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Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Tue, November 14, 2017 1:07 PM   Updated on Mon, December 16, 2019 6:39 AM   5 mins read

Students looking to study abroad are majorly concerned about the expenses. Whenever the total cost is calculated, looking at the huge amount of money that needs to spend on the course, many even consider of forgetting their dream of studying abroad. But it is unfortunate that students are unaware of many other countries which are offering quality education at much lesser cost than that of the US and the UK. For example, the average total expenses per year for a student in the US can be $50,000 where cost will reduce to $8,100 if the student studies the same course in Sweden.

The Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

This post will be focusing on those countries which provide quality education at affordable rates.

1. Germany

Germany is a country which can be proud of its ten institutions which are in the top 200 QS world university rankings. Also, it has produced many Nobel prize winners with its quality education. It is also known as ‘land of ideas’ with its reputable universities, low cost of education and high quality of life. It is a popular destination for international students. It is surprising that most of its institutions do not have tuition fees charged at undergraduate and PhD levels.

2. Italy

Even though Italy has got many institutions among the top 200 in the world, its tuition fees and cost of living is comparably cheaper and an affordable one. Being home to the oldest university in the world, Italy is known for its influence on higher education. Its universities have got set of agreements known as the Bologna Process to meet common standards of higher education qualifications. The process has got its name from the first modern-day University of the world – the University of Bologna of Italy. With its quality institutions, it still influences higher education system of the world. Hence, studying in Italy can be a good decision for students.

3. Taiwan

Asia can be proud of Taiwan which is becoming a hot choice for international students for higher studies. It is known for its affordable and quality courses. National Taiwan University, the leading university of the nation is joint 68th in the QS World University Rankings 2017. Tuition fees for the undergraduate program come at US$3,200 per year which is much cheaper compared to that of the USA or the UK. It has also got more than 40 universities with over 120 courses taught in English. Its accommodation cost is as little as the US $2,300 per year. So, no wonder why Taiwan’s popularity for higher education in on the rise.

4. Poland

Poland is one of the choices for students who want to study abroad for high-quality education on a budget. You have the chance to study for free if you can take entrance exams in Polish and study the course in Polish. But, other English taught courses are highly affordable. It costs only around US$3,000 per year for a program in Poland. Living cost is also on the lesser side with US$8,000 per year. In the most affordable city list in QS Best Student Cities, the capital city of Poland, Warsaw was ranked the second and joint 63rd overall.

5. Denmark

Denmark has been considered as one of the world’s most innovative countries. For its innovative nature, there is no doubt that its education plays a pivotal role. Its education has got a strong emphasis on research and high-quality education. Hence, sure that students will get a lot to learn while studying. It is one of the world’s happiest countries and got beautiful landscapes to explore. With the low cost of living, this European nation is a good choice for quality but affordable education abroad.

6. Mexico

Mexico City has been named as one of world’s top 75 cities for students. With its unique culture and landscape, it is one of Latin America’s most visited nations and got much to offer for international students. On an average its tuition fee per year comes to US$5,500, making it a reasonable choice for higher studies. Also, its living costs are comparably low that is US$6,000 per year. It has already got many English taught courses for international students.

7. South Africa

South Africa has been always known for its natural beauty, historical significance and cultural diversity. It is also a great choice for higher education with quality and affordability. It’s University of Cape Town which has been ranked at joint 191th in QS World University Rankings 2017, charges only US$2,700 per year for master’s degree in humanities. It has also got lesser living costs that is approximately US$ 7,000 per year. Another interesting thing is that it can be a great choice for those students who have love for the outdoors.

The above-given countries are there for you to consider if you want to study in high-quality institutions at an affordable cost.

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