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NUS Business School – Ranking, Admission, Course, Fee, Scholarships

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Established in the year 1905, NUS is the national university for research in Singapore. It is the most age-old institute for higher education that has been frequently ranked within 100 top most universities across the world. The university offers a comprehensive research facility for a broad spectrum of courses; at both graduation and post-graduation levels. The university’s main focus has been to deliver quality education by following the Asian approaches of study.

In recent times, NUS beholds 17 faculties and schools of study, spread across seven campuses. Since the university brandishes a wide spectrum of courses, hence the curriculum in itself spans between multi-disciplinary and cross-faculty kinds of modules. Along with the usual semester system applicable, the university permits students to transfer between courses to provide them with thorough knowledge. 

Welcoming home as well as international students, the university has been chosen by a big fat number of more than 30,000 students annually. The immigrating students belong from over 100 countries worldwide. Along with the regular curriculum, the university encourages students to participate in other co-curricular activities in sports, dance, music, and much more actively. The university is also a host to several exchange programs and large scale internship fairs.

Some of the salient highlights of the university as follows:

  • Three main campuses: Kent Ridge, Outram, Bukit Timah
  • Notable schools of NUS: Duke-NUS Medical School, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public PolicyYale-NUS College for Liberal Arts
  • Size of each campus is around 370 acres
  • Partner Universities: Duke University (USA), Yale University (USA)
  • High graduate employment ratio, of over 85%

NUS Singapore Ranking

Being a reputed global university situated within Asia itself, it is one of the most sought after universities for a large number of Asian students. As a result, the University frequently tops the ranking list of many surveys conducted. Below are some of the rankings of NUS enlisted:


  1. 1st in Singapore and the Asia Pacific, 22nd in the world in Times Higher Education World University rankings
  2. Ranked 24th globally in the QS World University rankings
  3. 4th most International University under the QS World University rankings


  1. 1st in Asia and 11th in the world by the QS World University rankings
  2. 22nd in the world and 1st in the Asia Pacific, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

NUS Singapore Admission

There are a different set of rules and entirely different procedures of admission for home and international students. However, international students’ process is a little lengthier because it involves a complete change of country. Every year just before the start of the admission, NUS announces the cut-off requirements for different boards. It is to be noted that the entire procedure is done online.

The admission process can be categorized into five basic steps as follows:


  • Research well on the courses that NUS offers and choose wisely your preferred discipline.
  • Know specifically all the requirements of admission as well as the eligibility criteria for the chosen discipline.


  • Fill in the following relevant details:
  • Personal information
  • Contact information
  • Valid academic qualification
  • Additional test scores like IELTS/TOEFL/SAT, etc.
  • Other achievements
  • Declaration of having given authenticate details


  • Pay application fee
  • Upload all the required supporting documents 
  • Complete the application within the deadline provided
  • Applications with fees submitted to be only considered for admission


  • After submission of the application, wait and keep track of your application status regularly on the University website.
  • Appear for the entrance exam conducted by the University, if applicable for your particular discipline
  • Be prepared for any kind of interview is conducted


  • Once you have been notified as to being selected, reply to an immediate confirmation to the offered admission.

NUS Singapore Courses

As mentioned above, the entire curriculum initiated in the University is divided into 17 faculties and schools of study. The university aims to provide precise knowledge across disciplines and faculties and promote all-round learning. 

The list of courses is as follows:

  1. Art & Social Sciences
  2. Business
  3. Computing
  4. Continuing & Lifelong Education
  5. Dentistry
  6. Design and Environment
  7. Medical School
  8. Engineering
  9. Integrative Sciences and Engineering
  10. Law
  11. Medicine 
  12. Music
  13. Public Health
  14. Public Policy
  15. Science
  16. University Scholar’s Programme
  17. Liberal Arts

NUS Singapore MBA

This is a sister department of the NUS, meant exclusively for MBA. It provides amazing opportunities for growth and skillfulness to the students aspiring for MBA, such they fit inappropriately for any managerial or leadership-oriented positions. Along with core knowledge of management, this course also gives simultaneous occasions to the students to gain professional expertise through in-course training and internships.

NUS MBA has been globally recognized and has been ranked on the top in many survey-based rankings conducted within Asia and across the world. Just like NUS itself, NUS MBA also has the Asian focus, as a result of which the students gain a thorough insight into the working of businesses in Asia.

  1. As of 2018, NUS MBA has been ranked 15th in the world by QS World University rankings
  2. Consists of areas of specialization in courses such as Finance, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Strategy, etc.
  3. The course duration is of about 17 months approx.
  4. Availability of scholarships to students requiring financial aid
  5. Admission requires GMAT score

NUS Singapore MBA Fees

Studying in NUS would require fees for the admission and external charges like that of housing (either hostel or rented accommodation), insurance, and food.

