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Do you want to study overseas? Then you must be already aware that cost of tuition & living expenses can rapidly build up to a sizable college budget. But don’t let that stop you from wanting to study abroad.  Scholarships, fortunately, provide the crucial monetary assistance that many students require.

A scholarship for study in abroad is a sum of money granted by a university, school, college, or other institution to help a student with exceptional potential but very little monetary support pay for his or her education. There are also scholarships that are more open, allowing kids of various academic potential & financial circumstances to apply.

Both government & non-government organizations offer scholarship for study in abroad that are need-based, merit-based, sport-based, study subject-specific, or targeted towards minorities in order to help students reach their full potential.

Below are some non-government (Indian) scholarship for study in abroad.

  • Megan Leanne Dietician ScholarshipThis scholarship is open to undergraduates at CQ University in Australia. This award is intended to help eligible students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health and sciences. A total of AUD 1,000 would be awarded to selected students.
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship – The Orange Tulip Scholarship provides opportunities for bright Indian students to pursue higher education in Netherlands. Colleges, universities, graduate schools, companies, & government entities in the Netherlands provide it. This scheme offers a wide selection of courses that vary widely from one establishment to another. Up to 100% tuition cost could be waived.
  • Michigan State University, International Tuition GrantThis grant is given to academically talented incoming students with non-US residence status who apply via institutions outside the US. This grant might be worth $25,000, $20,000, or $18,000 every year for the next 8 semesters.
  • The University of Queensland & St Leo’s Music Achievement Scholarship – This scholarship was created in 2009 to encourage deserving students who’ve been engaged in music studies and live in the St Leo’s College community. A total of AUD 6,000 would be awarded to selected students.

Types of scholarship:

For various students, there are a range of scholarships available and with some strategic preparation and thorough study, you may land the finest of them.

Scholarships for studying abroad are mostly divided into the following categories:

Merit basedBased on a student’s academic performance or extracurricular activities such as sports accomplishments and community service
Student specific Students who wish to pursue a certain subject of study may be eligible for scholarships from certain colleges and institutes.
Need Based Scholarships is awarded on the basis of your parent’s financial situation and are aimed at students who are financially challenged. Authorities may request documentation such as family income, tax returns, employment verification, and so on.
Destrination specificSeveral government agencies or institutions award scholarships and grants to students from a certain nation.
Athletic scholarshipsOnly the top athletes are eligible for these scholarships, which require you to practise hard and represent your institution in events while still managing your schoolwork.
Subject-specificCertain universities and institutions may provide scholarships to students interested in pursuing a certain field of study.

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Scholarship for Study in Abroad for Indian Students

If you are an Indian pupil looking for possibilities to study overseas, you will be delighted to learn that several governments, institutions, and universities provide foreign scholarship for study in abroad for Indian students.

The following is a list of foreign scholarships available to Indian candidates:

  • Inlaks Shivdasani Scholarship –  Indian students can apply for this scholarship to study in Europe or North America. Applicants have to be below 30 yrs. old & Indian resident while submitting the application. This scholarship is for undergraduate & postgraduate research. There are also some limitations. To know more about the terms & conditions, check their official website.
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship – The Orange Tulip Scholarship provides opportunities for bright Indian students to pursue higher education in Netherlands. Colleges, universities, graduate schools, companies, & government entities in the Netherlands provide it. This scheme offers a wide selection of courses that vary widely from one establishment to another. Up to 100% tuition cost could be waived.
  • Hinrich MA in Internationational Journalism Scholarship at HKBU The Hinrichs Global Trade Program, supported by the charitable Hinrich Foundation, provides 150 scholarships to deserving students from ten countries in Asia to seek a university education and begin a promising future in a certain trade. This full university fees waiver is granted to the pupils of HKBU seeking Masters in International Journalism
  • Indian Global Leader Scholarship – Indian students participating in an undergrad / postgraduate degree course in Business, Law, or Economics at the UQ (University of Queensland) are invited to apply for this scholarship. The accepted student will get a tuition fee award valued up to $ 20,000 (AUD).
  • UNSW, Sydney Future of Change India – This scholarship has been created to support and encourage high-achieving Indian students to study at UNSW as undergraduates or postgraduates. Every Scholarship is worth $5,000 / year over the duration of an undergrad or postgrad degree program at UNSW. Funding will be provided in the form of a stipend to help with the expenses of your study.
  • UCD Global UG Scholarship for Indian Students – Indian undergraduates can apply for scholarships at University College Dublin (UCD). The UCD Undergrad Scholarship program offers 5 college fee scholarships of €5,000 for science courses & 4 college fee scholarships of €2,500 for Arts, Social science, and Business. In addition, one UCD Global Undergrad Scholarship is offered in all areas except radiology, veterinary medicine, and medicine, and provides a 50% cost reduction.
  • Charpak Scholarship for Masters – Charpak is a scholarship scheme run by the French govt. in India. There are three sub-programs within the scholarship scheme. It enables Indian learners to study in private & public universities in France as undergraduates or postgraduates. The three sub-programs within the scholarship are – Charpak Masters, Charpak Lab & Charpak Exchange. 
  • LSE fellowship by Sir Ratan Tata for South Asian applicants – This Post-doctoral Fellowship is headquartered at the LSE Observatory and runs for 6 months throughout every academic year. The Fellow will conduct research in the field of social science on India’s & South Asia’s social & economic development.
  • Sussex India Scholarship – This scholarship would be for new PG students of Indian nationality who’ve been admitted to a Masters’ program at the University of Sussex. Tuition fees will be reduced by £3,000 for selected students.
  •  Oxford Felix Scholarship for Indian students – This scholarship allows excellent Indian students to pursue grad courses at Oxford University, the University of Reading, as well as the University of London’s School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) in any discipline.  The scholarship has been assisting Oxford scholars since 1991.

