Pre MBA Internship: How worthy is it?

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Pre MBA Internship

Is everything set for joining MBA course abroad? Kudos to all your efforts in getting you admit card! You may be having some months free time until the joining date of the course. So, How are you planning to spend this leisure time? But won’t it be good if before doing MBA, you get a chance to have a glimpse at the role of MBAs in firms? If you feel that you would like to spend some time before MBA on experiencing life after MBA, then a pre-MBA internship is for you. A survey found that nearly 30% of prospective MBA students attended formal “pre-MBA” internship” programs and those internships turned valuable for them.

This post will be discussing everything you need to know about a pre-MBA internship.

Why should you be doing pre MBA internship?

Pre-MBA internship is being offered by firms in banking, venture capital, consulting, marketing etc. If you have already decided to join a sector after MBA, pre-MBA is advisable. This is mostly applicable for those who want to switch their career after MBA course. Pre-MBA internship is a test drive of your new area of interest. So, if you do a Pre-MBA internship in the sector which you want to work after completing MBA, then you get a chance to experience and realize whether you are an actual fit for the sector. Else, if you feel like it is the sector you want to have a career, then you may work harder to get good summer internship which can get you a full-time job offer. Also, it is common that as soon as you join campus, the recruiting starts for the summer internship. 

Students usually get confused on which sector to choose because of lack of clear idea on the sector they want to intern. Pre-MBA internship can help you in this case by giving you something to talk about when recruiters come for the summer internship. If you are planning for an executive course which lasts for 12-15 months, then pre-MBA can help you to get adjusted to the work environment in which you will be working after course. It is also something which can give you a diversified experience. Even though it is not something mandatory, but it is something to be considered before your MBA course.

Pre MBA internship – Duration

Usually, pre-MBA internships last from four to six weeks. Some companies have intensive programs which last for only a few days.

Pre MBA Internship: How to apply?

There are company-sponsored programs, college-sponsored programs, online platform courses etc. Some companies even consider this as criteria for selecting summer internship candidates. You can apply via company websites, referrals, cold calling etc. Mostly pre-MBA internships will be unpaid. But paid internships are also available. Some companies only do accept from top schools. While others consider student’s profile and work experience. There is no need to get worried even if you do not get into your dream company for pre-MBA internship. Because you can try again during MBA while building your skills and knowledge. It is seen that those established companies which have structured processes only lead to summer internship offers. Unstructured pre-MBA internships, which have been secured through networking, referrals etc. will only help you to gain focus on gaining industry or functional experience.

Pre MBA Internship: Negatives?

When you are already worried about financial aid plans or housing in the new country etc. , it is better to take care of those concerns first. You may save more by continuing your job as late as possible to reduce your financial burden to an extent. Some others may feel that they should take a break before hectic schedule awaiting during MBA. Spending time with your close ones, friends etc. can help you to refresh your mind before going for a breathless two years. You may also go on a trip with your friends or family and this can really help you to get rid of tiring hours during the working time before. In these cases, you may not find doing pre-MBA internship as valuable and it is completely justifiable to avoid the same.

You have anyway got admit card of the prestigious institution you are going to study and also valuable 2 years ahead to plan well and mould your career.

When students plan to join MBA programs, they will get exposure to new fields like marketing, finance, HR etc. With advice from friends, alumni etc., most of the prospective students form a perception about which sector to join after MBA. A summer internship can act as a gateway to your dream job. But when you have zero experience in your desired field, it becomes a question that how you may stand out from other candidates. Pre-MBA internship gives you an edge over others during your summer internship. Also, it is a real-time checker to see if you really want to choose a career in the sector you have done pre-MBA internship with.

MBA Admissions and Internships

As it is not mandatory, you may think over it as it surely adds value to your profile.

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