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Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Wed, February 19, 2020 10:50 AM   Updated on Thu, February 20, 2020 7:42 AM   3 mins read

The segment of science which deals with human societies and relationships among individuals within a society is Social Science. Social Science encompasses a variety of streams like human and physical geography, anthropology, archaeology, economics, linguistics, political science, psychology, management science, mass communication, law.

The branch of Social Science explores the development and behaviour of human beings all over the earth throughout the past and present. Anthropologists are scientists who understand humanity as a whole by examining biological , archaeological , linguistic or socio cultural traditions. 

The branch of social science which analyses the material culture, artifacts, bio facts or ecofacts to study human activity is archaeology. 

The branch of social science which explains economic behaviour of individuals and groups is Economics.

The branch of social science which explores the relationship between people and the environments in which they live in is Geography. Geographers study the human societies and physical properties on Earth’s surface.

The branch of social science which researches the past human events in a continuous and systematic manner is called history.

The branch of social science which deals with morals and ethical philosophies that can be enforced is the law.

The branch of social science which involves the systematic study of human language by touching upon areas like logic, cognitive, psychology, philosophy is called linguistics.

The branch of social science which researches the governance systems, analyses political behaviour and thoughts of contemporary and classical thinkers is  Political Science.

The branch of social science which scientifically studies the mind and it’s linked to behavior is called psychology. It is a vast area that covers sports, health, clinical and social cognitive thinking.

The branch of social science which is the study of patterns of social culture, patterns and interaction is called sociology.

At the Undergraduate level, Bachelor courses in social science can be pursued. Bachelor in Arts (B.A) offers liberal arts education, intensive lessons in writing and analyses, critical and research-oriented thinking in fields like sociology, psychology, anthropology, geography political science, cultural studies, and history. B.A. in Social Science is the three years course. The candidates of any stream (science, arts or commerce) in Class 11 and 12 are eligible to pursue B.A in Social Science. After bachelor’s’ candidates can opt for specialization in any of the aforesaid disciplines of social science.

The top colleges in India for humanities and social science are Lady Shri Ram College ( LSR) for women in New Delhi, Loyola College, Chennai, Christ University, Bangalore, St. Xaviers College Mumbai, Miranda House, New Delhi,  Hansraj College, New Delhi, SRCC, Delhi, Hindu College, New Delhi, Ramjas College, New Delhi.

A number of career options are available for aspiring candidates who want to pursue social science namely Teacher, Advertising agent, Psychologist, Historian, Technical writer, Human Resources, Lawyer, Editor, Linguist, Journalist, Public Relations Manager.

Social Scientists have profound effects on every part of society like ensuring cybersecurity, fighting pandemics, suggesting alternative energy and counseling criminals make the society a better place to live in.

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