The scholarship would cover all academic fees, a living allowance (about £15,800), and one round-trip ticket between India to the UK. The award will be valid for the length of the fee responsibility for the agreed-upon course.

Scholarship for Study in Abroad By Indian Government

‘’Pen is mightier than a sword’’. This short sentence illustrates the significance of knowledge in our lives as people and as nations. This is precisely why a growing number of institutions have begun to award scholarships to eligible & excellent students.

Deserving students may now take their preferred program at their preferred university thanks to the given below scholarship for study in abroad offered for nearly every course.

  • Full bright Nehru Masters Fellowship The fellowship is for excellent Indian students who want to study for a Master’s degree in the United States. Students must have earned a 55 percent aggregate grade in the equal of a bachelor’s degree in the United States. Applicants must also have shown leadership characteristics & have three years of professional experience, as well as a strong desire of returning to India & help their community.
    Duration – 1 to 2 years
    Amount – tuition & living cost
  • Full Bright Kalam Fellowship This fellowship is awarded to Indian students who are pursuing a Doctoral degree from an Indian university and are affiliated with a host institution in the United States throughout the grant time. The deadline for submitting a Ph.D. thesis shouldn’t be more than 3 months afterward the Nehru grant ends. An applicant must upload a duplicate of a presented or published article/paper to the online entry form. 
    Duration – 6 to 9 years
    Amount – A monthly pay, Visa Support, Accident & Sickness Program, round-trip economy class plane tickets, and a small settling in the allowance.
  • Full bright Nehru Doctoral fellowship – Indians who apply for this fellowship to study in the United States must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program at an Indian university. Because this fellowship is intended to help Indian Ph.D. scholars undertake research for their dissertations or thesis, the thesis submitting deadline shouldn’t be more than 3 months afterward the fellowship ends. An applicant must submit a copy of a presented/published article or excerpts from a Master’s/M.Phils. Thesis to the application forms.
    Duration – 0 to 9 months
    Amount – A monthly pay, Visa Support, Accident & Sickness Program, round-trip economy class plane tickets, and a small settling in the allowance.
  • Inlaks Scholarship – Indian students can apply for this scholarship to study in Europe or North America. Applicants have to be below 30 yrs. old & Indian resident while submitting the application. This scholarship is for undergraduate & postgraduate research. It is reserved for students enrolling in Applied Arts & Conservation, Business Management, Architecture, Communications (Film, Tv, Journalism), Fashion & Design, Fine Arts, Dance & Theatre, Special Education & Law, Musical and Composition programs.
    Duration – 6 months
    Amount – A scholarship of up to $100,000 will be given.
  • Great Wall Program – The scholarship is intended for scholars from developing countries interested in studying or conducting experiments in China. The Chinese Education department formed it to help UNESCO finance students & intellectuals. Students seeking these scholarships have to be under 45 years old and hold a master’s or bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) in order to be considered.
    Duration – 1 year
    Amount – It is a complete scholarship, so tuition, housing, full medical insurance, as well as a stipend are all covered.

