not planning to a permanent stay in the U.S.A. In New-Zealand, applicants cannot be applied if they are studying for a course that is less than three months in duration.


The issues that can arise for student migration is Brain-drain. Brain-drain is the human capital flight for the receiving country. It means that sometimes it is shown that the immigration of foreign-trained professionals can aggravate the underemployment of domestic graduates.

The difference in learning to teach is one of the major issues. Students can face difficulties if the teaching and learning method is different from the previous one.


This is all about details about the migration certificate. It’s existence, issues that are faced. It is a necessary thing for every citizen in the world.

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