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Eventually, every student has to attend to various competitive exams to achieve their dreams. For which many exams are scheduled to take place in the coming months. Thus, all students need to try harder to clear the test. In the time of rivalry, the person who begins early is the person who will land the position soonest among different contenders.


You have to have an unmistakable, engaged, and right methodology while planning the tests, at exactly that point you can think to beat others. You will have to make yourself the best among the best. Along these lines, firm assurance is important to exceed the expectations of the test. The Quantitative bent area is a back-breaking segment as it requires a ton of training and commitment.

The information on nuts and bolts has no pertinence until you have rehearsed a ton on its different ideas. A fundamental idea may show up as troublesome until you have understood various inquiries of various kinds of a similar point. Particularly in quantitative thinking, you may go over inquiries that include streamlining complex numerical issues to locate an explicit reply answer in lesser time. This blog will take you on an extensive excursion of how you can settle improvement questions and score better in the hard-hitting areas of quantitative thinking.

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Rules of simplification

BODMAS is a fundamental principle that understudies are educated about during their initial introduction to science. In disentanglement questions, the BODMAS rule productively helps with limiting the compound idea of a condition to locate a speedier answer. In a given numerical condition, BODMAS is utilized as the correct succession to unravel it in a shortsighted way. It very well may be expounded as section, request, division, duplication, expansion, and subtraction. 

To begin with a numerical issue, The BODMAS decide says that: 

  1. Solve the sections first.
  2. Assess types. 
  3. Beginning from left to right, go for division and augmentation. 
  4. Then include or/and subtract from left to right.

To understand this with an example

Question: 18+33÷11×(21÷3)^2-8


  • Start by solving the brackets.

18+33÷11×(21÷3)^2-8 = 18+33÷11×7^2-8

  • Focus on exponents.

18+33÷11×7^2-8 = 18+33÷11×49-8

  • Next, divisions and multiplications.

18+33÷11×49-8= 18+3×49-8


  • Finally, addition and subtraction.

18+147-8= 236-8


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Simplified questions: understanding modulus

The modulus is portrayed as a capacity in which the yield of any genuine number will be either positive or zero. It is never a negative worth. Taking any genuine number, for example, on the off chance that we take, the modulus of any genuine number ‘an’ or the outright estimation of ‘a’ will be: 

|a|= a {if a ≤ 0} and – a {if a >0} 

Consequently, for instance, figuring the modulus of |5|, we should investigate how you can explain it. 

|5| = |-5| = 5 

Knowing the idea of modulus will be useful in tackling those numerical issues with the supreme worth disparities that can come in GMAT. Utilizing this essential part of the modulus, you can viably unravel those conditions.

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Understanding expressions

Numerical articulations can be confounding to see; however, with stunts like figuring and improving, you can get familiar with a snappier method to find a workable pace answer. 

Calculating: Using this method, you can counterbalance the significantly basic terms in divisional issues. 

For instance, (220+440)÷770 

Here you can locate a typical connection, for example, 11.

  • (2*110+4*110)÷7*110 
  • = 110 (2+4)÷7*110 
  • = (2+4)÷7 
  • = 6÷7 
  • = 0.857 approx. 

Improving: For complex duplication issues, rearranging works like calculating as you can find a typical factor in the articulation. Subsequently, the factor would then be able to be taken out, and the remainder of the increase will turn out to be similarly simpler. 


✅ How do you solve simplification questions?

Some of the ways to Solve Simplification questions are:

1. Understand and practice BODMAS
2. Memorize the multiplication table till 30
3. You need to memorize squares and cubes of numbers
4. Learn strategies and tricks to easily solve topics such as square roots, cubes, etc

✅ How do you increase simplification speed?

1. Get up in the morning and do Maths
2. Start with the Easy Ones
3. Do the simplifications
4. Basic Maths
5. Observe, Decide, Execute
6. Do the Mental Maths for 1 Hour

✅ What are the rules of simplification?

Important Concepts and Formulas – Simplification
1. Do operations in brackets first, strictly in the order (), {} and []
2. Evaluate exponents (powers, roots, etc.)
3. Perform division and multiplication, working from left to right
4. Perform addition and subtraction, working from left to right

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