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Scholarships for Studying Abroad After 12th

The majority of Indian students seek to pursue higher education overseas. It is a popular notion among students, who wish to study overseas in order to get global experience and a higher level of education. However, pursuing this goal is not simple, since one of the most significant obstacles is the high expense of studying at overseas colleges.

Under this heading, you will find the best scholarships for study in abroad as well as the crucial scholarship tests to pass in order to study overseas after 12th Standard.

Scholarship Exams for Studying Abroad After 12th 

Scholarships are available to those who have exceptional academic abilities and a strong desire to succeed. It’s not simple to find deserving individuals all throughout the world. That’s why certain admission tests are accepted by organizations as a means of evaluating candidates. The chosen group will get financial help for higher studies at prestigious colleges. The candidates’ ability & determination will be assessed at these entrances. 

Well here’s a list of tests that students can take to assist them to get scholarships to learn overseas.

  • TOEFLThe TOEFL examination is designed to assess a student’s ability to utilize and comprehend the English language at the university level. It also assesses their ability to do academic activities by assessing their speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills.
    A registration payment of $180 is needed for Indian applicants taking the TOEFL test.
  • IELTSThe IELTS is an English language competence test for those who desire to learn in countries where English is spoken. IELTS marks are accepted by international universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Indian students are required to pay a registration charge of $188.
  • GREThe GRE has been the world’s most widely used graduate evaluation test. The GRE generic test is available to applicants from all around the world who desire to pursue a bachelor’s degree, MBA, doctorate degree, or specialized master’s degree in business. The registration price for Indian students is $ 205.
  • SATThe College Board administers the SAT, a standardised undergrad university admissions test. The SAT examination predicts individuals’ academic achievement in the long term when they apply to prestigious colleges. The registration price for Indian students is $98.5 (SAT) & $113 (SAT with essay). 
  • ACT – The ACT exam was created to be a competition for the SAT test. In terms of goal, these 2 examinations are identical. ACT marks are recognised by nearly all prestigious colleges in the United States. It assesses the abilities of high school students intending to further their education at a university in the United States. The ACT scorecard is effective for 5 years.

The registration price for Indian students is $150 (without writing) & $166 (with writing).

Scholarships for Studying Abroad By Indian Government After 12th

Many students from India opt to study overseas because it provides them with a global education that allows them to interact with peers from various intellectual & economic backgrounds. The students’ performance is crucial in getting entry to the institution or university of their choice. Many government & commercial organizations provide financial assistance in the form of scholarship for study in abroad.

Given below are some international scholarships offered for Indian learners after the 12th Standard.

Scholarship Award
Tata Scholarships100% tuition fees, living expenses, travel & medical allowance
Chinese Govt. ScholarshipsFull program fees, living allowance, airfare allowance (by Indian govt.)
Inlaks ScholarshipFull program fees, living expenses, health allowance & travel allowance (one-way)
Lester Pearson Int. ScholarshipsFull tuition & book fees, accommodation support (4 years) and incidental fees
Monash Int. Merit Scholarship AUD 10,000 each year for entire program duration

Scholarships for Studying Abroad After 10th

The tests for Class 10th & 12th are crucial in the life of a student. Numerous young students from India wish of studying overseas after finishing their studies, & you’ve got the opportunity to do so either after your 12th or your 10th standard.

However, we are all aware that studying overseas can be costly. So, we’ve included a table below with the finest scholarships for studying abroad after 10th grade.

Keith Voigt Study Abroad $8,000
YFU Int. Students ScholarshipEducational Fund
Alvarez Scholarship for Int. Students50% of tuition fee
Smooth Movers Int. Scholarship (high school learners)$1,000

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Scholarship for Study in Canada

With over 600,000 international students enrolled in a wide range of programs, Canada is among the most desirable study abroad countries. Regardless of how successful it is, learning in Canada isn’t really inexpensive. Individuals who desire to learn in Canada but lack the monetary resources to do so might seek one of the numerous scholarships available in the country.

Banting post-doctoral fellowship42,45,700 INR
Vanier Scholarship30,32,570 INR
IDRC AwardsResearch & travel support of 9, 09,800 INR (max.)
Canadian post-doctoral fellowship1,51,600 INR/ month & airfare allowance up to 6,06,390 INR
Social science & HR Council in Canada (partnership grant)12,12,780 INR
Ontario Trillium Scholarship 24,26,300 INR 
Anne Valle Funds90,985 INR
Trudeau Scholarships & Fellowships36,39,400 INR
Ontario Graduate Scholarship 9,09,790 INR
Canada Memorial 10,32,200 INR 

Scholarship for Study in Germany

Germany has been the top pick for many students looking to study overseas due to its 400+ universities & rich history. For its colourful culture and kind people, it is a wonderful country. Not only that, but the country’s institutions are well-known and highly regarded across the world.

