Photography Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad in 2019

As you probably already know, being a great photographer takes more than just a great photo – it takes great photographers years of study to develop the skill set to create seemingly perfect shots. The same goes for the art of film-making – those shots don’t create themselves! Someone is behind the camera, creating every angle and capturing every moment.

With photography scholarships or filmmaking scholarships, you’ll have the unique opportunity to pursue your passion and, ultimately, become a professional in the field if that’s what you decide you’d like to do. Here are some Photography scholarships for Indian students along with study abroad scholarship program.

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Photography Scholarships for Students to Study Abroad

These are the photography scholarships for students to study abroad:

    • Disaster Preparation Scholarship

    • Express Medical Supply Scholarship

    • One Earth film-makers contest

    • Scholars helping collars

    • Kodak Professional Photography Scholarship

  • Lone Star EMMY Scholarship

$2,000 Disaster Preparation Scholarship

  • Given By

ServiceMaster provides this scholarship by Glenn’s.

  • Scholarship Amount


  • Eligibility

Candidate must be a current high school or college student with plans to attend a Florida trade school or university.

Candidate must be a Florida resident and be able to provide 2 proofs of Florida residency.

  • How to Apply?

The video must include visual aids and proper citation of research on how a business can adequately prepare for a disaster.

Upload the video on YouTube account and send the link of your video to along with your application to the official scholarship website.

Express Medical Supply Scholarship

  • Given by:

Express Medical Supply provides this scholarship.

Scholarship Amount: $500

  • Eligibility:

The Express Medical Supply Scholarship is available to all the students enrolled at an accredited university or college.

  • How to Apply?

Candidate must Tweet a picture that represents the “heart” of his/her hometown

Candidate has to explain the choice in 108 characters or less to be considered for this award.

Candidate should publicly share an original image to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram that best illustrates the prompt.

Then-candidate should send an email with the required information.

One Earth Young Filmmakers Contest

  • Given by :

Green Community Connections host one Earth Young Filmmakers Contest.

  • Scholarship Amount: 4 Awards from $75 – $1,000
  • Eligibility:

All the candidates fitting the below criteria are allowed:

Elementary (grades 3, 4, 5)

– Middle School (grades 6, 7, 8)

– High School (grades 9, 10, 11)

– Senior Year  plus

  • How to Apply?

Candidate has to create and save his/her film in a high-quality digital file. YouTube submissions are not allowed. Candidate has to upload his/her movie to his/her own Video account.

Candidate has to send an email informing the film submission. Candidate should include the link to the film,  film title, and the completed oath and permission form.

Scholars Helping Collars

  • Given by :

This scholarship is offered by Pet Lifestyle and You (P.L.A.Y).

  • Scholarship Amount: $1,000
  • Eligibility


Candidate must be U.S. citizen.

Two-year college.

Four-year college.

  • How to Apply?

In order to apply, an essay have to be written by the candidate regarding their involvement in helping animals who are in need. They should write the essay between 500-1000 words.

For more information about the scholarship and how to submit can be found on the scholarship website.

Kodak Professional Photography Scholarship

  • Given by:

Columbia College Chicago provides this scholarship.

  • Scholarship Amount: $4,500
  • Eligibility:

Candidates who have completed at least one year of coursework;

Candidates with at least one full year of undergraduate study remaining;

Those who have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

  • How to Apply?

Fill the online application form.

There are two parts to the application:


Candidate must deliver the portfolio to the Photography Department. The portfolio should consist of the following:

  1. Cover sheet form must be filled out and attached to the front of your container/portfolio case.

2.15-20 images.


Candidates must provide a statement describing the work samples you are submitting.

Lone Star EMMY Scholarship

  • Given by: National Academy Television Arts and Sciences
  • Scholarship Amount is $2,500
  • Eligibility :

Candidate must be in good standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Candidate must be currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning in the State of Texas at a junior level or above.

Undergraduate Candidate must have two (2) academic semesters remaining when the scholarship is awarded or be enrolled in graduate school.

Candidate must be majoring in Radio, Television, Film; Broadcast Journalism; or related major.

They must submit at least two letters of recommendation from faculty, employers or internship supervisor.

  • How to Apply?

Fill the application form and submit the required documents successfully by visiting the official website.


Q.1.  How can I get a scholarship to study in the USA?

Ask Your School. Everybody’s first step when searching for scholarships should be his/her school’s financial aid office. Most of the colleges offer scholarship programs specifically for international students attending the institution.

Q.2. Which college is best for photography in India?

Some of the best colleges offering photography courses are mentioned below:

1 Delhi School of Photography, New Delhi.

2 Light and Life Academy, Ooty.

3 Delhi Photography Club, Delhi.

4 National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Q.3. Which college is best for photography?

College and University for Photography Programs in the U.S.

Virginia Commonwealth University.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

The University of Arizona.

Maryland Institute College of Art.

Arizona State University.

Columbia College (IL)

California College of the Arts. …

University of California(Los Angeles)

Q.4. Is there any degree in photography?

Yes, there is, i.e. Undergraduate degree programs in photography, and related fields may be available at art schools, colleges and universities.

Q.5. What is the salary of a wildlife photographer in India?

The average annual wage of all photographers was $40,280 per year, or $19.37 per hour, as of May 2015 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Q.6. What education is needed to become a photographer?

Education is needed to become a photographer is A Bachelor of Arts in Photography; bachelor’s degrees typically including art, business, marketing, and other courses to round out one’s education.

Q.7. Do photographers make good money?

Making good money is possible. But with more and more people becoming professional photographers, the market is just filled with people trying to start a photography business.

Q.8. How do photographers get paid?

The photographer gets paid through various sources mentioned below:

Teach photography lessons.

Sell or organize exhibitions of your digital or printed copies of your work.

Sell your photos on stock websites.

Discuss your photography skills in a blog created by you.

Invest in your art.

Conduct photography tours and workshops.

Q.9. Can you major in photography?

Yes, Undergraduates can earn a bachelor’s degree in art or studio art with a photography emphasis also Graduate students can pursue a Master in Fine Arts in photography.

Q.10. What is the starting salary for a photographer?

Photographers earn an average hourly wage up to $19.81. Hourly wages there typically start from $6.40 and go up to $44.09.

Getting a photography scholarship is not an easy task, and it plays a pivotal role in a student accepting or declining an offer to study in an institution. Scholarship understands the major component of their total costs and in a maximum cases, students have also enjoyed the great offers of scholarships in a specific institution. These are the photography scholarships available for the students. Do share your views about the post in the comments section. Also, please don’t forget to add your suggestions and feedback.

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