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New York Institute of Technology

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

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New York Institute of Technology is a private research university, with two main campuses in New York; one in Old Westbury and other in Manhattan. The university has global campuses scattered around the globe, like in Canada, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, China, Long Island and a few more.

NYIT offers students undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs in more than 50 fields of study. With its main focus on technology, NYIT society comprises an engaged network of doers, makers, and innovators prepared to change the world, solve ongoing challenges and reinvent the future. 

Moulding ideas that seem next to impossible take place every day at New York Institute of Technology. Students not only learn about the problems of today’s times, but also come up with creative, sustainable and efficient solutions. The Institute aims at training all their students to the professional level, to make them ready for the work environment and equipped with the required skills and experiences. 

Courses and Academics AtNew York Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology holds full accreditation in over 50 academic areas. It welcomes ideas of students who are poised to reinvent the future. It has five schools and two colleges, with technology and research as their priority.

The schools At New York Institute of Technology are:

  • School of Architecture and Design 
  • School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Education 
  • School of Engineering and Computing Sciences
  • School of Health Professions
  • School of Management
  • College of Arts and Sciences 
  • College of Osteopathic Medicine

 The University gives students an entire range of doctoral, bachelor’s and master’s programs. Encouraging critical creativity and promoting ideas and objectives, NYIT offers more than 90 technology-infused undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs. 

NYIT commits to serve liberal arts and science syllabus to not only the students of College of Art and Sciences, but also to those undergraduates whose courses depend on knowledge of the same. The Institute currently offers four doctoral degree programs, and has plans of offering more doctoral degree programs in the near future.

Student Life AtNew York Institute of Technology

Being a home to over 12,000 students, it is fairly tough to get into the Institute because of its low acceptance rate, around 77%. The enrolled students are shaped in a way to provide students with an outcomes-oriented education, prepare them for today’s workforce.

For students and researchers to refer to, NYIT provides a site of special collection and databases, which includes more than 100,000 books, 200 databases, 13,000 e-books, and videos. 

New York Institute of Technology houses four libraries in its campus, being:

  • George and Gertrude Wisser Memorial Library
  • Art and Architecture Library at Education Hall
  • College of Osteopathic Medicine Library
  • Manhattan Library

Achievements AtNew York Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology is one of the reputed, dynamic and highly ranked Institute which focuses to imparting students with required skills for the future. Students from all over the world engage themselves in the programs at the Institute, to become leaders in their respective fields. 

As of August 27th, 2016 U.S News & World Report, NYIT was listed as the ‘more selective’ university. It was ranked 32nd in 2017 in the edition of the Best Regional Universities North Rankings. In the year 2019, it became the College World Series team and the NYIT Bears took part in the East Coast Conference.

Vision ForNew York Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology envisions to become tech-savvy students’ first choice to get admitted in. It aims at creating a meaningful impact on students to imbibe themselves with all the attributes and skills that are required by them to become professionals in their respective fields and succeed in life at large.


Is the New York Institute of Technology a good school?

Ans. New York Institute of Technology is a good school for those who want to redefine themself out of high school. I was able to go from a 3.4 average in high school to a graduating 3.8.

Is NYIT hard to get into?

Ans. The acceptance rate at NYIT admission is 76%, the students who get an average SAT score between 1050-1270 or an average ACT score of 22-28.

Is NYIT expensive?

Ans. The expenses at NYIT are:
Textbooks= $960
Other Expenses= $3354
Typical Total Cost for On-Campus Students= $48552.

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