The following are the top scholarships for study in Germany that you should be aware of

DAAD WISE € 750 /month (living expenses)€ 1,070 (health insurance & travel allowance)
Heinrich Boll € 850/month (Masters)€ 1000 /month (PhD)
Kofi Annan (MBA)€ 25,000 (MIM students)€ 43,500 (MBA students)
Goethe Goes € 1,000/ month
DLD Executive (MBA) € 23,000 tuition fee (winner)€ 10,000 tuition support (3 finalists)
ESMT Women  € 15,000
 Konrad Adenauer Stiftung € 1,100/month for 3 years

Scholarship for Study in USA

For quite long time, the United States has been the best place for students to start their careers following graduation. In the US, obtaining a bachelor’s/master’s degree can be costly. However, there are several scholarships available in the United States for Indian learners, which cut the course price by a significant amount & assist them in funding their education.

IEFA 36,648.6 INR
AAUW Int. Fellowship366,486 INR – 13,15,071.00 INR (Masters)13,15,071.00 INR – 21,91,485.00 INR (Doctrol)
Full bright Nehru Fellowship Tuition + health & travel allowance + living expenses
LSEF Scholarship $29,500/ year for 2 years
AEF Scholarship20,000$ 
AU EGL Scholarship$4,000 per year
Cornell University x Tata Scholarship$25 million 

Scholarship for Study in UK

The outstanding scholarship system in the UK is one of the key reasons it’s a favourite study abroad location for students. Higher-ed, on the contrary, may be costly, which is why the United Kingdom government & universities provide a variety of scholarships for international & Indian students. All qualified applicants who desire to undertake a study course in any chosen discipline are suitable for such financial help packages.

British Chevening for Int. Scholarships  £18,000 
Felix ScholarshipGBP 78,840
Rhodes Scholarship 59,490 Pounds
Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Tuition fees + living expenses + airfare 
CWIT ScholarshipEducation fees + travel allowance of up to 600£
Scotland Saltire Scholarship8,000 GBP
Inlaks Scholarship 100,000 USD

Scholarship for Study in Australia

In the case of education overseas, Australia is among the most desirable locations worldwide. International students may benefit from the country’s high-quality education, competent teachers, and diverse course offerings, as well as extensive research & employment prospects. If you meet the financial conditions, you may opt for a variety of scholarships while studying in Australia.

Australia Award ScholarshipTuition fees + living expenses + accommodation & study material support + airfare (return) 
ACU Australia Int. ScholarshipAUD 7,500/semester
Australia RTP ScholarshipAUD 28,587/Annum
Flinders Int. Post-grad ScholarshipTuition fees + living expenses + accommodation + airfare (return) 
Macquarie University Int. Scholarship  AUD 10,000
Curtin University Int. Scholarship AUD 10,000 
Sydney India Scholarship ProgramAUD 50,000

Scholarships for Study Abroad


✅ How can I get full scholarship to study abroad?

Ans: You can use various resources to find study abroad scholarships: university websites, online scholarship databases, official study abroad pages for individual countries, and so on. The most common types of scholarships are academic or merit-based, need-based, athletic-based, region or minority-based, etc

✅ How can I get 100 percent scholarship to study abroad?

Ans: A question that many students aspiring to study abroad ask is – ‘will any scholarship cover 100% of the expenses of studying abroad? ‘ The true answer to this question is ‘NO’. There are no fully funded scholarships for international students.

✅ Is there a way to study abroad for free?

Ans: Nordic nations Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden all offer opportunities to study free or at low cost: In Norway, university study is available free of charge to all students, regardless of study level or nationality.

✅ Which country is best for scholarship?

Ans: Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia are some of the promising study abroad destinations that have attracted a large number of students worldwide due to their outstanding education system and post-study work opportunities

✅ Does Indian government give scholarships for studying abroad?

Ans: The Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships is an Indian government scholarship to study abroad and help excellent Indians who wish to pursue a master’s degree at one of the United States’ top universities. Amount or Type of Expenses: Tuition, living costs, travel allowance, health cover.


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