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Statistics is a field of mathematical analysis that uses figure models for the analysis and interpretation of data. It is an emerging area of study amongst the youth given the fact that its principles can be applied over every possible area of problem assessment. The methodologies of Statistics can be utilized to solve all kinds of problems, be it social, scientific, industrial, business-related, psychological or political. From votes for an election to market shares, everything involves the use of statistics to infer and display data. One compares relevant statistic models to extract the main cause of the problem whilst coming through with the solution of the said problem.

Statistics being an umbrella term, encompasses varied types of models under it. The five main models that you will be studying if you choose statistics as your career path include Mean, Regression Analysis, Skewness, Kurtosis and Variance. All these models help to differentiate between the two fairly broad categories, descriptive and inferential statistics. Both of which are used simultaneously in every sector of data analysis. Although for now, you might not be able to understand the stated technical terms but once you decide to pursue this course as your future path, you will eventually get yourself versed.

Choosing Statistics as your career path not only gives you the incentive of having a competitive career that has a proven growth rate in future but also provides you with the liberty to opt for any field of your desire. You can choose from medicine to sports, from politics to marketing, you name it and the requirement for an expert from this field is present.

Future Prospects for Statistics Graduates and Post-Graduates

Before you make a career choice, it is quite natural to think about what jobs roles you will have, how much money will you make and is the career path stable or not. Since Statistics is applied in every field of career possibilities, you are up for a job opportunity in any field you desire and the demand is unending because as we know problems are never-ending and hence we will require solutions at all times. So, this career option will always be open for opportunities and your finances are super secured.

Courses in Statistics

If you look through the website of Indian Statistical Institute, you will find out that the classification of courses in statistics is quite extensive. And not only ISI, India but a lot of universities around the globe offer courses on the same lines.

Short Term Courses in Statistics

  • Part-Time or Full-Time Certificate in Statistical Quality Control – Max. Duration of 1-year Certificate in Statistical Methods and Applications – Max. Duration of 1 year
  • Diploma in Statistics – Max. Duration of 2 years
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Statistical Methods and Analytics –  Max. Duration of 1 year
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications – Max. Duration of 1 year
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics – Max. Duration of 2 years

Undergraduate Courses in Statistics

  • B.Sc Statistics (Hons)
  • B.Sc Maths (Hons)
  • BA in Statistics
  • Bachelors in Statistics

Masters or Post Graduate Courses in Statistics

  • M.Sc Statistics (Hons)
  • Masters in Statistics
  • MA in Statistics

Doctoral Courses in Statistics

  • PhD in Statistics
  • M.Phil in Statistics

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Statistics Courses

To get a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, it is mandatory for you to have Mathematics or Statistics as a compulsory subject in your Senior Secondary Education Classes that is 12th Standard. Certain colleges do conduct an entrance exam, so the cut off percentile has to be achieved through that test to get in. Most colleges though have a set mark of your Plus Two final exams percentage that decides your eligibility for admission.

Eligibility Criteria for Post-Graduate Statistics Courses

To study Masters’ in Statics, the basic requirement is of a valid Graduation degree from a recognized University or College. In case, you plan to do your Masters from abroad the guidelines and requirements vary from university to university and country to country. But one thing that all universities do stress on is a good scorecard in your graduation examinations.

Top 10 Universities around the world recognized for best Statistics Courses

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States

The name says it all in this case, MIT is top-ranked and we all know why. On top of that, it provides various categories of courses in the field of statistics;

  1. Minor in Statistics and Data Science
  2. Micro Masters Program in Statistics and Data Science (SDS)
  3. Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Statistics

A variety of grants and scholarships are also available to help you get in this renowned university at a low cost. Your journey to becoming a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Systems Analyst or a Data Engineer starts here.

Harvard University, United States

The Bachelor’s Program in Statistics at Harvard lasts 4 years and you can enter the University through four tracks;

  1. Track in Data Science
  2. Track in Quantitive Finance
  3. Track in Bioinformatics
  4. Track in Computational Biology

You can also go forward and continue your Masters’ or PhD in the field from the same university because Harvard supports courses for those as well.

Stanford University, United States

Stanford is one of those Universities who are making education accessible to students worldwide virtually. They are running a short term online introductory course in the field of Statistics, so for those who want to try it out first before fully committing to this career path should do this course and for the ones who have made the decision have the bachelors and masters program at Stanford to apply for.

ETH Zurich- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

ETH Zurich currently provides an 18 months program in the field of statistics and you are guaranteed admission if you have a solid background in the field of Mathematics or Computer Science and have a flaunt worthy scorecard. Since the medium of education is English prior knowledge in any kind of new dialect is also not necessary. The courses here are relatably less expensive and you can easily work out your finances even if you fail to grab a scholarship for yourself.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics of the University of Cambridge runs three programs at different levels. They have Bachelor of Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics and subsequently Masters’ program in both the categories. The study of Statistics is within the curriculum of these programs itself.

University of California, Berkeley, United States

University of California offers two kinds of Bachelors’ program in Statistics, Minor and Major. These can be followed by a Masters Degree and a PhD as a study track since the admission of a student who graduated from a United States University is more likely to get accepted.

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

The Bachelor’s course at Oxford University is usually for a duration of 3 years but can be extended for 4 years to earn a masters degree in the field. If you wish to enter the Master’s degree two separate programs are available, M.Sc in Mathematical Science and M.Sc in Statistical Science. Post Doctoral Programs are also available.

Georgia Institute of Technology, United States

The Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering and the School of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology jointly offer an M.Sc program in Statistics. Bachelors program solely designed for the field of Statistics is not available and same goes for a Post Doctoral Program.

National University of Singapore, Singapore

NUS offers three different types of programs in the field of Statistics, 

  1. Major in Statistics- B.Sc in Statistics with the final fourth year as a major choice in any of the specialized data course.
  2. Major in Data Science & Analytics- Bachelor of Science (Honors) with Major in Data Science and Analytics
  3. M.Sc by Coursework Program

Princeton University, United States

The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning offers three kinds of certificate programs in the shield of Statistics varying from the undergraduate to post-doctoral programs. These courses might be short-termed but are competent enough to help you secure a credible career path in Statistics.

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