The fees of NUS MBA are as follows:

  • Tuition fees (1st YEAR): INR 34,74,900/ SGD 65,000
  • Other essential expenses: 
  • HOSTEL & MEALS: INR 3,57,380/SGD 6685
  • PERSONAL EXPENSES: INR 1,60,380/SGD 3000
  • HEALTHCARE: INR 19,513/SGD 365
  • TOTAL: INR 7,08,613/SGD 13,255

NUS Singapore Masters

Not only for undergraduate studies, but NUS is also equally known for its Master’s Programme for both home as well as international students. The application process is quite similar, except that one needs to fill in the eligibility criterion desired from an already graduate student. 

NUS provides a Masters program in the following disciplines:

  • NUS MBA: NUS Executive MBA
  • NUS MSc: MSc in Finance, Management, Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics
  • NUS MTech: MTech in Digital Leadership, Enterprise Business Analytics, Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering
  • NUS MSc: MSc in Environmental, Geotechnical, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering
  • Master of Science in Offshore Technology

NUS Singapore Acceptance Rate

Based out of Singapore, the university binds students from all countries. Even the faculty and professors belong from various parts of the world. 

The recent acceptance rate of NUS Singapore has been recorded as 7%, updated from the records of the most recent class.

NUS Singapore Placements

NUS has a high placement percentage in selected disciplines of Dental Surgery, Computer Science, MBA, BBA, Nursing, and Civil Engineering. The university also boasts a fast graduate employment rate of around 75%. MBA students from NUS have an even better employment rate of around 94%.

  • Unlike most of the Universities, NUS however, does not have any placement cell. Employment chances are provided to students from directly on-campus.
  • Full-time courses record more chances of immediate employment than others
  • The average salary of any graduate student (except MBA) from NUS hovers between SGD 3000-SGD 5000 (INR 1,62,121- INR 2,70,203) per month
  •  Expected package offered to a MBA student is around SGD 80,000- SGD 95,000 (INR 43,23,251 – INR 51,33,861) per annum

NUS Singapore Scholarships

The University offers a wide range of scholarships to its undergraduate students. Referred to as the NUS Freshmen Scholarships, it is meant for both international students and Singapore citizen students, who deliver outstanding performance in fields excellence in academics, sound personal character, high intellect, strong leadership skills, and brilliant creative thinking and skills.

Below listed are the categories of Scholarship provided:

  • Scholarship for freshmen (only Singaporean citizens)
  • Scholarship for freshmen (SPRS)
  • Scholarship for freshmen (for international students)
  • Scholarships for NUS Undergraduates

NUS Singapore Scholarships for Indian Students

Under the category of scholarships meant for international students, Indian students also get an opportunity to avail scholarships initiated by the university. Like any other institution, some of it is available for undergraduate, and some for postgraduates. The details for these scholarships are subject to changes each year, and the information is only available on the university website.

Scholarships available to undergraduates cover tuition fees throughout, including an annual expenditure for the student and the usual welcome bonus amount. On the other hand, scholarships for postgraduates are completely based on academic merit. The application to this type of scholarship is to be done at the time of admission itself. It is to be noted that this scholarship is highly competitive.

NUS Singapore Campus 

The NUS campus is divided into 3; Kent Ridge, Outram, and Bukit Timah. The campus also houses its hostel for students as well as assists in rental accommodation outside. All the facilities available are up to all the accepted international university norms.

NUS Singapore Notable Alumni

Being the pride of the University, NUS has a popular list of notable alumni. The popularity and recognition of the University made this possible. This list even includes five Singaporean Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Some of the notable alumni are as follows:

  • Goh Chok Tong; Singapore’s Second PM
  • Tony Tan; Singapore’s Seventh President
  • S.R Nathan; Singapore’s longest-serving President
  • K.S Rajah; Former Judicial Commissioner of the Supreme Court of Singapore
  • Sundaresh Menon; Attorney- General, Singapore


✅ Is NUS University good?

Ans. Being ranked highest in many prestigious surveys, having an excellent placement ration, and a rich legacy of some of the most influential persons, NUS is the best option of University one should choose when interested in studying abroad.
Also, the location of the university being in one of the most business-oriented successful nations adds a plus point for better employment chances.

✅ Is NUS better than IIT?

Ans. If one can indeed manage to afford the cost of studying abroad, then NUS can be considered a better option than even the IIT. However, the main difference between the two is that though IIT is known for its quality education in Engineering, NUS is especially reputed for its MBA.

✅ Is studying in Singapore worth it?

Ans. Aspiring to study abroad always requires good research beforehand as well as a strong monetary assurance. It is not easy to decide whether to change countries or not. In the case of Singapore, it is a costly place, but if taken a chance, it can offer high benefiting rewards in the future.

✅ Best University in Singapore?

Ans. If planning to study in Singapore, NUS is the right place to go. The most important part is that it is a nationally reputed university and is extremely renowned in the world.

✅ Is it difficult to get into NUS?

Ans. With an acceptance rate as low as 7%, it is self-explanatory that NUS is difficult to get into. Being a national, prestigious, and popular university in the world, there is, however, an extreme level of competition to be faced to get in it.

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