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A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is the third autonomous university in Singapore. The University aims to excel in tackling the world’s complexities and impacting humanity positively. It believes in nurturing students through its transformative education and preparing them to be leaders in the future. 

Set up in 2000 in the Downtown area of Singapore, the University foster innovative learning experiences that create influential change agents who drive change that positively impacts business, government and society. To have an independent mind and to think deeply and broadly are the foundations of Singapore Management University. 


Singapore Management University is known for its interactive and technologically enabled pedagogy of seminar-style teaching. SMU comprising of six schools, offers a wide spectrum of bachelors’, masters’ and PhD degree programmes, especially on Management, Social Sciences and Technology and around their inter-section subjects. The different schools are:

  • School of Accountancy
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Business
  • School of Economics
  • School of Information Systems
  • School of Law
  • School of Social Sciences

Singapore Management University follows a course-credit system. A certain credit weightage is allotted to each student in the University which are to be fulfilled by the student to graduate. 

In addition to the primary major of the student, SMU also offers second majors to its students. Offering around 43 second majors to undergraduates, students get their degree certificate and an indication of the second major in the result transcript. 

Double Degree is also an option for students to choose from. Combine any of two disciplines from Accountancy, Business Management, Economics, Law, Information Systems Management or Social Sciences, undergraduates have an option to choose from approximately 20 combinations. 


Singapore Management University’s campus is distinctive and unprecedented. It is designed, integrated and constructed in the heart of a fully developed cityscape. The goal wasn’t to just create a campus that is equipped to meet the requirements of the new millennium, but also to remain connected to the historical origins of this important district. 

Built over 4.5 hectares of land, the SMU campus is surrounded by museums, theatres, educational institutions, art galleries, cafés, restaurants and a range of retail outlets. 

In addition to this, the campus comprises of the seminar and conference rooms, digital classrooms, and an administrative building; research facilities scattered throughout the university. School of Law is the most recent building, with a seating of over 500 people and equipped with modern technology.


Home to over 10,000 students across undergraduate, postgraduate professional and post-graduate research programmes, SMU offers lot more than just academics. As students from all over the world come at SMU to build a life for themselves, there is, needless to say, a mixture of cultures and traditions. This multi-culture environment contributes to exchange of different ideas and opinions and therefore, might help to create awareness of world issues.


The Diversity, Inclusion & Integration (DII) team annually plans a series of social and recreational programmes to engage international students to enhance student experience. These activities provide opportunities for integration with the university community and to communicate with one another. 

Sports facilities and amenities

SMU has a Sports Hall that is equipped with all the facilities and amenities one needs while playing a sport. Archery, badminton, basketball, floor-ball, handball, martial arts, tchoukball, volleyball and many indoor sports are some of the sports played by students. 


To enhance one’s skills other than academics, SMU has a few clubs. They help students to take the edge of the stress of studies and mingle with one another. The clubs are:

  • ASOC
  • Tax Society @SMU
  • SMU Emerging Markets

In addition to all of the above, the University has well-equipped gym halls, laboratories, a sports room, and a swimming pool, as well as free Wi-Fi accessibility.


Singapore Management University envisions to become internationally recognised for its world-class research programs and distinguished teaching. It aims to become a premier university, therefore disseminating knowledge and wisdom to its students.

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